Chapter 1320: Fight for the Spirit Land

The fat man let out an inward sigh of relief and thanked the purple-robed man with a smile. He used the jade pendant on a speck of light that said ‘4’.

The number that said ‘4’ was touched by the pendant’s azure light and it blurred to a ‘5’.

This was a location in the Jade Rapid Mountains, the place with the densest spiritual Qi.

When the other sitting cultivators saw this, their expressions vastly changed. A few of the others had a similar idea to him and now had no choice but to take a change of plans.

Because the fat man was a late Deity Transformation-stage cultivator, his cultivation and words seemed to weigh down on the other cultivators.

Now that the fat man had chosen, he returned to his own seat and wanted to see what the others would pick.

Because of his choice, the remaining cultivators eventually stood up to make their choice, both taking an area at Heavenly Sound Mountain, one without any people and one with.

Once those two made their selection, they immediately headed down.

The remaining cultivators each frowned as if unable to come to a decision.

At that moment, Han Li suddenly stood up and walked to the purple-robed man.

The other cultivators were faintly startled.

After all, Han Li had only recently arrived, so it was unexpected for him to quickly come to a decision.

Han Li stroked his storage bracelet and took out a white jade box into his hand. Then with a smile, he handed them to the large purple-robed man with his own jade pendant.

The purple-robed man didn’t immediately take the jade box. Instead, he glanced at Han Li and said, “I heard there was a newly ascended cultivator that arrived in the city. Are you that fellow surnamed Han?”

“Senior is well informed. That is me.” Han Li’s heart trembled, but he showed none of his shock on his face.

“In that case, this should be the first time you’ve picked a cave residence. You won’t need to pay a price and can choose a spirit land.” 

“Many thanks, Senior!” Han Li’s face blanked and he quickly withdrew the jade box with a smile.

When the cultivators heard that Han Li was a newly ascended, they glanced at him with an odd expression.

It seemed newly ascended cultivators were a special existence in the city.

The large man quickly examined Han Li’s pendant and gave it back to him with a nod.

Han Li didn’t hesitate and waved his pendant over an uninhabited area.

The azure light passed through it and marked the area with ‘1’.

An uproar was raised when they saw the area Han Li chose.

The area Han Li picked was an area on Jade Rapid Mountain with the most inferior spiritual Qi.

It wasn’t strange for a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator to choose that mountain range, but there were other areas on the mountain range with no one as well. Han Li instead choose the most unremarkable area with the least spiritual Qi. This left them bewildered.

The spirit land’s sole benefit was that to make up for the land’s deficient spiritual Qi, they gave a larger plot of land to make up for it. The land spanned thousands of kilometers, several times in size compared to the other spirit lands on the mountain range.

But everyone knew that the quality of the land was directly related to the amount of spiritual Qi on the land. No matter how wide the land may be, the medicine and ores would certainly be lacking. It is even worse for the cultivator in question.

In the purple-robed man’s surprise, he glanced at the man for a long while and frowned, “You truly chose that as your cave residence. You should know this selection can’t be changed for a hundred years.” 

Han Li calmly answered, “I’ve only arrived in the spirit realm. I want to place to stay for the time being, I don’t wish to fight over space with other Fellow Daoists. Although the area is lacking, there is no one else there.”

The purple-robed man then glanced at Han Li with an odd expression and waved his hand. With his originally lazy voice, he said, “If those are your thoughts, then so be it. In any case, after you mark it, no one else will be able to change it.”

Han Li saluted him without further concern and returned to his seat, planning on staying a while longer.

Then, another cultivator stood up and selected the same area as the large purple-robed man.

But then, footsteps clapped and someone entered the second floor unattended by a maid.

When the cultivators on the second floor saw this person, their expressions all changed. The fat man with the largest cultivation, on the other hand, looked at him with bright eyes and he called out, “So it was Fellow Daoist Weng! I didn’t know you were interested in contesting spirit lands!”

The person who entered was a blue-robed man with a headband. He had sharp slanted eyebrows, giving him a menacing impression.

He glanced at the fat man and smiled, “Hehe, If Brother Jin has come to change his cave residence, then so can I.”

This person was a mid-Deity Transformation stage cultivator, but he spoke to the late-stage fat man with a friendly tone. This caused Han Li’s heart to stir and take another look at the blue-robed man.

After all, at this stage of cultivation, every difference in grade signified a vast disparity in power. Of course, those like him that possessed spirit treasures, created heavenly flames from devouring spirits, and practiced heaven-defying abilities like Divine Essensefused Light were the exception.

Since the blue-robed man acted so familiarly with the late-stage cultivator, he should belong in this category.

“Little Brother Weng must be joking. You hold a top grade spirit land. What would you exchange it for.” The fat man stroked his chin and wore a trace of confusion.

“Hehe, I’ve been recently cultivating a secret technique that doesn’t need too much spiritual Qi. I require a larger area, or it will be difficult to cultivate. I'm going to change it for the time being.” The blue-robed man replied with a shock.

“So it was like that,” the fat man said with understanding, but it was unknown if he truly believed him.

When Han Li heard the two talk, he frowned for a brief moment.

The blue-robed man took several steps to the purple-robed man and saluted him, “I pay my respects to Martial Uncle Jiao. My master sends his regards.”

“From that old eccentric’s rotten character, why would he say that? Nevertheless, you master hide from six greater tribulations already. I fear he won’t be able to hide from the seventh, the large man said with a cold laugh.

When the blue-robed man heard the purple-robed man’s reply, he wore an embarrassed expression, but he soon answered, “My master has been secluded for two hundred years. He is preparing to forge a spirit treasure that can withstand the next calamity.”

“A spirit treasure? It seems your master’s luck is quite good. Last time, he had his spirit treasures destroyed to withstand the tribulation and he managed to gather enough materials for another. In that case, your master does have a chance at surviving the next one. Alright, enough of that. I am on duty. Quickly make your choice.” The purple-robed man’s expression sank and he said no further.

“As you wish. The blue-robed man quickly swept his gaze past the man, and looked at several areas with a number and his expression sank.

“Someone actually chose such a remote area on Jade Rapid Mountains.” Not daring to ask the purple-robed man any questions, he turned to the fat man and pointed at an area on the map, “Brother Jin, you’ve been here a while. Do you know who chose that place?”

When the fat man saw where he pointed, an odd expression appeared on his face and he unconsciously glanced in Han Li’s direction.

The blue-robed man quickly understood what the fat man’s face meant. He promptly turned around and closely examined Han Li.

When he saw Han Li’s cultivation was only at early-stage, he wore an arrogant expression and he coldly said, “so you’re the one who chose the spirit land!”

After a moment of silence, Han Li replied, “And you also want it.”

The blue-robed man snorted and eerily said, “My secret technique can only be cultivated in a suitable place. If you’re smart, you’ll renounce your claim. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless in our fight.” His threat was clear to see.

Han Li remained silent.

In order to avoid a fight, he intentionally picked an area with sparse spiritual Qi. He wanted to avoid provoking any problems as he only had interests in cultivating. He didn’t want to make any enemies that would disturb him.

He completely didn’t expect this plan to backfire and have someone come knocking on his door. Han Li found this matter to be truly laughable.

With blue light shining from his eyes, he took a quick glance at the others.

The large purple-robed man still lazily sat in his seat and had yet to raise his eyes. It appeared he didn’t really care. As for the other cultivators, they looked at him with schadenfreude.

“Senior, if I renounce my choice, will I be able to pick another area.” Han Li calmly asked the purple-robed man.

“You cannot. There are only so many spirit lands. Everyone will only have one opportunity to fight for it. If you lose, you’ll have to contest an empty land in another hundred years.” He replied expressionlessly.

When Han Li heard this, he sighed.

To delay the maturation of his spirit medicines and creation of spirit pills for a hundred years was something he found intolerable.

To the side, the blue-robed man sneered and said, “Even if you have to wait a hundred years, you’ll be able to pick another area. But if you don’t listen to me, hehe...’

When Han Li heard him, he raised his brow and smiled.

“I will not agree to your request. From the way I see it, it’d be best for you to look for a different area to cultivate. I don’t wish to injure you. If I were to make a mistake...”

Han Li spoke casually, and although he only finished half his sentence, his blunt words were extremely obvious.

The spectators were stunned.

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