Chapter 1239: Devil Cliff Mountain

"Is Old Devil Che really planning to enter that spatial node?" This was clearly the first time that Eccentric Wind had been made aware of such news, and he was quite alarmed.

"Indeed. He'll probably take around a century or two to prepare. After all, entering a spatial node is an extremely perilous endeavor, and it's best to be as prepared as possible," Xiang Zhili said in a serious voice.

"That must mean Old Devil Che's lifespan is also about to draw to a conclusion. Otherwise, he would be far more patient and search for a more suitable spatial node." Eccentric Wind heaved a forlorn sigh.

"Old Devil Che refused to elaborate on this matter, but that's most likely the case. Otherwise, a cunning old devil like him certainly wouldn't be so bullish. In all honesty, Old Devil Che isn't the only one for whom time is running out. Our lifespans will also reach their conclusions in the next few centuries." Xiang Zhili's expression fell slightly as he spoke.

"Fellow Daoist Han, we've said everything we can; what is your decision?" Eccentric Wind's expression was also a little wistful as he turned to Han Li.

"I think Senior Martial Brother Xiang is right. I don't have much time to search for spatial nodes on my own, so I'm willing to hand over the information that I have. However, I have one condition; if you really do manage to find a suitable spatial node, I hope you can inform me right away so I can inspect it in advance and make preparations accordingly," Han Li replied in a calm manner.

"That doesn't even count as a condition; we'll be sure to do that even if you hadn't raised the issue! In fact, we may all enter the spatial node together so we can help one another along the way." Xiang Zhili was very pleased to see that Han Li had refrained from stating some kind of outrageous condition.

Han Li nodded before raising a hand, upon which a streak of white light flew forth toward Xiang Zhili. It was a simple white jade slip.

Xiang Zhili's eyes lit up as he accepted the jade slip, and an elated look appeared on his face after he injected his spiritual sense into the jade slip.

"Not only is there a lot of information about spatial nodes, there are even methods enclosed for setting up formations that would assist us in our venture into a spatial node. You've been very generous, Junior Martial Brother Han, so we definitely won't revoke our promise. Here are two Myriad Distance Talismans for you; once we find a spatial node, we'll immediately inform you." Xiang Zhili was overjoyed as he pulled two jade talismans out of his sleeve before tossing them to Han Li.

Han Li caught the two talismans before stowing them away.

Eccentric Wind had been scrutinizing Han Li this entire time, and his cold expression also eased slightly upon seeing Han Li hand over that jade slip.

"By the way, Junior Martial Brother Han, I have something that I have to tell you. With your current power level, normal late-Nascent Soul cultivators will be no match for you, so you'll have to abide by the rules established between us Deity Transformation cultivators now. Don't replicate the incident that took place at the Yin Sifting Sect. Otherwise, we'll be forced to hold you accountable," Xiang Zhili cautioned as he stowed the jade slip away.

"There are rules among Deity Transformation cultivators?" Han Li was rather surprised to hear this.

"It's not an extensive set of rules or anything like that. It's just that Deity Transformation cultivators are far too powerful, and if any one of them decides to give themselves free rein and do whatever they wanted, their actions could result in severe repercussions for the order of the human world. As such, rules were established between Deity Transformation cultivators of the human world a long time ago. After reaching the Deity Transformation Stage, not only is conflict between other beings of the same power level strictly prohibited, Deity Transformation cultivators are also not allowed to take part in any matters in the cultivation world. You killed so many Nascent Soul cultivators from the Yin Sifting Sect, including a great cultivator, and this has already caused unnecessary turmoil to order of the Great Jin. However, you weren't aware of these rules at that point, and nor are you a Deity Transformation cultivator, so we'll let things slide on this occasion, but you're clearly far more powerful than normal great cultivators, so these rules should be applicable to you as well. At the very least, you can't kill so many Nascent Soul cultivators in such a short span of time, nor do something that would severely impact another sect. Of course, these rules are to restrict you, but they’re also for your benefit; from now on, other Deity Transformation cultivations won't be able to attack you as they please, either," Xiang Zhili explained with a smile.

Han Li faltered initially upon hearing this, but a smile quickly appeared on his face. "I'll be happy to abide by these rules seeing as I rarely ever address matters in my sect anyway. As for the incident surrounding the Yin Sifting Sect on this occasion, they deployed cultivators to the Heavenly South Region to hunt me down first, so I decided to retaliate and teach them a lesson." 

"The Yin Sifting Sect incident is behind us now. As long as you don't do something like that again, you won't be held reprehensible. What are you planning to do in the upcoming span of time? If you don't have any urgent matters to attend to, how about accompanying Brother Feng and me to the Devil Cliff Mountain? We can introduce you to Brother Hu in the process. Fellow Daoist Hu has taken a few new concubines recently, and he sent an invitation to me to attend the ceremony. Fellow Daoist Feng, I trust you would've received an invitation as well, right?" Xiang Zhili suddenly changed the subject.

"I have, indeed. Otherwise, why would I appear here? I heard that not only are his three new concubines all early-Nascent Soul cultivators, all of them are also exquisite beauties. Speaking of which, is this the fifth or sixth time that we've been invited to the Devil Cliff Mountain by Old Devil Hu because he's taking new concubines? He sure is an energetic old devil. He already has so many concubines, yet he's still looking for more," Eccentric Wind said with a resigned shake of his head.

"Haha, it's not like you're not aware of this, Brother Feng; Old Devil Hu has always been fond of expanding his harem. Despite the number of concubines he has, he's extremely respectful toward the virtuous maidens who catch his eye. He'll refrain from taking their virginities without consent, and he'll always hold a grand ceremony for them in order to officially establish their new identities as his concubines. He doesn't have an official Dao Companion, either, so these concubines basically share the role of his Dao Companion," Xiang Zhili chuckled.

"Hmph, I couldn't care less whether he continues to expand his harem or not. It's just that every time we're invited to one of these blasted ceremonies, we have to prepare congratulatory presents, but if I don't go, he might take offense to my absence. On top of that, he has extremely high standards and won't accept normal treasures, so I have to offer something of substantial value each time," Eccentric Wind said in a gloomy manner.

"We're only inclined to attend because we seek the spirit medicines growing on his Devil Cliff Mountain. If we're all saints with no desires like Fellow Daoist Bai, then we wouldn't be forced to attend these ceremonies," Xiang Zhili gave a nonchalant smile, seemingly unbothered by this minor inconvenience.

"The two of you are referring to the fellow Daoist in the Heavenly Devil Sect, right? I haven't received an invitation, so wouldn't it be rather inappropriate for me to barge into such an important ceremony? Besides, I haven't prepared a suitable present in advance, either." Han Li was rather hesitant.

"There's no need to trouble yourself with such trivial matters, Junior Martial Brother Han. I'm sure Old Devil Hu won't say anything if I bring a guest to his Devil Cliff Mountain. Besides, you've already presented a fantastic present in the form of the information in the jade slip, and I'm sure Old Devil Hu will be very thankful. If you really want to offer additional presents, then just give him an ancient treasure or two. You're not all that familiar with Old Devil Hu anyway, so it would instead be rather strange if you were to offer something of significant value. Besides, making this trip to the Devil Cliff Mountain will be an opportunity for you, Junior Martial Brother Han. The Demonic Heavenly Origin Pill that's unique to the Devil Cliff Mountain is quite useful when attempting a breakthrough to the Deity Transformation Stage. This pill can only be refined using the spirit medicines growing on the Devil Cliff Mountain, so you won't be able to find it elsewhere. If you can take this opportunity to exchange for a pill or two, it'll be much easier for you to sense the world's origin Qi when attempting a breakthrough," Xiang Zhili said in a meaningful manner.

"The Demonic Heavenly Origin Pill? Is that the Demonic Origin Pill that's been missing since ancient times?" Han Li was quite startled upon hearing the name of this pill.

Xiang Zhi was rather taken aback by the fact that Han Li was aware of this pill, but he still smiled, and said, "Indeed, that's the one. I didn't think that you'd also know of this pill, Junior Martial Brother Han. In that case, I won't need to elaborate on it any further. Would you be willing to make the trip with us now?"

Han Li's expression became rather hesitant and indecisive.

The Misty Lunar Mountain Ranges are situated in the northwestern region of the Great Jin, extending for hundreds of thousands of kilometers along a border between two states. There were countless steep mountains within those mountains ranges, the tallest of which was extended for hundreds of thousands of feet into the air! The top half of that mountain was perpetually enshrouded under a layer of snow all-year-round, while a massive plot of flat land had been cleared out on the mountain's summit, upon which was constructed a series of huge palaces.

There were countless buildings on this plot of land, all of which were extremely beautiful and intricate, and had been refined from rare types of wood or jade.

The entire summit of the mountain was protected by some kind of restriction, such that even though there was a snowstorm perpetually raging outside, the climate within the formation was always warm and pleasant. There were countless types of exotic flora here, and beautiful women in palatial dresses of all colors were playing around between the palaces and building, letting loose peals of tinkling laughter from time to time that could completely entrance the listener. 

This place was like paradise!

This was none other than the Devil Cliff Mountain, and the buildings on the summit of the mountain collectively formed the vastly renowned Devil Palace.

The master of the Devil Palace was none other than one of the few remaining Deity Transformation cultivators in the Great Jin, the grand elder of the Heavenly Devil Sect, Hu Qinglei.

He was a legendary figure who'd forged a resounding reputation for himself as far back as 1,000 years ago, and singlehandedly made the Heavenly Devil Sect the number one Devil Dao sect of the Great Jin. He was currently situated within the largest palace on the mountain summit, preparing a banquet to entertain a group of esteemed guests.

There weren't that many guests present at the banquet; only around seven or eight, but they were seated in two rows.

At the center of the palace stood several tens of lithe and graceful women in palatial dresses, performing a captivating dance.

On the main seat of the palace sat an elderly man with a wooden crown and a set of rather sickly features. He was leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed in a carefree manner.

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