Chapter 1377: Appearance of Six Arms

In the wood spirit’s fright, green light flashed from their bodies as they summoned wood armor, shields, or green mist to block the crimson threads.

But the crimson threads pierced through their defenses as if they were passing through air and burrowed into their bodies.

The wood spirits glowed crimson and were then captured in a crimson net, rendered incapable of moving.

At that same moment, the sword Qi that Han Li used to chop the ancient tree had turned into two faintly golden blurs, chopping towards the silver-tier wood spirit, Mu Rui.

Mu Rui coldly snorted and pointed at them.

Two silver lights flashed as they streaked forward to meet the golden blurs.

Muffled clangs sounded and the golden blurs ruptured in countless golden specks. The specks then covered Mu Rui.

Then as the ground roared, a spell formation made of golden talisman characters suddenly lit up around Mu Rui. Its radiant glow covered the high-grade wood spirits in balls of light.

The purple light in Mu Rui’s eyes withdrew. He closed his hands together and balls of silver light appeared from his palms. Afterwards, countless silver streaks erupted.

A rumbling explosion sounded. Silver light and golden talisman characters intertwined. The golden talisman characters possessed some sort of odd ability that allowed them to block the strikes of the silver-tier wood spirit. Only a small portion of the talisman characters was dispersed.

Mu Rui felt furious at the sight of his attacks being ineffective.

Without another thought, silver light appeared from his hands and condensed balls of silver light that were even more dazzling than the last.

But at that moment, all of the wood spirits, Mu Rui included, were completely enveloped by the golden light. Although Han Li and Long Dong were astonished, they weren’t about to continue a battle to the death. They each used their own life-saving measures to immediately fly away.

Xiao Hong clutched her hands in an incantation gesture and her body sank towards the ground, instantly turning into a beautiful phoenix wrapped in black flames. She charged at the army of wood apes and turned their bodies and weapons to ash as she brushed past them.

In the blink of an eye, the phoenix traveled over three hundred meters.

Long Dong’s expression turned harsh and he swallowed a rainbow medicine pill. Soon after, he chanted an incantation and summoned a set of winged armor on his body.

The wing spread out and a golden dragon phantom appeared from the armor.

The dragon let loose a long cry and circled once around Long Dong before entering his body.

Soon after, golden light brightly shined from the blood-marked youth and he tore through the sky in a thirty-meter-long golden streak. The image of a soaring five-claw dragon could faintly be seen in the golden light. Anything that obstructed the light turned into a cloud of blood and gore.

Like their abrupt world-shaking speed, Han Li silently put his own technique into action. He unfolded a pair of azure and white wings in a clap of thunder.

He opened his mouth and spat out several crimson blood mists. They spiralled around his body before submerging his entire body in the blood mist.

The blood mist pulsed several times and shrunk, releasing a crimson streak. It blinked several times and appeared in the vast horizon, making his way past the wood ape beasts as if he were a host.

Then in another flash, Han Li’s crimson figure disappeared once more.

At Deity Transformation stage, Han Li’s Bloodshadow Evasion was several times quicker than even Long Dong’s and Xiao Hong’s movements.

When the two looked at Han Li, they couldn't help but be dumbstruck.

As for the young white-robed woman, she waved her hand and summoned a sparkling red broken blade. Without making any flashy movements, she simply waved the blade in the direction where the wood apes were the most concentrated.

All of the worldly essence Qi in the vicinity trembled and crimson blade light over three hundred meters long and leisurely traveled through the air.

The blade light inspired an uproar at the wood apes that were targetted. They all thought to flee in their terror.

But before the wood apes could flee, their bodies trembled and they combusted, instantly turning to bursts of red flame, soon turning to ash.

A clear path was now made where the apes had been.

Before the huge blade light touched anything, it had strangely disappeared.

At that moment, a fist-sized green flame bird shot out from the bottom portion of the damaged tree that hid the jade slip. It flew into the young woman’s body in a green streak.

The white-robed young woman was overjoyed when she heard this. Her body disappeared in a blur. Then she appeared in the direction of the opened passage in a flash. Then, in another blur, she reappeared at the end of the cleared passage.

Afterwards, she turned into a white streak as she tore through the air. The flight light was indistinct, but over the span of a few breaths, she already made her way past the horizon.

The speed of her flight seemed no different than Han Li’s Bloodshadow Evasion.

At that moment, Mu Rui’s silver light suddenly burst forth from the formation of golden talisman characters.

The silver light was clearly more powerful than before. In a single strike, most of the golden talisman characters had scattered with only a remaining few revolving around him.

The wood spirit’s face turned expressionless, but a purple light wildly flickered from his eyes. Suddenly, he raised his head and a series of clear screeches sounded.

At that moment, the wood ape beasts stirred and they immediately turned into several clouds, each chasing after one of the cultivators.

Meanwhile, in the distant areas of the other Black Leaves Forest, a similar screech was sounded.

Han Li hadn’t used the Bloodshadow Evasion to travel far. Once he saw no more beasts in sight, he withdrew the crimson light and continued to fly as an azure streak.

Even so, his face had still become bloodlessly pale.

It appeared that two consecutive uses of the Bloodshadow Evasion took a heavy toll on his vitality.

But when he thought of the possibility of being pursued by silver-tier wood spirits, he didn’t dare to be careless. Those wood spirits were equivalent to Body Integration-stage cultivators. Despite the confidence in his heaven-defying abilities, there was far too great a difference in their realms. He didn’t dare to hope he could win, even if it was a lower silver-tier being.

Were it not for the hidden people who assisted them and used a secret technique to restrict the silver-tier wood spirit, he feared they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to flee.

However, it was clear that the golden talisman restriction wouldn’t hold them for long. Thus, they hurriedly fled. As it was possible any of them could be pursued by the silver grade wood spirit, he didn’t dare to linger. 

Although he couldn't use the Bloodshadow Evasion again, the Thunderstorm Wings on his back continued to flicker. With each flash, his speed abruptly increased. With a dozen more, his speed would be equivalent to a Spatial Tempering cultivator.

But even so, Han Li didn’t dare to turn around and focused on moving forward as quickly as he could.

Winds tore from beneath him and soon after, several gales shot towards him at immense speed.

Han Li’s expression sank and his flight came to a sudden stop.

Three azure light appeared from underneath him, each of them only a meter away from his body.

If Han Li hadn’t stopped, he feared he would’ve been skewered.

The three azure lights circled in the air and they turned into three wood tribe beings. All of them blocked his way forward.

Han Li swept his sights at the three and discovered they wore faint yellow belts at their waist and he felt relief.

They were only equivalent to Nascent Soul cultivators. He had no need to worry.

Unwilling to use his various treasures, he simply flapped his wings and he shot forward in azure-white lightning.

The speed of lightning was instantaneous. He arrived in front of the center wood spirit in a blur.

The wood spirit didn’t show any emotion, but purple light quickly circled from its eyes. Then, it fearlessly stabbed its wood spear into Han Li’s abdomen.

Before the spear touched him, countless azure thorns ruptured from it, wanting to turn Han Li into a pincushion.

Han Li’s eyes godly glinted and golden light flashed from his hands, instantly covering his body in transparent golden scales. The azure thorns clanged and bounced off upon impact, leaving no damage.

Then, his arms strangely reached out and grabbed the tip spear. The wood spirit tried to pull it back with all its might, but the spear didn’t move in the slightest.

Azure Qi lit up from the wood spirit’s face and then it released the spear, quickly fleeing back like a shooting star.

However, Han Li’s other hand suddenly burst forward as sharp cracks sounded from it. It instantly arrived at the wood spirit’s chest and sank his fingers through like a sword.

A clear ring sounded. The wood spirit’s body was torn like paper by Han Li’s powerful strength. Then, he tore out a faint yellow crystal from the wood spirit’s body.

This entire attack only took a single instant.

When the other two wood spirits saw this, they let out a strange screech. They spat out a yellow mist and waved their spears, creating countless phantoms to surround Han Li.

Han Li sneered and twisted his arms, wanting to use them to battle.

But something outside his expectations occurred.

With one hand in the wood spirit’s body and the other grasping the spear, green light brightly shined from the wood spirit’s body and he feels an inconceivable attractive force.

His hands blurred, and soon, he found he couldn't move them in the slightest.

In that slight delay, yellow mist instantly covered his face and countless phantoms released azure streaks at him.

Han Li’s face strangely twisted and his lips moved as if he were about to say something.

Suddenly, golden light brightly shined from his body. Four indistinct golden arms suddenly appeared through the ribs of a few of the phantoms.

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