Chapter 1328: Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll

Han Li suddenly reached for his storage bracelet, and a nondescript-looking leather bag appeared in his hand.

He tipped the bag over, and a small green vial came tumbling out into his grasp.

It was none other than that mysterious little vial.

Han Li held the vial in one hand and the Profound Heavenly Fruit in the other as he inspected the two side by side through narrowed eyes.

The two items were different both in shape and mass, but the dark green patterns on their surfaces really did bear a strong resemblance.

Could it be that the two objects were connected somehow? Could it be that the mysterious little vial was refined from a Profound Heavenly Fruit?

Han Li's heart rate began to accelerate as he considered the small vial's incredible abilities.

The more the thought about it, the plausible this notion seemed.

The small vial was made from a different material compared to the Profound Heavenly Fruit, but it was also a material that he had yet to decipher the origins of.

He inspected the objects in his hands before exhaling as he cast his gaze toward the small vial.

All of a sudden, he placed the Profound Heavenly Fruit on the ground before removing the lid off the mysterious little vial.

A drop of green liquid dripped soundlessly onto the fruit.

The scenes that followed struck Han Li with a sense of elation.

Azure light flashed from the drop of liquid before it disappeared into the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

Brilliant blue light erupted from Han Li's eyes again as he gleaned the internal situation within the fruit.

As soon as the drop of green liquid disappeared into the fruit, it immediately fused with the speck of white light at its center. A few moments later, the feeble speck of white light expanded slightly.

Han Li's heart stirred upon seeing this, but there were no further changes to the white light following further observation, and the blue light in Han Li's gradually faded.

He lowered his head with a contemplative expression as he considered what he'd just seen. It appeared that only the mysterious green liquid in the small vial had any effect on the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

He didn't know what purpose that speck of white light could serve, but it appeared that the only way to find out was to continue feeding the green liquid to the fruit.

After thinking to himself for a long while, Han Li carefully stowed away both the small vial and the Profound Heavenly Fruit.

He was going to infuse the green liquid into the fruit at regular intervals.

Unbeknownst to Han Li, in the same instant that the green liquid disappeared into the white light within the Profound Heavenly Fruit, something was happening in the Heavenly Spirit Region of the three human regions, which was countless kilometers away from Deep Heaven City. At the center of a small island that was hovering tens of thousands of kilometers in the air, golden light suddenly erupted from a translucent jade wall that was inscribed full of golden and silver runes. At the same time, a crisp cry rang out, spreading throughout the entire island.

Two green-robed cultivators who were seated in front of the jade wall with their eyes closed both opened their eyes in unison with shock etched on their faces."Golden light! Could it be that another Divine Spirit Treasure has appeared?" one of them exclaimed.

The other cultivator remained silent, but his eyes were also filled with elation as he looked at the jade wall.

All of a sudden, a dozen or so streaks of light shot forth from various locations all over the island, all of which converged toward the jade wall.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, a dozen or so green-robed cultivators had gathered before the wall, all of whom were scrutinizing the golden light with excitement in their eyes.

A few moments later, the golden light from the jade wall gradually faded, which made the dozen or so cultivators rather nervous. All of them stared at the jade wall without even daring to blink, as if they were petrified of missing something.

The third line of golden runes on the jade wall suddenly blurred before moving down a line. Meanwhile, a new line of golden text appeared on the vacated third line.

All of the excited cultivators' expressions immediately stiffened. Everyone stared at the third line of golden runes with flabbergasted looks on their faces. "It's a Profound Heavenly Spirit Artifact! And it's climbed to third on the roll as soon as it appeared!" After a long while, an elderly green-robed man murmured to himself, "Heavens, could it be that another true spirit tribulation is about to descend upon our Spirit Realm?"

All of the other cultivators were also alerted to this possibility upon hearing this, and all of their faces paled as horrified expressions appeared in their eyes. None of them seemed to want to say anything.

Finally, the golden light on the jade wall completely faded, and everything returned to normal.

Looking up above the jade wall, there was a silver plaque that was over 100 feet in length hovering roughly 10 feet above the wall. There was a string of golden text on the plaque that read "Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll".

Not long after that, streaks of light shot forth from the island, heading toward the three human regions and the seven demon territories.

At the same time, within the restricted areas of the larger races in the primordial world, similar changes were taking place on all of the jade walls there. The same information was being relayed to all of the races, and this development had stunned all of the higher-ups among them.

Not long after that, all of the higher-ups among the various races, including the human and demon races, had burst into an uproar.

It appeared that the Spirit Realm hadn't changed at all, but drastic changes were taking place beneath the visible surface. All races were bolstering their defenses in anticipation for the ordeal that could befall them soon.

Of course, as the instigator behind all of this, Han Li himself was completely oblivious to what was happening. He was currently meditating in his cave abode, preparing to return to Deep Heaven City the next day.

Time passed by slowly and just as daylight was about to arrive outside the cave abode, Han Li abruptly opened his eyes as an elated look appeared on his face.

He immediately rose to his feet before rushing out of his secret chamber, heading straight for one of the beast rooms.

Han Li stood outside the beast room and peered in through a window, upon which he was completely rooted to the spot.

A head-sized hole had been punctured into massive black cocoon within the room, and the cocoon was now completely empty.

Directly above the cocoon, there was an inky-black cloud hovering in mid-air, creating quite a mysterious sight to behold.

Han Li was quite startled to see this, but he still cast an incantation seal toward the door of the room with furrowed brows.

Azure light immediately flashed from the door as an invisible restriction was lifted.

The door gradually rose up, and Han Li strode into the room.

The black cloud in the air, which was around 10 feet in size, didn't display any reaction to Han Li's arrival.

Han Li stared up at the cloud before making a hand seal. He opened his mouth, a black bead shot forth from within.

It was none other than the Weeping Soul Bead that he had refined long ago.

Han Li began to chant something as he pointed a finger at the Weeping Soul Bead.

Green light flashed from the bead, and its surface began to flash erratically.

The dark cloud in the air finally began to react. Gusts of powerful Yin winds were swept up around it and at the same time, arcs of black lightning erupted within the cloud amid a series of rumbling thunderclaps.

The bead hovering before Han Li also began to vibrate, and the green light emanating from it began to brighten significantly.

Han Li's expression changed upon seeing this.

He could sense resistance from the dark cloud, as if it were trying to shrug off the call of the Weeping Soul Bead.

Following its evolution, the Weeping Soul Beast was following in the footsteps of the Six-Winged Frost Centipede, trying to escape from Han Li's control.

However, Han Li had now recovered all of his powers, so he naturally wasn't going to allow this to happen. He immediately began to circulate his magic power as he flicked his 10 fingers in quick succession, casting incantation seals of different colors, all of which disappeared into the Weeping Soul Bead.

The bead let loose an anguished cry, following which the brilliant green light radiating from it began to dim again.

At this moment, a massive thunderclap erupted from the dark cloud, following which a dark figure emerged from within amid countless arcs of black lightning. The creature descended right in front of Han Li, staring intently at the black bead with a conflicted light in its crimson eyes.

Han Li's heart jolted, but upon catching sight of the appearance of the creatures standing before him, a peculiar look appeared on his face. His expression was a mixture of astonishment, surprise, and exasperation.

The figure standing before him was another black-robed "Han Li". Aside from the fact that the color of its robes was different, it was completely identical to Han Li down to the very last detail.

Upon seeing this expression on Han Li's face, "Han Li" also adopted the same expression, making Han Li feel as if he were peering into a mirror.

Han Li was silent for a long while before his brows furrowed as he asked, "You're the Weeping Soul Beast?"

The black-robed "Han Li" put on a bashful smile as he replied, "Mas.... ter, I... I am... Weeping Soul!"

His voice was extremely coarse, but he spoke with the proficiency of an infant.

Han Li had already ascertained this being's identity through his connection with the Weeping Soul Bead, but he was still struck by a sense of shock upon hearing the beast's reply. "Have you taken on a permanent form or have you learned a transformation technique?"

The black-robed Han Li's mouth gaped open upon hearing this, and it seemed to be at a loss for how to reply.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this before a wry smile appeared on his face.

The Weeping Soul Beast had just attained intelligence, but how was it supposed to know everything straight away? He had to inject some knowledge into the beast's mind before it would be able to formulate a reply.

This was a rather difficult task for other cultivators, but it was very simple for Han Li.

He abruptly placed a hand over the top of his own head, following which black light flashed, and a black Nascent Soul that was around an inch in size appeared.

This was none other than Han Li's second Nascent Soul.

Back when Han Li had recovered his magic power, he had also materialized this second Nascent Soul again. However, this Nascent Soul still only possessed Nascent Soul Stage power, so it wasn't much use for Han Li in battle. As such, Han Li was planning to infuse it into a puppet to help him to look after the cave abode.

Thus, the Nascent Soul shot forth and disappeared into the body of the black-robed Han Li.

Black lightning flashed all over the black-robed Han Li's body, and a painful expression appeared on his face.

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