Chapter 1232: Halfway Interception

Someplace high in the air, an azure light slowly moved forward. Past the faint cover of light was a smiling youth that fiddled with a faint red jade slip in his hand.

This person was Han Li, who just left the Hidden Fortunate Hall not long ago. He held a jade slip in hand that contained the secret technique to refine a compressed miniature space.

“I didn’t expect that something as famous as a miniature space would have such a simple refinement technique. Most of the materials needed for it are also quite simple. If that was the case, refining it should be quite easy,” Han Li muttered to himself as he flew.

“Hehe, you can call that a miniature space? I only see it as a method of creating a fixed teleportation formation to a spatial tear. True compressed spaces are treasures that can be carried on hand and can always be entered as will.” A boy’s voice lazily sounded in Han Li’s ear.

Han Li shook his head. “Although Fellow Daoist’s words are reasonable, it isn’t possible to create such a treasure with the abilities of the mortal world’s cultivators. Even your All-encompassing Pouch and the original Blackwind Flag only possess minor spatial abilities, nothing like the miniature spaces that you speak of.”

The boy replied with a smile, “That is reasonable. To the best of my knowledge, I only know several characters that own a true miniature space, each of them a top-grade existence in the spirit realm. Otherwise, others would’ve seized these treasures from them.

Since you acquired the refinement technique for the compressed space, will you now head to Yin Sifting Sect and acquire the Ghost Sifting Banners? Fellow Daoist, will you boldly face their entire sect?”

“Of course I won’t,” Han Li shook his head, “Even if the Yin Sifting Sect only has one grand cultivator, they are still one of the ten great Devil Dao sects. Who could know what fearsome restrictions they’ve placed inside their sect, or what other killing measures they have in place. The Yin Sifting Sect has an ancient legacy. I don’t plan on risking my life over this.”

“Then you mean...” The boy’s curiosity was piqued.

“Its quite simple, to take out evil, I must first take out their king. After I deal with the Yin Sifting Sect Master, I’ll finish off the rest of the Nascent Soul elders of the sect. Furthermore, we’ve made inquiries about them before. Over these past few years, there are many Devil Dao Sects that have been eyeing their position in the ten great sects. This Yin Sifting Sect Master has also been leaving the sect often. We’ll only need to wait for an opportunity to kill him outside of the Fangmang Mountains. Without a grand cultivator standing guard, the restrictions at the Yin Sifting Sect will be particularly powerful, but that isn’t anything that I’ll have to worry about too much. However, before I take action, I’d best start on other objectives. After all, I’ll have to finish the matter quickly after I start. If a Deity Transformation cultivator finds out to discover me and decides to interfere, it will be greatly troublesome.” Han Li’s voice turned sullen.

The boy smiled, “That is so. The grand cultivators of the mortal realm can’t take actions as they wish. If you intended on destroying such a large sect, I fear one of those fellows won’t be able to sit still.” 

This time, Han Li didn’t reply. He simply wore a cold smile. After he withdrew the jade slip from his hand, his speed increased several times and he disappeared from the nearby skies in the blink of an eye.


Many years passed.

A massacre was occurring in a nameless mountain range bordering the Feng Province and Han County.

It consisted of six black-robed cultivators commanding over a thousand armored refined corpses to surround and kill several tens of differently dressed cultivators.

The armored corpses weren’t weak, and with the addition of the black-robed cultivators commanding them, their corpse Qi soared. In only the time it took to finish a meal, the corpses easily devoured the party of cultivators apart from the most powerful Core Formation cultivators of the group.

These survivors felt that they would soon face their deaths as well.

But at that moment, a shrieking whistle sounded from the distant sky, the sound seemingly capable of spreading through all of the nine heavens. When the cultivators in this battle heard this, they felt their ears ache until they only heard loud ringing.

When the black-robed cultivators heard this, their expressions massively changed. As for the cultivators that were surrounded, joy beamed from their faces.

Spiritual light flashed from the distant, followed by the faint sounds of thunder. An emerald green acre-large cloud streaked over to them. At its incredible speed, it traveled over three hundred meters in the blink of an eye to where the cultivators were fighting.

At that moment, a cold voice sounded from the air. Following a black flash, a vague silhouette strangely warped into view. “I was wondering who thought to personally bring a force to attack my sect. It turned out to be the Blood Bone Sect’s Fellow Daoist Bi!” 

Soon after, this person waved his sleeves in a dance, sweeping flashes of silver light to cut the oncoming green cloud.

“Old Devil Fang!”

A cry of surprise was shouted from the devilish cloud, and it immediately changed direction to flee.

“Humph! Since you’ve arrived at the border of the sect, there is no need for you to leave.” Following an icy snort, the grey light chased after the cloud, the grey light traveling several times faster as its color turned pitch-black.

In a short amount of time, they traveled over a hundred kilometers in their pursuit and they disappeared from the horizon.

When the black-robed cultivators saw this, they regained their calm and commanded the armored corpses to resume their attacks with increased intensity. As for the surrounded cultivators, their hopeful expressions were replaced with despair after they saw what happened. Despite this, they strived their hardest, managing to kill many armored corpses before they were eventually wiped out.

Afterward, the black-robed cultivators released black pouches which absorbed the armored corpses into them. But they didn’t immediately depart. Rather, they whispered among each other as they looked to the distant sky.

After some time passed, the light flashed from the sky and a black streak was flying back in their direction.

The black-robed cultivator immediately stopped talking, they split into two rows, standing at attention.

Black light flashed in front of them to reveal a silhouette wrapped in black Qi.

“We pay our respects to the sect master!” These black-robed cultivators grandly saluted with reverent expression

The silhouette in the black Qi asked, “Have those from the Blood Bone Sect been wiped out?”

A lanky old man took several steps forward and solemnly answered, “Please be at ease, Sect Master. Of the seventy-three Blood Bone Sect members that entered, all are dead. Not one escaped.”

The silhouette coldly said, “The flesh body of that Blood Bone Sect Elder Bi Huo has also been destroyed. Only his Nascent Soul escaped me. After this, I presume that the Blood Bone Sect won’t dare to launch another attack on me. Humph! Were it not for our lacking numbers, I would’ve sent our sect to eliminate them.”

The other black-robed cultivators didn’t dare to speak and simply stood there awaiting further orders.

After muttering to himself for a long while more, the silhouette eventually commanded, “There is nothing else to do here for the time being. First, return to the sect. I have other matters I must deal here with myself. I’ll return later.

“As you command!”

The black-robed cultivators didn’t dare to raise any opposition and all acknowledged his orders. Afterward, they took off in streaks of various-colored light, cleanly departing from the area.

Now, all that remained in the area was the silhouette wrapped in black Qi. He looked in the distance and remained motionless in place.

After an unknown amount of time passed, he eventually said, “Isn’t it about time for you to appear after watching so much? Could it be that you wish for me to force you to appear?”

Once he said that with a hostile tone, he looked around to a nearby area with seemingly no one there.

In a flash of azure light, a youth in azure robes appeared with his hands behind his back. “Oh? It seems you are deserving of your position as the Yin Sifting Sect Master to have discovered me. But why would you reveal me after you sent off your disciples? Could it be you don’t wish to involve them?”

The youth was Han Li. His objective was the silhouette in the black Qi, the Yin Sifting Sect Master Fang.

To tell the truth, to intercept the sect master, he watched over the Fangmang Mountain Range for at least half a year. Now that an opportunity finally arose, he stealthily followed after him.

“It’s you!” When the Sect Master Fang saw Han Li’s face, his body trembled and he fiercely glared at him.

“So it appears Sect Master Fang recognizes me.” Han Li’s face remained indifferent.

“So you’ve managed to enter late-Nascent Soul stage. Did you come here intending on killing me?” The black Qi surrounding the sect master vanished to reveal a man in his late twenties with an extremely pale complexion. A green light faintly glinted from his eyes.

“That’s right. Since I’m here, only one of us will be leaving this place.” Han Li spoke leisurely as if he were only having a chat with a friend.

When the Yin Sifting Sect Master heard Han Li’s words, his expression changed several times, but eventually, green light flashed from his eyes as he raised his head in wild laughter. “Good, very good. Even if you didn’t come seek me out, I eventually planned to hunt you down in the Heavenly South. They say Old Devil Qian and North Night Palace’s Master Arctic Dragon have died by your hand. To tell the truth, I don’t believe those rumors, so your trip here to seek your own death is something I could only wish for. I will be sure to avenge the deaths of my wife and our sect elders.” 

Soon after, his figure spun and black Qi appeared around him. In the blink of an eye, he was completely engulfed and ghostly wails yelled around him. Several tall figures strangely appeared within the Qi.

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