Chapter 1438: Earth Abyss Guard

Zhu Yinzi glanced at the azure Peng phantom from a distance as it spread out its wings.

Suddenly, the four tornados ruptured, sending countless azure wind blades in Zhu Yinzi’s direction.

For a time, only glaring azure light and tearing winds could be observed from the light barrier.

When Zhu Yinzi saw the ferocious might of Han Li’s attack, his expression froze.

However, his fame was well earned. He took a deep breath and his wings swelled several times in size before he wildly fanned them.

Red light brilliantly flashed and dense blooms of flame began to spread all around.

With his hands forming an incantation gesture, Zhu Yinzi formed countless scarlet flame arrows and released them.

The barrage’s momentum was no lesser than Han Li’s wind blades.

In an instant, the air was divided into two, with one half filled with azure streaks and faint azure blades, and the other filled with sparkling red light and roiling flames.

A thin line formed where the attacks met. As azure and red light intertwined, countless explosions boomed.

For a time, the two sides found themselves in deadlock.

Han Li remained expressionless, but his incantation gestures changed and the sound of thunder faintly sounded from his sleeve. With two claps, two bowl-thick bolts of golden lightning shot out of his sleeve, fusing in midair to form a dense golden lightning wyrm.

Under Han Li’s mental control, the lightning wyrm waved its head and tail, flashing a hundred meters forward right in front of Zhu Yinzi. As rolls of thunder sounded out from it, it pounced at him.

The lightning wyrm’s incredible speed frightened even Zhu Yinzi.

Without another thought, Zhu Yinzi spat out a scarlet ball gleaming with light.

Boom. The ball and the flood dragon collided, resulting in a blinding light. Soon after, the spiritual Qi roiled and turned into a ten-meter-wide fire tornado that soared to the sky. The tornado was mixed with sparks of golden lightning and thunder repeatedly clapped from it. A burning wind spread out in every direction.

Under the pressure, Zhu Yinzi unconsciously took several steps back and turned to look in Han Li’s direction.

Startled, his face vastly changed.

Han Li was no longer standing in his original place. Rather, he brought Lei Lan near the ground at the edge of the light barrier as if they were about to leave.

In his fury, Zhu Yinzi raised his arm and pointed at him.

With a rustle of wind, red line briefly flickered and shot forward.

However, Han Li was already prepared. With a raised brow, he pointed back.

Red light flashed and a similar red line was launched. It was a fire spirit thread!

A crackle sounded. The two lines flashed in midair, accurately striking one another. AS a result, Han Li’s fire thread was repelled with slight damage, while Zhu Yinzi’s line was disappeared entirely.

A short moment later, Han Li and Lei Lan flickered, reappearing outside of the arena barrier.

The nearby spectators took several steps back and looked at the two with astonishment.

Seeing he could do nothing to prevent Han Li from leaving, he raised his voice and harshly shouted, “Brother Han, you’ve fled without fighting. Do you not fear tarnishing your clan’s reputation?”

Han Li glanced back at him and indifferently said, “You should understand my thoughts. We can't determine an outcome in a short amount of time. I also carry a heavy responsibility, so we’ll only be able to fight later.”

Soon after, he spread his wings and soared to the distant sky without care.

Lei Lan’s expression wavered and she eventually followed after Han Li.

When Zhu Yinzi saw Han Li bluntly depart, his expression sank.

From the side, Hong Sha hesitantly asked, “Senior Martial Brother Zhu, do you want to pursue them?”

Zhu Yinzi snorted, “How would we? We can’t fight outside the sparring arena. I didn’t think that he would leave so quickly after fighting. Although we’ve only exchanged two blows, we discovered that he’s proficient in wind and lightning, so it wasn’t a wasted effort. Additionally, we’ve noticed his small mountain treasure, which blocked my scarlet flame claw. How troublesome. We’ll have to go back and think of a way to destroy him.” 

With a careful heart, the woman only uttered a word of acknowledgment.

Thus, the two descended and gathered with the Chi Rong in the crowd before departing.

The remaining Flying Spirit Tribe members then began to discuss the appearance of Han Li.


Jin Yue stared at the pitiful silver-robed Lei Lan and coldly asked, “Did I not instruct you three times over to not travel alone? Why did you go and fight the Chi Rong at the sparring stage?”

At that moment, the Tian Peng Grand Elder was sitting in the first floor hall of their residence with an icy face.

Elder Shi sat at her side. He also appeared displeased.

Lei Lan appeared bloodlessly pale.

Bai Bi and Han Li stood at the side. Bai Bi was silent, restless, and hung his head while Han Li appeared calm.

Not long after Han Li brought back Lei Lan, the two elders immediately discovered what happened and rushed over. They were giving a harsh rebuke to the two holy disciples.

Although the one to blame was Lei Lan, Bai Bi hadn’t done anything to stop her and shared responsibility.

Lei Lan eventually muttered, “Gran Elder, that Chi Rong disciple Hong Sha had a Lightning Star Stone. If I could acquire it, I have at least a thirty percent chance of later entering the Great Spirit General-stage. My judgement wavered...”

Jin Yue resentfully said, “A Lightning Star Stone? It is no wonder you were tempted, but that wasn’t a reason to take such careless actions. Your lives and cultivation are the life and death of the clan. You should understand the weight of your actions. In order to nurture the two of you, our clan had provided you with countless medicines and treasures, allowing you to reach this cultivation stage in a short time, and will continue to do so in the future. If this were not the case, you wouldn’t have reached spirit general stage, no matter your talents.”

Lei Lan didn’t reply and simply wore a face of shame.

As she thought of something to say, Elder Shi smiled and said, “Alright Elder Jin. Although Lei Lan has been rash, Fellow Daoist Han managed to arrive in time and nothing of consequence occurred. Fellow Daoist Han, how do you see the situation?”

“The Chi Rong most likely had doubts about me and wanted to test my skill,” Han Li replied with a smile.

Elder Shi chuckled and said, “I heard that you stood on equal grounds with Zhu Yinzi and even withdrew yourself. A very wise decision.”

“I understand how important this matter is,” Han Li replied.

Jin Yue pondered for a moment and spoke with unquestionable authority, “From this day, none of you three will take a step outside this building. You may only rest and cultivate. For other matters, hand them over to us to deal with.”

“Yes, Grand Elder!” Bai Bi and Lei Lan respectfully answered.

Han Li offered a salute to express his agreement.

To this day, Han Li’s identity in the Tian Peng had been odd. He was a holy disciple in name, but in truth, he was closer to a guest official. And with Tian Peng making demands of him, he could only be polite in return.

Once Jin Yue and Elder Shi left, Han Li and the three entered and remained in secluded cultivation.

Two weeks later, Jin Yue and the other Flying Spirit Tribe elders assembled on top of Jade Emperor Peak, discussing something.

Two months later, several thousand huge birds and flying insects rushed past a desolate yellow plateau.

Mounted on top of the birds and insects were winged beings.

They had set off from Jade Emperor Peak and were on their way to the entrance of the earth abyss.

Han Li and the Tian Peng were saddled on white huge birds at the center of the group.

Although the group was large and they’ve been flying for quite some time, very little was said on the trip.

Han Li also sat cross-legged on his bird and was silently looking around him. The entrance to the earth abyss was much farther from Jade Emperor Peak than he imagined.

Suddenly, there was an uproar from the Flying Spirit Tribe members from the front and a few of them shouted in alarm. The group suddenly flowed down.

Han Li’s expression stirred and he immediately sent his spiritual sense to the front.

Five hundred kilometers in front of them, a huge wall had suddenly appeared before them. It was azure-grey and was over a kilometer tall. The wall spread to either side as far as the eye could see.

Every three hundred meter segment on the wall, there stood a pure-white jade pillar.

The pillar was only thirty-meters-tall but its surface gleamed with azure light and was covered in mysterious talisman markings.

To the side of the huge wall, there was a dense gathering of round buildings that were a hundred meters tall. There seemed to be several thousand in number.

Above these buildings flew a myriad of Flying Spirit Tribe beings that were awaiting them.

The holy disciples and the elders gradually drew closer before coming to a stop.

“Greetings, Elders!” An azure-armored middle-aged man flew out towards them and saluted them from a distance.

“So this year, my old pal Jin Feng was on duty. How fortunate. Brother Jin, you should’ve received the information we’ve given you.” From Han Li’s side, several people flew out.

This included an old woman with a cane, a middle-aged man with snow-white hair, and an old man with azure thorns on his face.

They were the most influential of the council of elders and were speaking to the middle-aged man.

Even they appeared very respectful when facing this azure-armored man.

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