Chapter 1334: Clear Jade Pills

Han Li rejoiced at being able his wanted items with ease.

He sat in a simple bamboo chair and sipped on some spirit tea in a leisurely manner.

A while later, the middle-aged shopkeeper came back with a storage bracelet.

When he arrived in front of Han Li, he swiped his hand past the storage bracelet and took out a white and a blue jade slip. He then took out a large assortments of boxes and bottles, placing them on the side of the table.

Then he respectfully stood there and waited.

Han Li swept his gaze and summoned the two jade slips into his hand before immersing his spiritual sense into them.

“The Clearjade Pill and the True Toad Liquid,” Han Li muttered to himself. He frowned and withdrew his spiritual sense.

The Clear Jade Pill was acceptable. It used rare medicinal herbs, some of which he hadn’t heard before. A majority of the herbs had to be at two or three thousand years of maturity, but they were considered quite common. As for the True Toad Liquid, it was rather odd. The liquid’s primary ingredient was the spirit blood of an ancient beast in the wilderness called the green-eyed toad. It had common supplementary ingredients. While both could be used by Deity Transformation-stage cultivators, the Clear Jade Pill was only useful to early Deity Transformation-stage cultivators. It had diminished results in mid-stage cultivators. 

The True Toad Liquid is much stronger but was more suited for late-Deity Transformation stage cultivators. If used at mid stage, the overbearing medicinal power could pose a great risk.

With his eyes shut, he began to think about the medicine’s usage, refinement and portioning. Then he opened his eyes and examined the boxes and medicines on the table.

As the middle-aged shopkeeper said, he lacked about half of the materials required for the medicines. The toad’s spirit blood obviously wasn’t there.

Han Li stroked his chin and asked, “Are the missing ingredients something I can purchase at other shops? Since the True Blue-eyed Toad is an ancient beast from the wilderness, it should be difficult to find.”

“The required materials for the Clear Jade Pill doesn’t really need medicines of the right maturation. It can be refined even with plants of lesser age, but its effects will be lacking. They can be acquired so long as Senior has enough spirit stones. As for the toad’s spirit blood, it is a truly rare material. Although it will go on sale occasionally, it will be immediately bought. There are one of the most in-demand materials for large medicine stores. It won’t be easy for Senior to acquire this item. However, there will soon be an auction where it might be sold.”

“So it was like that. I want those items.” After some consideration, Han Li nodded.

“Many thanks for your business, Senior. I will give you the bill. Two pill formulas is a hundred thousand spirit stones, the three stalks of five thousand-year-old gold herb is...” With a smile, the shopkeeper hastily spoke and began to list out the prices of the items on the table.

Han Li simply narrowed his eyes as he listened, betraying nothing from his face.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li calmly left the medicine store and entered another store nearby.

As such, he began to stroll through all the medicine shops nearby as if planning to visit all the medicine shops on the street.

In other medicine stores, Han Li gathered together eight other useful pill formulas, but they required materials that were even harder to obtain that the spirit blood of the True Blue-eyed Toad. Han Li had no choice but to put them off. So long as he could acquire the required materials for these medicines, he would spare no money.

However, he wouldn’t gather extremely expensive materials, but seeds or young stalks.

This way, Han Li could acquire large quantities of materials without bankrupting himself.

As a result, he acquired all the medicinal herbs he required for the Clear Jade Pill and more. After he matured the herbs using the spirit liquid, he’d be able to start refining the pills.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to refine medicine that could be used by Deity Transformation-stage cultivators. With his attainments in pill refinement, he may need to take multiple attempts to make a pill.

With Han Li’s small bottle, he had unlimited attempts, so he had nothing to worry about.

As for the True Toad Liquid, it was something he required.

He would have to purchase it in the coming auction.

Han Li felt somewhat apprehensive.

But before the auction, he would need to acquire more spirit stones. He was currently lacking them, so he would have to trade for more.

In the spirit realm, spirit stones were abundant, causing the price of items to be several times more than in the mortal realm.

Of course, even with more spirit stones in the mortal realm, it would still be impossible to acquire the ingredients needed for Deity Transformation-stage pills.

Han Li with confident that with enough medicine pills, he would be able to advance a grade without a problem.

Having come to that conclusion, he quietly entered an empty corner of a street.

He looked around him to see that no one was looking and a series of cracks sounded from his body. He shortly transformed into a large man with a purple face.

Afterwards, Han Li strut into a large store by the name of the Revival Hall.

In the markets of the spirit realm, thousand year spirit medicines weren’t as rare as in the mortal realm. But when Han Li presented several stalks of medicine at eight thousand years of maturation, the shopkeeper exchanged them for an astronomical sum of spirit stones without any hesitation.

Han Li grabbed the spirit stones and nimbly departed. He didn’t stay in one place for long in order to avoid attention.

Han Li didn’t depart from the city. Instead, he walked past several streets and took note of the various magic tools, treasures, materials, and talismans that were on sale.

As a result, he had gained much experience.

It was clear the spirit realm was filled with abundant materials. The quality and might of treasures here far exceeded that in the mortal realm. Even larger stores had fantastical spirit treasures on sale.

As for talismans and secret seals, they were even more fantastical, much to Han Li’s surprise. They were beyond the mortal world’s talismans.

There were several talismans among them that were written in silver runes.

The majority of these talismans were either assistive or defensive, with hardly any offensive types among them. The few he saw held astonishing prices. But there were talismans with a silver silhouette that caught his interest.

Han Li asked all the store owners about it and came to know that they all came from the Heaven Spirit Region. These silver rune talismans were puppet talismans.

One can summon the puppet phantom that is inscribed in the talisman. Its abilities and might depend on the refinement quality and the skill of its user.

It was said that the finest puppet talismans could even mimic the cultivation and techniques of its user. It was a rather practical talisman.

After he was finished, his heart stirred and he couldn't help but think of the damaged jade book remnants in his possession.

The talisman attainments it detailed also mentioned the refinement method for a puppet talisman, but he hadn’t researched it. As the selling cost of these talismans was incredible, he’d have to take a proper look at them.

With that in mind, Han Li bluntly looked for too talisman stores and picked up the materials he needed to refine silver rune talismans in large quantity.

With that done, Han Li leisurely made his way to the auction site, the Profound Zenith Hall where human and demons mixed.

Although the auction was still two days away, he wanted to take a look at what the demons were trading.

After all, demon clan hadn’t participated in human auctions. 

In order to prevent any clashes from occurring in the hall in the middle of business, human cultivators that wanted to trade needed to carry a palm-sized jade pendant.

So long as the jade pendant was on their body, it would immediately conceal them in a white mist and would also restrict the user’s cultivation. In addition, if anyone in the hall used their magic power, the grand formation in the hall would not only restrict their abilities, but it would also teleport them outside. They wouldn’t be able to enter for a short time.

The demon clan’s side had a black banner that hid their appearance in a demon cloud as well.

In addition, there were four Spatial Tempering-stage gold guards from both races standing at guard. There were also ten dark azure guards preserving order on either side.

Such power naturally prevented anything unwanted from occurring.

In order to enter, Han Li had to pay a large number of spirit stones. He took a jade pendant from the guard and put it on his waist, producing a white mist around them. Then he walked down a long corridor and through a large gate.

As a result, he arrived in a large hall over a kilometer long with an exact door on the other side.

There were over a hundred white and black balls of mist in the hall, each representing a human or demon.

There were thirty of them sitting cross-legged on the ground with several items laid out in front of them. They were all silent.

Most people stood by the vendor stalls, carefully examined items, or had quiet discussions with the vendors. There were also blurs occasionally spotted in the hall. From time to time, people who hide in a corner and have their secret discussions there.

Han Li stood in place and looked at his surroundings. He then wordlessly walked over to a nearby vendor’s booth.

The vendor was hidden in a silver mist, showing he was human.

Placed in front of him were two odd items.

One of them was a faint green and resembled a branch. The other was a sparkling crimson stone about the size of a fist.

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