Chapter 1347: Strange Space

When Han Li appeared soundlessly on the surface of the ground again, he looked around to find that he was situated halfway up a bleak and barren rocky mountain.

It was quite strange that such a barren land could exist here considering this plot of land was sitting atop a spirit vein.

Back when Han Li was surveying the entirety of his plot of Spirit Land, he had identified this as a rather strange place and searched through the nearby area.

However, he didn't discover anything at the time and he was in a hurry to construct his cave abode, so he quickly departed, concluding that this mountain merely had sparse spiritual Qi due to some natural causes. Even though such occurrences were extremely rare for plots of land sitting atop spirit veins, there were still some precedents.

However, Han Li was naturally still rather skeptical about this place and was planning to return for a closer examination when he had some free time. Now, these four people had lingered nearby for several days already, so there was definitely something amiss about this mountain.

Han Li furrowed his brows as he digested the information transferred back to him by the several wisps of spiritual sense. He then swayed and drifted up toward the mountain's summit.

His current body was as light as air and virtually insubstantial, and he soon reached the mountain summit before hovering in the air in a completely still manner.

He cast his gaze downward to find that it was still just a rocky mountain down below. It seemed to be completely identical to how it was the last time he'd been here. Han Li raised an eyebrow as he swept his spiritual sense downward, but didn't discover anything through doing that, either. Following a brief period of contemplation, he suddenly made a hand seal and injected his magic power into his eyes in the frenzy.

All of a sudden, piercing blue light flashed deep within Han Li's pupils as he activated his Brightsight Spirit Eyes to their maximal extent. All things that were normally invisible to the naked eye were revealed to Han Li.

This time, he managed to quickly discover something. There were eight faint pillars of light rising up from the ground around the mountain, creating a strange rectangular formation that enshrouded the entire mountain summit.

Han Li didn't know what kind of peculiar treasures had manifested these pillars of light, but not only was the formation created completely invisible and colorless, it wasn't even giving off any spiritual Qi fluctuations. It was no wonder that he was unable to discover the formation even with his formidable spiritual sense.

It appeared that this temporary restriction had to have been set up by those four people. If it weren't for the fact that Han Li had been constantly monitoring their locations, it actually would've been very unlikely that he would've tracked them down here and seen through this restriction.

However, although this restriction was extremely obscure, its main ability was concealment and it didn't really pose much of an obstacle.

With Han Li's current mastery of formation spells, he was quickly able to make an assessment of this formation before making a hand seal and descending into the formation in a fearless manner. An incredible scene ensued.

After coming into contact with Han Li's insubstantial body, the invisible formation displayed no reaction whatsoever. He was able to easily pass through the restriction, then completley disappear into the mountain summit. It was quite clear that Han Li's current body after using the invisibility talisman was able to simply disregard normal restrictions.

Han Li burrowed into the earth for over 200 feet, following which a blue ball of light appeared beneath him. It was only a head-sized ball of light, but there seemed to be a vortex swirling within it. Han Li was quite intrigued to see this, and he slowly approached it to get a better look.

Much to Han Li's surprise, as soon as he began to draw closer, the vortex within the blue ball of light seemed to have detected his presence.

It immediately blasted forth a burst of brilliant seven-colored light, following which Han Li was swept into the vortex in flash.

Han Li was caught completely off guard and given quite a shock. After a brief struggle, he discovered that he was unable to escape the enormous power that had appeared around him.

Before he had a chance to try and unleash any treasures or powerful techniques, his surroundings blurred, and he appeared in a completely unfamiliar place as if through instantaneous teleportation.

At the same time, his insubstantial body regained substance, revealing himself to the naked eye once again. At the same time, purple light flashed on his chest as a purple talisman appeared out of thin air.

Han Li immediately grabbed the talisman before bring his hands together and following a flash of spiritual light, the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman disappeared.

There was no point in reactivating it as there were two people standing nearby, and they'd already discovered him.

These two were also given a fright by Han Li's sudden and unannounced arrival. After catching sight of Han Li's facial features, one of them yelled, "How did you find this place?" That man was none other than the cultivator with the Weng surname. His companion was the fatso with the Jin surname, and he also wore a bewildered look on his face.

In reality, if it weren't for the fact that the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman had made Han Li's body insubstantial, even with his complete mastery of the vajra arts, being swept up in that seven-colored light would've caused him to throw up a few mouthfuls of blood essence. Of course, that was all unbeknownst to him.

This seven-colored light appeared to be rather similar to Buddhist spiritual light, but it actually had far different origins. If a normal cultivator were to be swept up in it, not only would they be completely unable to use their magic power, they would be crushed into mincemeat by the immense pressure.

In order to nullify this restriction and forcibly enter this place, the two men and their masters had worked tirelessly for three days and three nights. Only then were they able to force their way into this space using their magic power and treasures.

Han Li was quite relieved to see these two.

Seeing as there were no Spatial Tempering cultivators present, he'd be able to take care of these two with ease.

Even though his concealment technique had abruptly been broken, he merely laughed it off, and said, "I was wondering who had set up the restriction outside; turns out it was you two. Do you have any business here, Fellow Daoists? If I recall correctly, one of the laws of Deep Heaven City states that outsiders are prohibited from trespassing on the Spirit Land of others. If you need to visit the plot of Spirit Land for some reason, you have to notify the owner in advance and receive approval. Otherwise, if this were to be reported to the Heavenly Guards, the trespassers will be punished by torture using the poisonous whip." Han Li's voice gradually grew colder as he spoke. 

Even though both of these intruders were Deity Transformation cultivators, they still winced slightly at the mention of the poisonous whip. However, the fatso quickly put on a smile, and said, "Please don't misunderstand, Fellow Daoist Han. Brother Weng and I just so happened to be passing through this place, and we were resting on the summit of this mountain when we somehow activated this restriction and were teleported here. We're also quite confused by this situation as well."

"Oh, do you think I'll believe that, Brother Jin? By the way, if I'm not mistaken, there are two more Fellow Daoists here, right?" Han Li clasped his hands behind his back with a fake smile on his face. At this point, he had already assessed his surroundings with his spiritual sense. Through doing so, he discovered that he was situated in a mysterious space. This space was over 1000 feet tall and around half a kilometer in radius, so it wasn't very large at all.

However, there was seven-colored light hovering in the sky above and swirling throughout their surroundings.

What was even more surprising was that high up in the air within this space, there were seven massive balls of light that resembled suns. However, the white light they were radiating had a cooling effect instead.

There was a seven-colored door of light situated at the center of each of the balls of light, within which was a series of completely murky and indistinct scenes.

Both of the intruders were already shocked to hear Han Li's words, and their expressions immediately darkened as they caught sight of Han Li glancing toward the seven doors of light. 

"How did you know how many of us were in here?" The fatso's voice immediately turned extremely cold.

"Oh? Are you trying to pick a fight? I forgot to tell you two this, but before coming here, I already left behind a few voice transmission talismans and set up some restrictions. If something were to happen to me down here, those voice transmission talismans would be sent out to Senior Zhao Wugui as well a few friends that I recently made. Hmm, trespassing on one's Spirit Land without any good reason nor permission, then attacking the owner of the Spirit Land, also for no justifiable reason. I'm sure the enforcement squads would be interested to hear this. Those two crimes lumped together would probably earn you more than just punishment by whipping. Besides, do you two really think you have what it takes to kill me, even if you join forces?" Han Li asked with a disdainful sneer.

"You know Heavenly Guard Zhao?" The man with the Weng surname was rather skeptical to hear this.

His fatso companion also faltered upon hearing this.

"Senior Zhao was the one who led me to Deep Heaven City in person. Do you think I know him or not?" Han Li replied in a calm manner.

Han Li's calm and collected expression immediately made the two intruders feel less confident.

"Hmph, seeing as you already know that there are more of us here, then I'll tell you what you want to know. Aside from the two of us, our masters are also here, and they've entered the deeper restrictions. What are you going to do? You're just a Deity Transformation cultivator, are you going to try and stop them? The laws of Deep Heaven City only apply under certain circumstances. Do you think anyone will risk offending two Spatial Tempering cultivators just to avenge a dead Deity Transformation cultivator? Even if you know Senior Zhao Wugui, you're probably just an acquaintance of his," the man with the Weng surname scoffed after a brief silence.

"Oh, really? How about we make a bet, then, Fellow Daoist Weng? However, prior to coming here, I anticipated that you'd be the one behind all this, so I intentionally mentioned your name in my voice transmission talismans. But then again, with your powerful cultivation base, I'm sure you won't fear the enforcement squad's soul search techniques, right?" Han Li chucked.

If these people really weren't afraid of the Heavenly Guards of Deep Heaven City, then why would they go to so much effort to sneak into his Spirit Land without being detected. As soon as Han Li said this, the man with the Weng surname became extremely tense. The fatso was also a little dumbfounded. If the man with the Wend surname were to be captured and have his soul searched, the fatso would definitely be detained as well as an accomplice.

If this incident were to be revealed to the Heavenly Guards and the panel of elders, they would be in severe trouble.

"Haha, I've always heard that Fellow Daoist Han's abilities are quite extraordinary. You possess a bright future ahead of you; surely you wouldn't want to risk your life to apprehend us here. In all honesty, Brother Weng and I aren't the masterminds behind all this. If you have conditions, how about you raise them when our seniors return?" the fatso asked in a sly manner.

"Are you banking on the fact that I wouldn't dare to stay here? Alright then, I wanted to meet your seniors anyway, so I'll be happy to wait here for them," Han Li said with a calm smile. His body swayed and he appeared in a corner in the blink of an eye before sitting down with his legs crossed. 

He really did appear to be intent on waiting for the two Spatial Tempering cultivators.

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