Chapter 1234: Plotting Against the Yin Sifting Sect

That streak of black light was naturally none other than the Devil Essence Dagger!

Even though this dagger was extremely powerful and had exceptional concealment properties, a great cultivator would always be able to sense it at such close quarters.

As such, Han Li used the Spirit Stun Thorn first, forcing the Yin Sifting Sect Master to reflexively withdraw his spiritual sense back into his body as a result of the excruciating pain. The Devil Essence Dagger was then able to take advantage of this opportunity, flying around to behind its target before easily slicing off his head.

It could be said that victory was decided in an instant. Otherwise, even though Han Li was confident in his ability to bring down his opponent, it would take quite a long time and require a lot of effort.

The Yin Sifting Sect Master was overly confident in the suit of armor that he was wearing, and never would he have thought that Han Li would possess a treasure like the Devil Essence Dagger, which could completely disregard devilish Qi. As a result, his armor proved to be completely ineffective, and he was insta-killed on the spot.

Immediately following the Yin Sifting Sect Master's decapitation, Han Li suddenly spread his Thunderstorm wings and disappeared as an arc of azure lightning.

In the next instant, Han Li appeared in the air above the headless body.

However, right at this moment, the headless body suddenly began to expand drastically before exploding violently, sending a burst of blood mist hurtling toward Han Li.

Han Li was given a massive fright and immediately raised both hands at once.

Two thick arcs of golden lightning immediately shot forth amid a resounding thunderclap, splitting up to form a large golden net before retaliating against the crimson mist.

This crimson mist had to be some kind of sinister secret technique that allowed a cultivator to use its body as a weapon, but the Divine Devilbane Lightning just so happened to be able to completely nullify it. As such, as soon as the two clashed, the oncoming cloud of crimson mist was immediately vanquished amid flashes of golden light.

However, a tiny black humanoid figure had taken advantage of this opportunity to flee into the distance.

This miniature humanoid figure was naturally none other than the Yin Sifting Sect Master's Nascent Soul.

It sped to over 300 feet away in the blink of an eye, then began to unleash a teleportation technique. After two flashes in quick succession, it appeared a further several hundred feet away, thereby taking it to over 1,000 feet away from Han Li, and it appeared that it was going to escape.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this before a cold smile appeared on his face. A loud thunderclap suddenly rang out behind him as two thick bolts of azure and white lightning surfaced on both of his wings at the same time. Immediately thereafter, balls of lightning appeared behind him before revolving around his wings.

He flapped his Thunderstorm Wings, and all of the balls of lightning exploded at once, injecting arcs of azure and white lightning into his wings.

Han Li transformed into an arc of lightning and disappeared amid another resounding thunderclap.

In the next instant, he had appeared 300 feet away before abruptly vanishing once again amid another thunderclap. On the next occasion, the arc of lightning appeared several hundred feet away, and it was close to catching up to the fleeing Nascent Soul.

The Yin Sifting Sect Master turned around just in time to witness Han Li unleashing his extraordinary movement technique, and a surge of panic immediately ran through his heart.

He knew that he couldn't afford to conserve his power any longer as he made a hand seal, and his Nascent Soul disappeared as a streak of crimson light, attempting to flee by using his teleportation technique in quick succession.

At this moment, Han Li appeared around 400 feet behind the Nascent Soul, and he harrumphed coldly upon seeing this.

A thin gash appeared on his glabella, following which black light flashed and an inky-black eyeball surfaced.

This was none other than Han Li's Law Destruction Eye.

As soon as the eye appeared, a flash of black light shot forth from within, disappearing into a certain spot in the air.

Immediately thereafter, a loud explosion erupted as the Nascent Soul stumbled out of empty space amid a flash of black light, looking as if its teleportation technique had been forcibly cut off midway.

The Nascent Soul wore a panicked expression of incredulity, as if it were yet to come to terms with the fact that Han Li had a method to foil its teleportation technique.

It gritted its teeth and disappeared again after making a hand seal.

Han Li's brows furrowed as his expression completley darkened. Another burst of black light was blasted out of his Law Destruction Eye, and he flapped his wings as he disappeared as an arc of azure lightning.

As such, when the Nascent Soul was forced to reveal itself again, Han Li was able to appear just over 100 feet away from it.

The Nascent Soul was shocked to see this, and it immediately raised its hands to send several green threads hurtling toward Han Li.

Han Li also raised a hand to summon several fiery threads, which were sent flying through the air. As soon as the threads clashed, the green threads revealed their true forms to be hair-thin green flying needles.

Meanwhile, the Nascent Soul tried to take advantage of this opportunity to flee again.

However, Han Li was already prepared on this occasion. He swept his sleeve through the air in an expressionless manner as he blasted forth an arc of golden lightning, which then disappeared on the spot.

In the next instant, a loud thunderclap erupted up ahead, and the Yin Sifting Sect Master's Nascent Soul let loose a cry of anguish before clasping its hands over its chest. A tiny golden sword that was several inches in length was protruding from its chest, but it didn't seem to have completely punctured the Nascent Soul's body.

However, the arcs of lightning emanating from the tiny sword were well and truly striking the Nascent Soul.

The cultivation art used by this Yin Sifting Sect Master was clearly also a type of ancient devilish art. After the Nascent Soul was struck by the arc of golden lightning, an expression of agony appeared on its face, and it appeared to be on the brink of falling apart.

Han Li's body swayed and he appeared in the air directly above the Nascent Soul. He then rubbed his hands together to produce another thick bolt of golden lightning amid an astonishing burst of rumbling.

"Please wait, Fellow Daoist; I have something to say!" the Nascent Soul cried out as its face turned deathly pale.

"I have no interest in hearing what you have to say." Han Li harrumphed coldly as he raised a hand, following which the golden arc of lightning transformed into a massive golden python before crashing down from above.

The Yin Sifting Sect Master was absolutely horrified. 

However, even though its Nascent Soul had suffered severe wounds, it naturally wasn't going to give up without a fight. As such, spiritual light flashed from its body as it prepared to unleash some kind of secret technique as a final roll of the dice.

However, right at this moment, a clump of azure threads suddenly appeared out of thin air several tens of feet beside it, catching it completely off guard and tightly binding its body.

On the other side of the azure threads, azure light flashed as a tiny cauldron appeared.

It was none other than the Heavenvoid Cauldron!

As soon as the Yin Sifting Sect Master was bound by these azure threads, the magic power within its body congealed, and its heart immediately sank.

The massive golden lightning python was unavoidable, and as the Nascent Soul looked on from down below, its horrified face paled even further.

Just as it closed its eyes to await its inevitable death, a loud explosion suddenly erupted behind it while the Nascent Soul itself remained unscathed.

It opened its eyes with a dumbstruck expression before its heart jolted with surprise.

Han Li had appeared right before it and was inspecting it at close quarters.


The Yin Sifting Sect Master's heart stirred, and he was just about to say something when Han Li flicked several fingers through the air in an expressionless manner. Several streaks of silver light shot forth, all of which disappeared into the Nascent Soul's body.

The Yin Sifting Sect Master's Nascent Soul was completely powerless to resist, and before it could say anything else, it had fallen unconscious.

Han Li flipped over his hand to produce several restriction talismans, which he plastered all over the Nascent Soul's body before pointing a finger toward the tiny cauldron.

A crisp ringing sound immediately erupted from within the Heavenvoid Cauldron as those azure threads were withdrawn, pulling the Nascent Soul into the cauldron.

Han Li's expression finally eased after seeing this, and he turned his attention to the five devils and the three corpses.

At this point, the three devils were still completely trapped by the glacial flames being expelled by the five ghostly heads. The five ghostly heads rushed into the sea of five-colored flames at Han Li's behest before hurtling directly toward the three corpses, which were still moving as slowly as snails.

Han Li smiled as he stowed away all of the treasures in the air, regardless of whether they were his or if they belonged to his enemy. He then waved a hand toward the humanoid puppet before carrying the tiny cauldron as he descended toward a secluded mountain down below.

The humanoid puppet followed along behind him completely expressionlessly.

Just as the five devils were dominating their three opponents, Han Li returned, this time without his Heavenvoid Cauldron.

He looked at the three corpses, which had almost been completely devoured by the five devils, and he waited for the conclusion of their "battle" in silence with a contemplative look on his face.

"Have you really decided to infiltrate the Yin Sifting Sect alone?" The voice of a small child sounded.

"It shouldn't be a very dangerous endeavor. After using my soul search technique on that Nascent Soul, I already know where the most powerful restrictions in the sect are situated. As long as I avoid those, nothing can touch me in the Yin Sifting Sect. There seem to only be five or six elders stationed in the sect while all of the others are out fighting enemies from other powers. This is a good opportunity for me to take care of all of the elders in the sect, then make a move against the elders outside of the sect. Even though I can't ascertain the exact location of the elders outside the sect from the information I derived using the soul search technique, I know roughly where they are, and I'll make sure that the remaining Yin Sifting Sect elders won't get a chance to join forces against me," Han Li replied in a calm manner.

"If that's the case, then I have nothing to say. However, are you only trying to take their banners or do you intend to completely destroy the Yin Sifting Sect?" the small child asked.

Han Li paused for a moment before replying with a cold smile, "It doesn't matter what my intentions are! They'll be losing six or seven Nascent Soul Stage elders on top of their late-Nascent Soul Stage sect master. Do you think they'll still be able to maintain their position as one of the 10 great Devil Dao sects? When that time comes, all of their enemies will destroy them in my stead; I won't need to dirty my hands at all."

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