Chapter 1264: Six Divine Talisman

"There's no need for him to enter the spatial node with me, is there?" the silver-robed woman asked in an indifferent voice as she sat down in a chair.

Nangong Wan was completely unfazed by the silver-robed woman's aloof response as she continued, "Surely you jest, Fellow Daoist Phoenix. The spatial node is extremely perilous and entering it alone would be akin to suicide. I'm sure you've seen how unstable this spatial node has been in the past few decades, and it's most likely close to collapsing."

"It's not impossible for me to enter the spatial node with him. However, I have a condition that he must agree to before I can work together with him." The silver-robed woman glanced at Han Li with a peculiar look in her eyes.

"What's your condition?" Han Li was rather curious now.

"I still don't fully trust you, so if I were to enter the spatial node with you, we have to set restrictions on each other prior to entry. In that case, if one of us falls into trouble, the other side must assist them with all their might. Otherwise, neither of us will be able to leave the spatial node alive. I'll...

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