Chapter 1398: Power to Cleave the Mountain

The young woman interrupted her companion’s daydream and frowned, saying, “Body Integration-grade cultivators? That’s to see if we can even kill one. We wouldn’t be able to even if we teamed up. Alright, enough talk. We have important business. I didn’t think that we’d come across human cultivators so quickly.  We should still be half a year away from Deep Heaven City.”

The horned giant flapped its wings and sinisterly laughed, “It is strange. They are most likely humans that have come looking for treasure. As we’ve killed them, we’ve done our duty. Even if others have escaped, let’s leave them to the others behind us. We’re only responsible for dealing with clear objectives.”

“That’s right. Let’s go. In a moment, the main army will arrive.”

The beautiful woman nodded with a smile. She then blurred and promptly vanished. The giant then loudly bellowed and absorbed the headless body into his mouth. With several noisy chews, he swallowed it and flapped his wings as he disappeared into the air.

Not long after the two foreign beings left, a strange drone sounded from the horizon. It was soft at first, but the sound gradually became louder as a black dot appeared, followed by two, and three... In the blink of an eye, countless black dots filled the sky like an overwhelming swarm.

There were thousands upon thousands of black dots. They traveled quickly and arrived at the huge mountain in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, the true appearances of the black dots were clear to see. They were winged people similar to the giant and the woman. Their arms and legs were bare. They only wore enough to cover their hidden parts. There were a huge number of giants as well as winged women.

These winged foreign beings continuously moved through the sky, wave after unbroken wave. Even after two hours, black dots continued to appear from the horizon as if their numbers were unending.

Suddenly, the sound humming through the air suddenly sounded with thunderous booms. Mountain-like colossuses soon appeared.

They were two to three kilometers tall and their bodies were faintly yellow. They were conic beehives that slowly revolved in the air around them.

In front of the colossuses were winged serpents covered in lightning and had over a dozen heads. They were slowly pulling them forward. To the side of the beehives, there were troops of winged foreign beings that were fully armored and armed. They seemed to be escorting the colossuses.

The creatures appeared rather clumsy, but they were actually extremely fast. They brought a storm with them as they traveled, scattering even the fog below them.

As for the huge beehives, they provoked the white birds lurking in the mist, causing them to pelt them with black ice arrows.

When the silver-armored foreign beings saw this, they waved their huge blades, slaughtering them like a tiger in a flock of sheep, slaughtering most of them in a brief moment.

When the other birds saw this, they fled back into the mist with cries.

The foreign beings didn’t pursue them. Instead, they simply withdrew and continued to escort the towering giants.

These huge beehives began to appear alone from the horizon, but they became rather large in size. It seemed each one housed a large number of winged foreign beings.

As the huge beehives continued to arrive from the horizon, some of them were enormous. Then after a hundred of these huge hives appeared, they ceased, only to be followed by groups of strange ancient beasts.

There were those with three heads and two wings, or a dragon’s head and a bird’s tail, with bodies exceeding three hundred meters in size, some that were only a meter-long, or even those with several winged beings controlling them. Some of them appeared quite majestic and there were untold different species of them.

As these ancient beasts flew over, shuttles of black light appeared from the horizon. They were a hundred meters long and were quite pointed.

There were many of these long shuttles, only about a thousand, but their speed was quite fast. In a blur, they arrived from one end of the horizon to another.

As such, a moment later, there were no more shuttles.

The sky then turned clear.

But not long after, light flashed and another group of black dots appeared. If any humans saw the appearance of these beings, they would feel their blood run cold.

These strange winged beings appeared mostly human-like those preceding them with ugly males and beautiful females. However, in each of the groups, there were several huge foreign beings that were far larger than the others, being hundred meters tall.

They were clad in gold or silver armor with ancient talisman inscriptions on their bodies. There were even various sharp bone horns producing their faces in a fiendish manner as if they were demons.

A group of these foreign beings flew far slower than the others. Furthermore, whenever these beings drew near, a few of them would immediately dive down and scatter around. Many of them dived into space as well.

As for the two giants beings in the group, they simply floated motionlessly with stiff expressions.

Floating between the two giants, there was a winged being with a fiendish appearance with folded arms.

Not only was this person’s wings several times larger than others of his kind, but his eyes were also faintly gold and his flesh was crimson red. He was coldly looking at the others as they searched, but soon, his golden eyes stirred and they fell on a huge catching mountain below him.

Not long after, over a hundred different foreign beings flew back and they stood at attention. They all appeared quite docile.

“The forward group encountered two Deity Transformation-grade cultivators! It was nearby, here right?”

A young woman respectfully answered, “Sir Meng Xiang, the information should’ve been correct. But apart from that mountain, we’ve found no other traces of humans. The mountain seems to contain a vein of spirit magnet stone. We cannot directly see it.”

“A vein of spirit magnet stone! That is quite remarkable. Let’s open it up.” The golden-eyed foreign being sneered and he soon raised his hand. A crimson light flashed. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a pulsing blood-red light sphere.

He closed his hand and the light sphere twirled and blurred forward.

A streak of light shot out from his hand, but it immediately surged to an unbelievable size. It covered half the sky.

The foreign being then flipped his palm and casually waved it forward.

A red light suddenly flashed from the top of the mountain. Then it appeared completely ordinary.

At that moment, two huge foreign beings waved their arms and fiercely released attacks at the mountain.

A huge force seemed to appear where the huge line appeared and a chain of attacks struck in a combined wave.

Then, a huge explosion sounded and the huge mountain released a series of groans. Half of the mountain slid off liked sliced tofu.


Inside a huge cave, Han Li had flickering grey mist covering his body. It was an impenetrable defense, but he wore an unsightly expression as he looked twenty meters in front of him.

There was a large grey-robed man that was split into two. He was lying in a pool of blood. At his side was a small flag that flickered with lightning.

Han Li felt his heart shiver.

A brief moment ago, a red light flashed there, where the large man happened to be. He then fell in two halves.

As such, the spell formation created from the flags fell apart and the fist-sized black shadows immediately escaped from the lightning.

The other cultivators were stunned and then revealed a furious alarm. Lady Xiao was also shocked. A mist of light flashed from the other side of the cave a hundred meters away, followed by a chain of explosions. Senior Zhu and another dozen cultivators were attacking the True Toad Nest.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Just as he thought to sweep the hundred shadow insects in his Divine Essensefused Light and prevent their escape, he suddenly felt huge vibrations as half of the mountain began to fall. At that same moment, there was an underground river began to roil and surge with waves that were thirty-meters tall.

The entire cave began to collapse, inch by inch.

Just as Han Li realized what was going on, he was aghast and immediately formed an incantation gesture, increasing his protective mist several fold as a wave of water engulfed him.

In the time it took to make a cup of tea, a dozen streaks of light flew out from the remaining half of the huge mountain.

Light flashed away and a dozen silhouettes appeared in the air. Senior Zhu and the others looked around and their faces turned bloodless.

Surrounding them were over a hundred winged foreign beings. They were staring at the cultivators like prey. 

From their aura, they were all at least Deity Transformation-stage. There were at least seven of them at Spatial Tempering-stage.

The golden-eyed being looked at their cultivation and indifferently said, “So there are many humans, but with only two at Spatial Tempering-stage. I am disinclined to deal with you. You kill them. If you can leave them alive, do it. We’ll interrogate them.” 

Then with a flap of his wings, the foreign being vanished over three hundred meters away. He flickered twice and vanished from sight.

Apart from splitting apart the enormous mountain, the gold-eyed foreign being did nothing else.

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