Chapter 1277: Danger of Tribulation

Since he entered the spirit realm, Han Li didn’t have much interest in the beast torrent, but now that he knew it was related to restoring his magic power and breaking the Ice Phoenix’s restriction on his body.

And the beast torrent was just about to happen!

According to the Soaring Sky Beast’s incarnation, Nascent Soul and Deity Transformation-stage cultivators suffer a minor tribulation once every three hundred years. Although he no longer had his magic power, the presence of his cultivation still existed. Who knew when tribulation would strike him.

If tribulation for a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator truly struck him, he would surely perish with his trifling cultivation at the fourth stage of the vajra arts and lack of magic treasures.

When Han Li thought of this, his expression turned sullen.

The best way to settle this matter was to quickly find the Ice Phoenix and mutually remove the restriction from one another.

When they encountered mishaps from inside the spatial node, the Ice Phoenix was able to act first in escaping from the spatial node as a result of her innate spatial abilities. She should’ve already made it somewhere in the spirit realm. Knowing the power of the restriction he placed on her, she should’ve found herself in a similar situation as himself.

In a place as large as the spirit realm, he wouldn’t be able to find her in a short amount of time even if he had his magic power. Within three human realms and seven demon lands, there are actually many characters that possess abilities at the level of Deity Transformation.

Now that he didn’t have any power to defend himself, it was only wishful thinking to journey off to find her, so he would have to come up with other ways to restore his magic power and save himself.

As a current, he couldn't absorb even a thread of his spiritual power and there wasn’t a single secret technique he could use. Cultivating magic power once more would be an impossible task. Seeking out the aid of other high-grade cultivators would also be out of the question. As he possessed many secrets, it would only be courting death.

As Han Li sat in his chair, his expression wavered.

His gaze shifted and he muttered with a gloomy expression, “It seems my only choice is to tread the original path.” 

In the coming month in An Yuan City, Han Li thought long and hard about how to restore his original abilities. He managed to think of a feasible method in half a month, but it wasn’t good by any means and it would take some time. And with his unfamiliarity with the spirit realm, he hesitated to use this method.

But now that he was coming to terms about understanding the spirit realm, it appeared he had no choice but to use this method upon some further deliberation.

He would have to cultivate the only technique he could cultivate, the Vajra Arts, to grand completion,

According to what records said about the technique, when one cultivated the technique to the seventh layer, one’s flesh body was overbearing enough to compare with a Nascent Soul cultivator. In that case, he would be able to use the sheer power of his body to dispel the Ice 

Phoenix’s restriction.

When that point comes, it should be a simple matter to cultivate magic power and condense a Nascent Soul.

Although it is said that condensing a Nascent Soul regularly takes a hundred years, with his magic power restored, he could return to the storage pouches he buried in the desert. With the aid of the many spirit medicines it contains, the process will be sped up several times.

In one word, the first step to returning his abilities would be to dispel the restriction placed on his body and then condense his Nascent Soul.

He reckoned that if a minor tribulation were to strike him, it should be in three hundred years. But that was only a guess. If he wished to preserve his life, he would have to cultivate the Vajra Arts as quickly as he could. 

The Soaring Sky Beast had previously told him just how difficult it was to cultivate the Vajra Arts.

Even in the spirit realm where the spiritual Qi was incredibly dense, there were very few mortals that could cultivate the Vajra Arts to completion.

Even if a normal person possessed exceptional talents, they still wouldn’t dare to be confident.

But Han Li was by no means a normal person. Not only did he cultivate from being a mortal to a Deity Transformation cultivator, causing his unwavering determination to far exceed those of a common cultivator in the spirit realm, but he also consumed the Heavenly Corpse Pearl, the Dragon Scale Fruit, and many other spiritual medicines. His body was already far stronger than normal. Particularly because of the Dragon Scale Fruit and the Bone Tempering Arts, his body was already on part with that of an ordinary demon beast.

When he arrived in the spirit realm, the massive amount of magic power from dissipating his two Nascent Soul not only saved his life, but they also increased his body’s capacity by another level.

With all of these things together, it was no wonder Han Li felt confident.

As of current, the only thing for him to consider was the inhuman pain he would suffer while cultivating this technique and the amount of time for him to take.

Because there were so many low and mid-grade demon beasts roaming around areas far from the city, it would be unwise to cultivate alone. Furthermore, cultivating the last several layers of the Vajra Arts would need battle experience for him to increase his odds of making a breakthrough.

In that case, there was no harm in remaining with the Heavenly East Enterprise for a time. If he truly felt they were an inconvenience, he would simply leave.

As for the blood curse contract that was placed on his body, the blood curse would be cleanly refined by his body from its sheer vital essence.

Having come to a decision, Han Li was done for the time being. He took his books and left the restaurant. Then, he found a secluded area and crushed his books with his arms.

Under the huge force, they turned into a cloud of paper shreds that floated to the ground.

Next, he went around the city to find a blacksmith store. He examined the shop and handed the tendon over to a blacksmith. Afterwards, he pointed to a few other materials in the shop, uttered a few soft instructions, and gave the blacksmith two low-grade spirit stones.

When the ironworker heard Han Li, he was stunned, but he soon took the two spirit stones and nodded with a smile.

Han Li left with a smile and flagged down a carriage being pulled by a horse-deer creature of sorts.

He didn’t care about the animal’s origins or whatnot. He simply tossed the driver a silver piece and muttered the words ‘The Cloud Ease Inn’. Then, he entered the carriage and took a brief moment of rest.

Beast carriages were being driven by docile animals throughout the city. After all, in a city of this scope, it would be odd to not have any carriages to speak of, as if it would take hours to walk from one district of a city to another.

The carriage he was riding was rather beautiful. It was clear the carriage was used to transport those of wealthier families rather than commoners.

Han Li’s action angered the carriage driver at first, but when he saw the silver piece, he hesitantly drove off to the eastern part of the city.

Han Li slept for a short while before he heard the carriage driver say, “Sir, we’ve arrived at the inn!”

Han Li slowly opened his eyes and wordlessly walked out of the carriage.

He saw a large expanse of pavilions and courtyards with a particularly large building right in front of him. It hung a huge sign that wrote the words “Cloud Ease Inn” in golden letters.

To the sides of the building, there was a row of huge stables constructed from wood, housing all sorts of strange beasts and their carriages. Strange animal cries would occasionally sound from them.

Han Li swept his sights past them and quickly arrived in front of the large building gate. He called out to a group of waiting young servants waved towards one of them.

The servant quickly reacted and immediately ran over.

“Esteemed guest, did you call me out to board here?”

“The Heavenly East Enterprise should’ve checked in here. Do you know where they are?” Han Li calmly asked, tossing him a piece of silver.

When the servant took the silver, he grinned and said, “Hehe, so you’re looking for those of the esteemed Heavenly East Enterprise. I will guide you.”

Soon, he brought Han Li through the back of the building and passed through several courtyards.

The servant led the way and enthusiastically explained, “There are many esteemed guests from the Heavenly East Enterprise, so they’ve filled up all of the west courtyards where we have the inn’s finest rooms...”

Han Li listened to the servant’s words with complete indifference.

But before they reached the courtyard, a youth walked past them and saw Han Li. He yelped and approached them with a wide smile, “Brother Han, you’ve returned! Very good. Brother Zhang has told us to bring you over to the mistress as soon as we saw you. Please follow me.” He then casually grabbed Han Li’s arm.

Han Li raised his brow and casually shook his shoulder, strangely shaking off the man’s grasp.

The youth was stunned when he saw this.

Han Li smiled and calmly asked, “So it was Brother Luo. Is this mistress you were talking about, Mistress Fang?”

The youth was a cavalryman of the Heavenly East Enterprise known as “Young Seventh”.

The odd look on the youth’s face disappeared and he answered with a smile, “Of course I was talking about Mistress Fang. She heard about you and is quite curious about you. She wants to see you.”

Han Li said with a casual tone, “As a member of the organization, I will follow her orders. I will have to trouble you to show me the way.”

“Of course, of course.” From how his grip was shaken off, he realized Han Li possessed abilities far beyond his. As he didn’t dare to do something else that was disrespectful, he obliged with a smile.

Han Li eventually sent away the servant and followed the youth surnamed Luo to the east courtyard.

On the way, they saw many guards and cavalrymen and greeted them.

After making several turns and passing through a dozen large courtyards, they finally arrived at a small isolated courtyard.

It was rather elegant and peaceful nearby. There were two large unfamiliar guards standing guard at the gate without weapons.

When Han Li walked over to the two, the two large men swept an icy gaze past him.

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