Chapter 1284: Wild Beast Torrent (5)

Sure enough, a short while later, several hundred black spots suddenly appeared in the distance. These black spots were all flying rapidly toward the city, and they were responsible for emitting those ghastly cries.

The humans on the city wall immediately reacted as they adopted a defensive formation, preparing to engage the oncoming enemies.

Almost at the exact same moment, over 100 streaks of light of different colors flew out from a tall building at the center of the city. All of those streaks of light then hurtled directly toward the approaching black spots in the distant sky.

The cultivators in the city had finally sprung into action.

Most of these cultivators were at the Foundation Establishment Stage, but they were flying quite quickly atop their respective treasures. The cultivators managed to reach the city wall before the Leocon Beasts did before hovering in the air.

The two people leading the group consisted of a bald brawny man standing atop a round disk, as well as that brocade-robed man from the Golden Jade Sect.

Both of them had reached the False Core Stage, which was the highest cultivation base among all of the cultivators present.

The black spots in the distance were only several kilometers away from the city wall now, but they suddenly stopped and began to circle around indecisively in the air at low altitudes.

At this point, the people on the city wall were already able to discern the true appearance of these black spots. They discovered that these were all demon beasts with leopard heads and falcon bodies. All of them had a pair of white and yellow feathered wings each, and their eyes were gleaming with purplish-red light, while their bodies shimmering in all manners of exuberant colors, presenting a very beautiful sight to behold.

These demons beasts were only several feet in size each, and they were quite petite and graceful in flight. Judging from their outward appearance alone, they didn't look all that threatening at all.

However, all of the cultivators in the sky wore extremely grim expressions, seemingly quite wary of these demon beasts. In the distance, a few short and sharp cries rang out from among this pack of Leocon Beasts. Immediately thereafter, a vast cloud of dust and debris appeared in the distance amid bursts of loud piercing screeches.

One crimson python after another began to emerge from the ground below before raising their heads and extending their forked tongues. All of a sudden, a tumbling and writhing sea of crimson had appeared before the city wall with no end in sight.

All of the warriors standing atop the city wall drew a collective sharp intake of breath upon witnessing this ominous sight.

It appeared that they had truly hit the jackpot this time. They had only just arrived to provide reinforcements and they were being attacked by both Leocon Beasts and crimson python beasts. Thankfully, the cultivators were present to deal with the most troublesome Leocon Beasts. Otherwise, they wouldn't stand a chance against this latest Beast Torrent.

Just as all of the body refinement warriors on the city wall were feeling slightly relieved by the presence of the cultivators above the city wall, two demon beasts, one large and one small, suddenly shot forth through the air, flying toward them from the distance.

The smaller of the two demon beasts was only around a foot in size, and its entire body was enshrouded under a barrier of shimmering blue spiritual light. As if flapped its wings, the sound of indistinct thunderclaps could be heard. The larger demon beast had a vicious purple light gleaming in its eyes, and it was several times larger than a normal Leocon Beast, yet its size was the only feature that set it apart from its brethren. 

Right as those demon beasts revealed themselves, three python beasts also emerged from the crimson sea down below, one of which was rather small while the other two were much larger.

The largest of the trio was over 100 feet in length with massive thick scales running all over its body. I also had a pair of crimson coral-like horns growing on its head, and it bore a strong resemblance to a crimson wyrm. The second-largest python was covered entirely in inky-black scales. At the same time, it possessed three identical triangular heads, all of which appeared to be extremely vicious and menacing.

As for the smallest among the trio, this was the demon beast with the head of a man and the body of a snake. It had a pair of arms, attached to which were a pair of hands that were each holding a bone spear. This was none other than that snake demon that had once attacked Han Li in the Azure Sifting Desert.

These five demon beasts were clearly the most powerful beings among this latest Beast Torrent, but they seemed a little hesitant. All five of them glanced at the city wall before communicating through a series of screeches and loud cries. Immediately thereafter, they returned to their respective brethren and disappeared again.

All of a sudden, all of the Leocon Beasts in the air and the army of crimson pythons on the ground seemed to have received the same instruction, spurring them on toward the city wall in unison amid bursts of thunderous rumbling.

The Leocon Beasts were far faster than the crimson pythons on the ground below, so they naturally reached An Yuan City first.

All of them began to let loose loud unsettling cries once again as green demonic mist began to emanate from their bodies. In the beginning, only a faint layer of mist had been emitted. However, this quickly transformed into a dense cloud of mist that enshrouded all of the Leocon Beasts within.

Thus, a vast expanse of demonic green mist around an acre in area took shape within the blink of an eye, surging forth like a formidable wave.

The bald False Core cultivator no longer hesitated upon seeing this. He let loose an almighty roar of rage as he led the charge toward the demon beasts, followed by all of the other cultivators behind him.

Prior to even making contact with the green demonic mist, all of the cultivators raised their hands into the air in quick succession to blast forth a series of talismans.

A string of loud boom erupted in rapid succession as countless balls of lightning and fire of different colors exploded after entering the green mist.

Thunderous explosions rang out incessantly, forcibly dissipating the green mist through the might of the explosions.

The human cultivators then immediately summoned their treasures without any hesitation.

Flying sabers, flying swords, magic beads, Buddhist staves, short dagger; all manners of weapons appeared in the air before hurtling toward the green demonic mist.

At the same time, the green mist up ahead tumbled and surged violently as countless demonic feathers short forth, raining down upon the oncoming treasures like a torrential storm of green light. The Leocon Beasts appeared to be capable of holding their own against the attacks from the human cultivators.

Upon seeing this, all of the human cultivators began to make hand seals and chant incantations, manipulating their treasures to tear through the storm of green light. However, there seemed to be no end to the demonic feathers flying out from within the green mist, and none of them human cultivators dared to advance any further, seemingly quite wary of this green mist. Thus, a fierce impasse ensued in the air above.

At this moment, the crimson pythons had also finally reached the foot of the city wall.

The crimson pythons split up into groups of a dozen or so, each of them biting onto one another's tails to create interconnected chains over 100 feet in length. These chains of crimson pythons coiled before springing up into the air like massive arrows, traveling toward the summit of the city wall at alarming speeds. After rising into the air, the crimson pythons all separated once again before swinging their bodies viciously toward the soldiers standing atop the city wall.

By employing this tactic, they were able to completely disregard the obstacle posed by the tall city walls.

Most of the warriors who had been deployed to this city wall had fought crimson python beasts before, but very few of them had witnessed such an innovative strategy being employed by these pythons.

As such, they were caught completely off guard, and were scrambling to set up retaliative measures.

In contrast, the ordinary An Yuan City soldiers seemed to have already predicted such an occurrence. All of them immediately gathered into groups in an orderly manner, with the front rows of soldiers raising their shields to form barricades while the soldier's behind them attacked using their crossbows. 

It appeared to be quite an effective strategy.

The massive crossbows on the city wall were also shooting arrows that were around 10 feet in length each, sending them flying through the air at alarming speeds.

Cold light flashed as one crimson python after another was skewered by the massive crossbow arrow before they had a chance to scale the city wall. With just a single arrow, over 10 crimson pythons were felled at the same time.

Following a brief period of panic, the body refinement warriors also managed to recompose themselves before springing into action, wielding their weapons as they sliced through one python after another with ease.

All of them possessed powerful bodies and astonishing strength, so normal python beasts were completely powerless against them.

Meanwhile, Han Li remained completely rooted to the spot on the city wall, but a cold light flashed through his eyes several times in quick succession, following which all of the pythons beasts pouncing toward him were sliced into a dozen or so sections.

Python blood rained down from above.

With his current level of mastery of the Vajra Arts combined with his usage of the Blinking Sword Art, he was able to unleash miraculous attacks, even though he was only wielding an ordinary saber in his hand.

Not only was he swinging his saber through the air at astonishing speeds, his attacks were completely soundless and imbued with devastating power. Even a low-grade treasure would most likely be sliced in half by one of his saber strikes, let alone these ordinary python beasts.

As such, Han Li paid no heed to the normal crimson pythons that were raining down from above, turning his gaze instead toward the swarm of pythons in the distance.

He was rather interested in those three snake demons.

However, right at this moment, a resounding boom suddenly erupted nearby, followed by a burst of anguished human howls.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before turning his gaze toward the source of the commotion.

Around 100 feet away from him, an astonishingly massive mutated python had managed to force its way onto the city wall. As soon as it landed, it immediately bit off the upper half of a soldier's body with its cavernous mouth, then sent another body refinement warrior flying into the city wall with a powerful whip of its tail.

The body refinement warrior's chest had completely caved in as a result, and the only thing that awaited him was death.

At this moment, a ferocious green light flashed within the python's eyes as it turned its gaze toward Han Li.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he glared coldly at the giant python before swaggering over to the beast in a nonchalant manner.

The python seemed to have sensed that Han Li was quite dangerous, and it arched its body before springing forth like lightning, opening its cavernous mouth again to try and swallow Han Li whole.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he slowly raised his saber. All of a sudden, his saber disappeared into an untraceable blur as he swung it through the air toward the giant python's head.

The oncoming python's body came to an abrupt halt, following which countless geysers of blood erupted from its head as it separated into several pieces.

The seemingly nonchalant attacks unleashed by Han Li had completely dismembered the formidable giant python. Han Li glanced down expressionlessly at the python's headless carcass before turning to leave.

However, right at this moment, a startling turn of events suddenly ensued!

The rear half of the giant python's headless body suddenly twisted before viciously sweeping toward Han Li like lightning.

The python was using up all its remaining strength in that single strike, and its body was hurtling through the air like a devastatingly powerful whip, trying to fell Han Li in one fell swoop.

All of the soldiers and body refinement warriors nearby all let loose cries of alarm upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, a dull thump rang out as Han Li struck the python's tail with a shimmering golden fist, punching a massive hole into its body and sending it flying in the process. However, the front half of the giant python's headless body twisted around at an unimaginable angle and also crashed toward Han Li with fearsome might.

Han Li's expression darkened as he raised his saber, and his body swayed as he rushed toward the giant python, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake.

Piercing cold light flashed through the air, following which Han Li appeared behind the python's body before slowly turning around.

Blood gushed forth from the giant python's body like crimson rivers before it fell to the ground, having already been sliced into seven or eight pieces. The python was well and truly dead now!

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