Chapter 1245: Jade Peaks

"That'll depend on what Fellow Daoist Hu wants to do. If it's just an ordinary attack, then he'll have no issues withstanding it. However, if he's willing to sacrifice part of his lifespan to use that spirit treasure of his, then Junior Martial Brother Han will be in some trouble. Fellow Daoist Hu most likely won't do something so foolish, though," Xiang Zhili replied with furrowed brows.

"Your analysis is spot on, as usual, Brother Xiang, but you may not have heard about this yet; Fellow Daoist Hu recently obtained a treasure that's apparently no less powerful than a spirit treasure. However, this treasure requires the usage of a special secret technique before it can be activated. As long as Fellow Daoist Hu injects some of his magic power into the treasures, it'll be capable of unleashing unfathomable might. I think there's a very good chance that he'll use that treasure, " Eccentric Wind chuckled.

"Is that so?" Xiang Zhili's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

Just as Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Wind were conversing with one another, the two people locked in a confrontation in the air above finally sprang into action.

Hu Qinglei swept a sleeve through the air and a ball of green light shot forth before transforming into an object that hovered in front of him.

It was an antiquated scroll with peculiar green light shimmering over its surface, striking one with a sense of mystery.

Hu Qinglei aimed a cold glance at Han Li before suddenly making a hand seal as he began to chant something.

The scroll slowly began to unfurl amid his chanting voice. A ball of green light began to flash incessantly as the scroll was spread open, revealing a piece of gorgeous scenic artwork containing around a dozen or so green mountains of different sizes.

However, before anyone had a chance to catch a clear glimpse of the artwork, a burst of green mist rose up from the scroll, instantly obscuring the contents of the entire scroll.

A series of sharp cries rang out, following which 18 pillars of green light rose into the air.

An incredible turn of events unfolded!

The pillars of light receded after hurtling into the air, each of them transforming into a miniature mountain around 10 feet tall. All of them were of a beautiful shade of green and abundant with spiritual Qi. The sharp cries were coming from none other than those miniature mountains.

Han Li was quite startled by this development. The slightly lackadaisical expression on his face was replaced by a serious one as he immediately flipped his hands over.

A green wooden ruler and a miniature azure cauldron appeared over his palms.

He tossed the wooden ruler before him, upon which the projection of a lotus flower instantly appeared. The projection swelled drastically in size, transforming into a massive silver lotus that positioned itself in front of him. Meanwhile, the wooden ruler was slowly rotating at the center of the lotus flower, shimmering with dazzling green light.

Almost at the exact same moment, Han Li flicked a finger toward the azure cauldron, flinging the cauldron's lid off. A clear ringing sound erupted as a clump of thin azure threads shot forth from within.

Amid a vast expanse of shimmering azure light, the thin threads transformed into a massive net over 100 feet in size, descending from the sky to shield Han Li.

The Heavenvoid Cauldron itself had also expanded to several feet in size as it flew into the air overhead.

Han Li then made a hand seal and golden light flashed over his body. A shiny golden light barrier that clung tightly to his clothes was immediately materialized; this was none other than the Buddhist vajra barrier. 

After setting up his most powerful three lines of defense, Han Li was feeling a lot more secure and assured.

Upon seeing this, Hu Qinglei said in a cold voice, "Seeing as you're prepared, I won't delay any longer, either."

Right as his voice trailed off, he let loose a low cry and made a hand seal. A pillar of black light was blasted out of his mouth before disappearing into the green mist.

He was furiously injecting his spiritual power into the scroll.

A dull rumbling sound rang out as the green mist surged and tumbled violently. Immediately thereafter, 18 pillars of black light shot straight up into the air, injecting themselves into the 18 miniature mountains up above.

All of those mountains instantly began radiating scintillating green light while expanding at an alarming rate. Within the span of just a few breaths, they had transformed into colossal objects around 500 to 600 feet tall, turning them into 18 true mountain peaks. The sharp cries they were emitting became even more pronounced as a series of apes appeared on the mountains, each of which was around a foot in size.

All of the cultivators down below were in awe of the scenes unfolding up above. Violet Spirit was also growing even more concerned.


Black Qi flashed over Hu Qinglei's face as he grabbed the air, sending a small mountain hurtling toward Han Li. After grabbing at the air several times in quick succession, seven or eight mountains had already lined up and were preparing to throw themselves at Han Li one after another.

A normal Nascent Soul cultivator definitely wouldn't be able to withstand an attack from even one of those mountains, let alone seven or eight.

There were still around 10 mountains left, yet Hu Qinglei merely exhaled and left them where they were. Perhaps it was because he was simply trying to teach Han Li, yet didn't want to actually endanger his life, or perhaps it was because activating all 18 mountains required excessive magic power expenditure; in any case, Hu Qinglei displayed no intention of attacking with the rest of his mountains.

Han Li was slightly dumbstruck.

He knew that Hu Qinglei would definitely make full use of this opportunity to unleash one of his most powerful attacks, but he didn't think he would hurl a few mountains directly at him!

Setting aside whether these mountains possessed any special abilities, just the sheer enormity of the impact they would create was unfathomable. Even with his spirit treasures protecting him, there was definitely no way that he would be able to withstand so many devastating strikes in succession. If it weren't for their prior agreement, he could easily unleash a movement technique to evade these mountains. However, he had no choice now but to stand still on the spot an act as Hu Qinglei's punching bag.

A wry smile appeared on Han Li's face, but a thought then suddenly occurred to him as he abruptly patted a spirit beast pouch hanging from his waist.

A burst of black light instantly shot forth from within, transforming into a small black monkey that was only several inches in size.

It was none other than the Weeping Soul Beast!

At the same time, he flapped his other sleeve through the air to summon a small black vial.

The vial tipped itself over and five humanoid skeletons emerged from within amid a burst of greyish-white energy. These were none other than the Unbroken Cinque Devils.

Han Li then quickly made a hand seal, and black light began to surge over the small monkey's body. The monkey expanded at a rapid rate, instantly transforming into a colossal ape over 300 feet tall. The massive ape pounded its chest with its mountainous fists as it let loose a long thunderous cry. It then harrumphed violently and a large swath of yellow light swept out of its nose, converging to form a massive yellow trident.

With its trident in hand, the ape was like a fiendcelestial that had just descended upon the human world.

Meanwhile, the five sets of humanoid skeletons were also converging, combining to form a massive bone-saber-wielding skeleton that was comparable in size to the giant ape.

The two colossal creatures stood side by side, one on Han Li's left, and the other on his right.

Almost at the exact same moment, the first mountain came crashing down with devastating might.

Before Han Li had even done anything, the skeleton and giant ape sprang into action at the same time.

The ape drew a sharp inhalation as it raised its trident into the air to try and parry the mountain, while the skeleton raised its two bone sabers at once before slashing them viciously toward the air overhead in a cross slash strike.

Two resounding booms erupted as all types of spiritual light intertwined and exploded. The giant ape and the skeleton were both forced downward, yet they managed to arrest their downward momentum after their weapons struck the mountain overhead, stopping it cold in its tracks.

However, Han Li had just pulled out his Triflame Fan, and there was no joy in his expression upon seeing this.

A few more thunderous booms erupted as a few more mountains descended, stacking on top of the first one.

As such, even the ridiculously powerful skeleton and Weeping Soul Beast were unable to withstand this overwhelming assault any longer. Following three rumbling booms, the massive ape's body shuddered as the huge yellow trident in its hands was shattered into countless pieces.

At the same time, the ape itself shrank drastically amid a ball of black light, reverting back to only around 10 feet tall.

Without the assistance of the massive ape, the skeleton was plunged into an even more dire situation. As the fourth mountain arrived, the twin bone sabers in the skeleton's hands were snapped in half, and four mountains came crashing down mercilessly in a doomsday-like sene.

Even the violent skeleton was struck by a sense of fear at the sight of this insurmountable attack.

Han Li's heart jolted as he raised his Triflame Fan, preparing to lash out with it.

However, right at this moment, a starting sequence of events unfolded.

Following a dull thump, the giant skeleton let loose an almighty roar of rage as they blasted out a torrent of five-colored flames, striking the base of the mountain on the bottom.

A vast expanse of five-colored light exploded, and the speed of the mountains' descent was dramatically slowed to less than a tenth of its original pace.

However, the mountains behind the one the bottom were unaffected by the five-colored flames, and they continued to pile on more pressure. An earthshattering boom erupted as the four mountains crashed into one another, resulting in an enormous explosion of green light that made it appear as if a green sun had risen into the air.

Beneath this immense expanse of green light, five-colored flames were surging relentlessly, as if they were supporting the green sun in the sky.

The combination of the two presented an extremely marvelous spectacle to behold.

Han Li was a little flabbergasted. He knew that the five glacial flames could be combined to conjure up some kind of strange ability, but he didn't know that it would be this astonishingly powerful.

In the distance, Hu Qinglei's expression darkened upon seeing this, and two more mountains plunged themselves into the green light at his behest.

On this occasion, an even more ferocious boom rang out. The spatial fluctuations nearby twisted and warped as the green sun came crashing down with renewed vigor.

In contrast, the five-colored flames shuddered violently before being forced to dissipate into specks of five-colored light.

However, Han Li had already prepared himself for this situation, and the massive skeleton immediately fled as five bursts of greyish-white Qi. The cry of a phoenix then rang out as a three-colored Fire Raven erupted from the Triflame Fan, crashing directly into the descending green sun.

A vast expanse of light exploded once again as the three-colored light slowed the green sun downward momentum this time. However, as the two bursts of light intertwined in the sky, it was quite clear that the three-colored flames were inferior in power, and were forced to descend along with the green sun.

Han Li's eyes flashed as he pointed toward the small azure cauldron overhead.

The green net of threads that was initially protecting transformed into an azure spirit cloud before rushing into the air above.

With the assistance of this azure cloud, the three-colored flames were finally able to keep the green sun at bay.

However, as two more mountains came crashing down into the green light one after another, the green sun was able to slowly re-initiate its descent.

Han Li took a deep breath as he swept his sleeve toward the silver lotus flower before him.

The massive lotus flower swayed before vanishing on the spot. However, in the next instant, seven-colored Buddhist light flashed as the silver lotus flower appeared once again.

Meanwhile, the small green ruler at the center of the lotus flower began to rotate as the lotus flower expanded drastically once again.

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