Chapter 1348: Jadebone Humanoid Devil

The two intruders were naturally quite surprised to see this. The two of them began to communicate silently through voice transmission before also sitting down in another corner with their legs crossed.

Their thought process was quite simple; they weren't confident in their ability to kill Han Li, and Han Li himself didn't seem to have any intention of entering the seven-colored doors of light. As such, they would simply have to play the waiting game and leave all of the troublesome matters for their seniors to take care of.

As such, the entire space became extremely quiet. All three were meditating with their eyes closed or appraising the doors of light.

Unbeknownst to the two intruders, Han Li was actually feeling quite nervous. The voice transmission talismans and restrictions he'd mentioned earlier naturally didn't exist.

His original plan was that if these people could obtain the treasures in here, he'd be able to sneak up on them and take those treasures using his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman. If there were some cultivators that were too powerful for him to deal with, then he'd simply have to survey them from the shadows.

However, what was completely unexpected to him was that the strange seven-colored light had forced him into this space and even broke the concealment effect of his talisman.

As such, he had no choice but to directly face these cultivators.

Thankfully, he had thought of several strategies that would make these people wary of him, and he was currently using one of them to intimidate these two intruders.

Of course, that wasn't because Han Li was fearful of these two.

The man with the Weng surname and the fatso were at the mid-Deity Transformation Stage and late-Deity Transformation Stage respectively, but with his current set of abilities and treasures, there was at least an 80% chance that he'd be able to kill them on the spot.

Killing these two would be quite simple, but the consequences would be rather troublesome to deal with as he'd be forging a vendetta with the two Spatial Tempering cultivators who had entered the doors of light.

Even though he didn't want to spare these trespassers, he also didn't want to make a pair of such powerful enemies.

Furthermore, even if he could kill these two intruders with ease, there was a chance that he wouldn't be able to escape from this mysterious place in a short time. In that case, once the Spatial Tempering cultivators emerged, he would be the next one to be killed.

As such, it was better for him to try and find a way out first. Once he could formulate a path for retreat, he'd have a lot more options.

With that in mind, Han Li sprang into action. Even though his eyes were closed, he had split his powerful spiritual sense up into countless tendrils that shot forth in all directions.

Han Li was spreading his spiritual sense without any attempt to mask what he was doing, so the two intruders had naturally sensed his actions. However, neither of them said anything to stop him. Instead, they were sneering internally.

As soon as a wisp of Han Li's spiritual sense came into contact with the seven-colored light on one of the walls, it was immediately sucked in and disappeared. Furthermore, a burst of powerful suction force erupted, threatening to suck away the rest of Han Li's spiritual sense directly out of his body.

Han Li was stunned by this turn of events and hurriedly activated his Great Development Technique to dispel this suction force.

However, Han Li also opened his eyes as a result, and he was staring at the light swirling on the wall with a hint of bewilderment on his face.

He naturally also noticed the gloating smiles on the faces of the intruders.

It appeared that these two were aware of the peculiar nature of the seven-colored light in here, and they intentionally refrained from informing him of this information.

Han Li was a little angry, but his expression remained unchanged as he continued to try and formulate a plan.

It was a pity that the spatial spirit treasure that he'd refined, the Crimson Soul Flag, was destroyed by the spatial storms within the spatial node. Otherwise, it would most likely have been quite useful for breaking through this spatial barrier.

Of course, aside from his Crimson Soul Flag, his Law Destruction Eye was also quite effective in tearing through space. However, this place was quite mysterious, and it was yet to be seen whether his Law Destruction Eye would be able to break through the barrier here in a short time, or even at all.

Countless thoughts were flashing through Han Li's mind, and he quickly decided on another course of action.

Seeing as his spiritual sense couldn't infiltrate the walls here, then he could use his Brightsight Spirit Eyes to try and identify some avenues for escape.

Thus, he immediately poured his spiritual power into his eyes, and brilliant blue light appeared deep within his pupils...

A day and a night passed by. Han Li had already closed his eyes again and seemed to have gone into deep meditation. His prior detection hadn't allowed him to discover a good way to escape.

Meanwhile, the seven doors of light in the air above remained completely silent and still.

The two intruders were staring intently up at the sky with dark expressions. Of course, they were also casting the occasional wary glance in Han Li's direction.

"Your two seniors still haven't come out after such a long time; could it be that they've encountered some difficulties in there?" Han Li suddenly asked with his eyes closed.

"Rest assured, Fellow Daoist Han; if something had happened to our masters, we would've been informed already. Are you getting impatient, Brother Han?" the man with the Weng surname asked.

"I'm glad to hear that your two seniors are fine. I have sufficient patience to..."

Before Han Li had a chance to finish his sentence, a ringing sound abruptly erupted from the seven balls of light in the air. Immediately thereafter, they began to emanate astonishing spiritual pressure as well as scintillating light.

Not only were the two intruders given a massive surprise, Han Li also opened his eyes to assess this turn of events.

However, this was only the beginning! As the ringing sound intensified, the seven balls of light swelled drastically, expanding to the size of wagon wheels in the blink of an eye while flashing erratically.

Rippling spatial fluctuations abruptly appeared around the seven balls of light before flashing over the door of light at the very center.

All of a sudden, it was as if an enormous burst of invisible power had begun compressing the door, making it twist and warp violently.

The fatso immediately rose to his feet upon seeing this, and exclaimed, "This is bad!"

His companion also wore a stunned expression.

Han Li was also rather disgruntled by this turn of events.

Not only were the balls of light in the sky becoming quite unstable and erratic, even the walls and ground were beginning to tremor gently while the seven-colored light was displaying signs of crumbling.

These were clearly strong indications that this space was on the verge of collapse.

Seeing as his life was under threat, Han Li immediately rose to his feet and laid a hand on his head, following which a burst of grey light began to emerge from the back of his head.

He then flipped a hand over, and golden light flashed as three shimmering golden beads were summoned.

These were none other than the three lightning beads he'd refined not long ago.

At this moment, the two intruders had also summoned several treasures. However, they had no confidence in their ability to escape from this mysterious place, and both of them wore horrified expressions.

Han Li naturally wasn't going to pay any heed to whether they lived or died. He immediately decided to use his Law Destruction Eye in conjunction with his Divine Essencefused Light and these lightning beads to break through this space in order to facilitate an escape.

However, right at this moment, a massive rumbling boom erupted from within the doors of light up above.

Han Li was startled by this loud commotion and reflexively stopped what he was doing.

Seven-colored light flashed and a streak of green light, as well as a streak of golden light, shot forth from within the door in the very center.

The two streaks of light flashed through the air before receding to reveal a tiny green wyrm and a miniature humanoid figure.

The green wyrm was missing one of its horns as well as many of its scales. Meanwhile, the miniature humanoid figure's hair was quite disheveled, and it was missing a large chunk of its golden robes.

Both of them appeared to be running for their lives.

"We have to get out of here! This isn't the place where Master Thousand Treasure passed away; it's a place where a Jadebone Humanoid Devil has been sealed! We've triggered a restriction set up by an ancient cultivator, and the devil has been freed. This space is also going to immediately collapse as a result, so... Huh? Who're you?" The miniature humanoid figure's urgent voice abruptly cut off as he caught sight of Han Li.

The fatso was ecstatic to see their two seniors re-emerge, and his lips tremored as he informed the two of Han Li's identity through voice transmission. "Grandpa, he's that Han brat, he..." 

"So he's the owner of this plot of Spirit Land!" A hint of killing intent flashed through the eyes of the green wyrm upon hearing this.

"What are you doing, Brother Ming? Our top priority is to run for our lives now, not be caught up by such trivial matters! It would be far too heavy a price to pay for both of us if our avatars were to fall here. Besides, don't forget that he's an ascended cultivator; I have no interest in forging a vendetta with those madmen!" the miniature humanoid figure hurried urged.

"Alright, let's get out of this place, then. As long as we don't kill him in person, even if Zhao Wugui and the others come to find us, they won't be able to do anything. Once this space collapses, that Han brat can perish along with that Jadebone Humanoid Devil. It's a pity that only my avatar is here. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to fear this devil. Let's go." The green wyrm only hesitated momentarily before curbing its killing intent and making a wise decision.

"We have to make haste; this space isn't going to hold up for much longer."

The miniature humanoid figure was quite relieved that the green wyrm was open to seeing reason. After all, it would be a massive waste if this soul avatar were to perish here.

As such, it immediately began to make hand seals while chanting something. The wooden sword strapped to its back tremored before abruptly rising into the air, transforming into a massive sword of light that was around 10 feet in length.

The green wyrm also let loose a loud roar as it transformed into a massive green wyrm over 100 feet in length amid bursts of wind and lightning. There was a single twisted green horn on its head, and the purple lightning flashing over its body made for a formidable spectacle to behold.

Han Li didn't know what these people had just discussed, but his heart jolted slightly at the sight of the powerful abilities unleashed by these two Spatial Tempering cultivators.

At this point, the seven-colored light swirling along the surrounding walls had completely disappeared. The walls were beginning to tremor violently and had been warped to the extreme.

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