Chapter 1220: Breaking the Formation

“You know me?” Han Li said with a tone of bafflement.

Although he knew many female cultivators, he didn’t know any at Nascent Soul-stage apart from Ling Yuling.

After a long pause, the Nascent Soul eventually spoke with an odd tone, “You’re Han Li? When Heavenvoid Hall opened, I saw you once before. It was later said that you acquired the Heavenvoid Cauldron. I didn’t expect that you could’ve escaped the pursuit from those old eccentrics and reach cultivation of this level.”

When he heard her mention Heavenvoid Hall, he recalled where he heard her voice before. A flash of realization sparked in his mind and he doubtfully asked, “You’re... Lady Wen?” 

“I didn’t expect that you’d remember me.” She let out a long sigh.

When she confirmed her identity, Han Li wore an astonished expression.

This female Nascent Soul belonged to a woman named Lady Wen, who he originally saw at Heavenvoid Hall. Although her cultivation at the time was significant to begin with, she must’ve acquired quite a few medicines in Heavenvoid Hall and made much progress.

He also remembered what relationship she had with Six Paths.

“If I remember correctly, you should’ve been his Dao Companion!”

Lady Wen resentfully snorted and hesitantly asked, “His Dao Companion? Have you ever seen someone seal their Dao Companion’s Nascent Soul in a magic treasure? But more importantly, you truly killed that wretch Six Paths?”

Han Li smiled and wordlessly extended his finger.

After a brief pause, Lady Wen’s eyes followed where he pointed.

Not far away, there was a block of purple ice that sealed a ruined corpse. It originally belonged to Archsaint Six Paths.

Then, the azure hand holding down Lady Wen wildly flickered before disappearing without a trace.

Lady Wen’s Nascent Soul was now freed.

With her freedom restored, Lady Wen quickly shot forward and flew several circles around the corpse before letting out a frigid laugh to the sky, “It really is that old wretch! As scheming as you are, I didn’t expect that you would die first!”

Han Li frowned. Although he didn’t know what happened for Six Paths and Lady Wen to fall out, he had no interest in hearing about it. Soon after, he began to consider what he should do next.

The Nascent Soul’s laughter eventually came to a stop and she looked over to find Han Li wearing a pensive expression. “There is no need for Fellow Daoist Han to trouble himself. I’ve been kept inside that magic treasure for such a long period of time that I’ve weakened to the point where I can no longer possess a body.

My Nascent Soul will have to immediately dissipate for a chance of reincarnation. I am truly grateful that Fellow Daoist Han managed to eliminate my enemy, but with my current abilities, I have no way to compensate you. I can only hope to repay you in my next life.”

With that said, she abruptly slapped the top of her head.

A blinding red light shined and covered the Nascent Soul entirely. Gradually, the Nascent Soul scattered inch by inch before hl until it was no more.

Han Li was shocked.

He didn’t think that Lady Wen would be so decisive that she would end herself without speaking another word to him. Was what happened so disastrous that she would keep this secret to the grave? But even if she didn’t want to tell him what happened, he could fancy a guess. 

Although he was somewhat gloomy over what happened, it was better things ended this way. It would’ve been troublesome to figure out what to do with her.

Han Li shook his head and sighed. He raised his hand and summoned the green bottle back into his grasp before placing it into his storage pouch.

Then, he released an arc of golden lightning from his hand and pulverized the purple ice and the rest of Six Paths’ corpse, turning it into nothing more than shining specks.

As for his storage pouch, Han Li simply took it into his possession.

He quickly swept over its contents and found that most of them didn’t catch his attention at his current level, despite many treasures being amongst them. But there were a few slips detailing Devil Dao techniques that piqued his interest. It is a pity that he didn’t have the time to look at them.

With all that done, Han Li beckoned to his puppet and directly head over to the bone banner. The puppet blurred and strangely disappeared.

When he arrived at the bone banner, the five ghost heads cleanly devoured the skulls and had nearly devoured the entirety of the banner itself.

When Han Li arrived in front of it, he shook his head.

Although the bone banner was somewhat famous, it possessed too much fiendish Qi and wasn’t suitable for him. As such, he made no attempt to stop them.

A short moment later, the cinque devils finally finished destroying the banner and they let out odd screams as if in an expression of joy. The devil Qi they emitted seemed to be more concentrated than before.

When Han Li saw this, his expression remained unchanged. He waited until their laughs finished before commanding them with a single hand.

Although the cinque devils were somewhat unwilling, they didn’t dare to disobey and obediently arrived at Han Li’s side, having experienced the pain from Han Li’s restrictions several times before. 

Rather than withdrawing them, he calmly flew back in the direction of Heavenly Star City and had the cinque devils closely follow after him.

The battle between him and the old devil didn’t last very long. Victory was achieved in only the time it took to finish a meal.

If the city fell in that amount of time, Han Li would simply turn around and leave without care for anything else.

It would simply illustrate that the city wasn’t worthy of his help! 

Fortunately, this matter didn’t come to pass. 

By the time Han Li let the Cinque Devils back to the Heavenly Windfire Formation’s core, the vast battle between the Star Palace and the Starfall Coalition was still being fought with great intensity.

Truthfully, it appeared the Starfall Coalition had somewhat of an upper hand.

This was because the Twin Lan Devils were truly formidable. As the blue devilish Qi and the pink fragrant mist spread forward, it pushed back the Star Palace cultivators. The two original elders of the Starfall Coalition were clearly superior to Old Man Zhao and the large purple-robed man. They could barely hold them back, let alone deal with the Lan Devils.

The lower-grade cultivators, on the other hand, would be immediately shredded to mist upon contact with the blue Qi, or fall as if drunk upon touching the pink mist.

As a result, the Lan Devils wreaked havoc unchecked.

In such turbulent fighting, Han Li’s silent return hadn’t caught anybody’s attention.

Han Li first swept his gaze at the huge windfire pillar and then glanced at the eye-catching display of the Twin Lan Devils. He sneered and wore a fierce expression on his face.

He wordlessly pointed at the Lan Devils. The cinque devils at his side let out a series of low roars and soon charged towards them in five grey streaks.

Then, Han Li slapped a spirit beast pouch at his waist and produced a ball of golden insects above him.

Han Li raised his hand and let out a soft yell. The insect swarm loudly buzzed and with a bang, turned into a dozen smaller clouds before dispersing.

After Han Li was done with that, he waved the wings on his back and disappeared in a gust of wind.

Although the Nascent Soul cultivators of the Starfall Coalition were fighting away from the formation core, there were still several Core Formation stage cultivators standing on guard above it.

This was to prevent the Star Palace from destroying the formation core in a surprise attack.

The guards whispered to each other on top of the pillar and they couldn't help but reveal their delight upon seeing that the Starfall Coalition held the slight advantage in the battle.

One of them turned around to speak to another cultivator, but then they saw something that made his complexion bloodlessly pale.

When the other guards saw this, they turned around in fright and immediately let out frightened shouts.

Thirty meters in the air behind them, there was a youth silently floating there. He had his arms crossed and he wore a mysterious smile.

This youth was the same grand cultivator that left the battle with their alliance leader. How could he be here?

These Core Formation cultivators suddenly felt an icy chill down their backs. Before these cultivators could even think of running or calling out for help, Han Li’s expression suddenly sank and he flicked his hand several times from within his sleeve.

Suddenly, golden sword streaks shot towards them.

The many Core Formation cultivators trembled in fright, each moving to flee away.

But several flashes later, the sword streaks flew past them and the guards fell down, all of their bodies riddled with holes.

There were a few that managed to summon their magic treasures, but they promptly exploded and their owners fell without resistance.

The sword Qi Han Li produced from the Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were incredibly sharp, rivaling the power of even a top-grade magic treasure. Even Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn’t dare to casually receive them, let alone trifling Core Formation cultivators.

In a single breath, the Core Formation cultivators were extinguished. He retained a calm expression and indifferently looked at the giant pillar before him. Then with a wave of his sleeve, a clear sound rang.

Several small golden swords flew out from his sleeve like a school of fish and swelled to the size of a meter before fusing together.

In flourishing golden radiance, a ten-meter-long golden sword appeared above the pillar.

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