Chapter 1279: Azure Wolf, Crimson Python, Leocon Beast

The embroidered-robed man shook his head, “I’ve already seen Captain Zhang and the mistress’ Liu Brothers. If Brother Han wasn’t here, we would use either of them, but now that we have a more suitable candidate, we will have to make the more reliable choice. After all, he completed the third layer of the Vajra Arts; he has nothing to fear from the attack of low-grade spirit tools, and his immense strength will make him even more suitable for the journey. If we were to take someone else, the odds of defeat will be greater. If we startle those demon beast guards, we won’t get a second chance. Mistress, could it be you don’t wish for Junior Martial Brother Pan to achieve Core Formation?”

Mistress Fang sighed and she said with a tone of helplessness. “Senior Martial Brother Qin’s words are reasonable. Even if this person has as much potential as ‘Old Fire’, I feel like Qin’er’s Core Formation will possess far more potential.”

The embroidered-robed man felt relief and he smiled, “Lady Fu is quite a sensible person! The breakout of this beast torrent turned into an exceptional opportunity. It appears those demon beast guards aren’t involving themselves. When the time comes, we might be able to escape from them. That’s why although we need a body refiner, he won’t necessarily be needed. So long as the matter succeeds, I won’t treat him unfairly and make sure he doesn't harbor a grudge against you.”

“Immortal Qin’s magic power is quite strong. After you acquire it, there should be no problem in Core Formation. In the future, I hope you’ll look after my son.” When that was said, she smiled and didn’t directly address him.

The man glanced at the blue-robed youth and warmly said, “Hehe, Junior Martial Brother Pan’s aptitude is no less than mine. If I can achieve Core Formation, Junior Martial Brother should have no problem with the item in hand. The mistress should feel at ease.”

Pan Qing saluted his Senior Martial Brother with a deep expression and uttered words of thanks.

As for the pair sitting next to the embroidered robed man, they glanced at one another with a knowing smile.

During this time, the atmosphere in the hall became rather friendly.

Han Li couldn't have known that his first contact with humans in the spirit realm already involved him in a scheme.

It was unknown if he was cursed by the heavens or just had bad luck. In case he knew about this matter, he would’ve simply found himself not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

A few trifling mortals and Foundation Establishment cultivators thought of using him, a Deity Transformation cultivator. They were beyond reckless. Even without his magic power, he had methods of easily killing them.

But as he was kept in the dark and intended on remaining with the Heavenly East Enterprise, he left the courtyard and went to see the large scarred man.

Not long after, Han Li was appointed a hi second in command but there were others that weren’t convinced.

But when Han Li revealed a portion of his immense strength, he alarmed them and kept them quiet.

Because Han Li was given his own room, he didn’t have to mingle with the others.

In the following days, he began to grasp the chant for the fifth layer of the Vajra Arts.

According to the Brightjade Arts, It would be much smoother if he could cultivate using the magic power present in his body. But now, he would have to cultivate the Vajra Arts by infusing spiritual Qi into his body.

He had no choice but to familiarize himself with this strange method before starting his cultivation.

Three days later, Han Li left the inn and disappeared half a day.

Apart from those with a discerning eye, most people hadn’t noticed that Han Li was gone.

But on the seventh day, Han Li was sitting cross-legged on his bed when he suddenly heard huge bell clangs from outside the room. The sound loudly droned and faintly shook the inn.

Han Li opened his eyes in shock.

The rumbling clangs repeated without end and was soon followed by resounding horns, crying out to the city one after another.

Han Li frowned and wordlessly walked out.

The west courtyard was already scrambling into action. The guards and cavalrymen were walking out from their rooms with weapons and armor in hand. Their expressions ranged anywhere from excitement to fear and worry.

As panicked voices sounded through the courtyard, Zhang Kui walked through with an icy expression and loudly rebuked,  “What is there to panic about? It is only a beast torrent. It hasn’t reached us yet. Return to your rooms and properly rest yourselves. When the time comes, rest will only be a delusionary thought.” 

When the soldiers heard the large man, they all calmed down and obediently returned to their rooms.

Han Li saw this with a smile.

As Zhang Kui held his position as the guard commander for over ten years, his reputation was as high as one would expect.

Zhang Kui glanced over at Han Li and said, “Junior Brother Han, follow me to observe and size and scope of the beast torrent. Let’s see how it compares to what we expected.”

Han Li quickly replied, “Brother Zhang, I am ready to follow.”

In truth, although he didn’t take this beast torrent to heart, he was indeed a bit curious.

He wasn’t about to refuse an opportunity to broaden his horizons.

When the two walked onto the street outside the inn, he discovered there was something amiss. The bustling streets no sparsely had anyone. There were only a few wanderers and their movements were all flustered.

There were several beast carriages on the street, but they were in a mad rush. There were also horned wolves, the same that the Heavenly East Enterprise cavalrymen rode. However, the ones who rode them this time were wearing the armor of city guards. They were rushing through the city, loudly declaring martial law on the city as a result of the upcoming beast torrent.

They were not only drafting body refiners and soldiers, but common mortals were to stay put in their residences. If they were outside and hindered the efforts of resisting the beast torrent, they would be immediately executed.

When Han Li and Zhang Kui rode two horned wolves to the nearest wall, there was a large purple-robed man standing at the top of the southmost tower in the city. He looked outside the window with one hand pressed against it and the hand held behind his back. He silently looked in the distance with a sullen expression.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened and a soldier covered in azure bone armor quickly entered. He kneeled behind the azure-robed man and softly reported, “City Lord, we’ve verified that the beasts gathered in three waves: the Jade Grassland’s Azure wolves, the Black Tomb Mountain’s Crimson Pythons, and the Leocon Beasts.”

The large purple-robed man sighed and he worriedly said, “So it is an attack by three beast types. Very troublesome. If they were other beasts, it would’ve been fine, but azure wolves and crimson pythons only join beast torrents every three hundred years. Not to mention these astonishing numbers, the Leocon Beasts will make things more troublesome as well.

They will attack the weakest point of our city. Although we already prepared bows and crossbows, they fly too quickly so common arrows won’t be effective.”

“Didn’t you place an order from the Heavenly East Enterprise for exploding crystal arrows, Sir? We should be able to hold our own against them. Besides, we have cultivators assisting us. They will be a powerful force to defend the skies. With their assistance, the hawks shouldn’t be a problem.” The armored soldier consoled.

The purple-robed man commanded, “We can only hope to rely on them. Arrange the cultivators together and have them keep watch on the hawk’s actions. We will have the soldiers and body refiners join forces in dealing with the wolves and pythons. Ah yes, quickly bring our forces to the ready. Have our guards take turns standing guard.”

“Yes, Sir!” An armored soldier yelled and went off to execute his order.

The large purple-robed man was the An Yuan City Lord. He looked out his window with a heavy expression.


Han Li stood on top of a segment of the city wall and looked at the distance. Although he appeared calm, his heart was shaken.

He saw yellow earth tens of kilometers from the city turn azure. An azure sea spanned as far as he could see. Upon closer inspection, he could make out the silhouette of wolves within them. Their eyes were green and their bodies were azure. Their bared fangs created a savage appearance.

The number of wolves were too many to count. They could no longer determine how many hundreds of thousands there were.

Apart from the wolf howls, there were the sounds of other beasts mixed in. They sounded in some sort of pattern as if they were communicating with one another.

Zhang Kui’s face turned somewhat pale, but he gripped his hands in a fist and muttered, “Fortunately, the most common beast are the azure wolves. If we encountered red, yellow, or even the rare silver wolf, I fear that An Yuan City wouldn’t be able to survive the beast torrent.” 

“Silver wolves?” When Han Li heard this, something suddenly came to mind.

In his surprise, the scarred man explained, “What? Has Brother Han never seen silver wolves before? They are several times harder to handle than other wolves. A common silver wolf is a match for a dozen azure wolves. In the last beast torrent, I was lucky enough to see several of them. Their fearsomeness is fresh in my memory.”

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