Chapter 1192: Consecutive Heavenly Lightning

A thunderous boom erupted as an arc of lightning descended from the dark cloud like a gargantuan sword, directly striking the apex of the demonic hurricane.

Silver light flashed, and the greyish-white hurricane tremored violently before it was sliced apart down the middle.

The lightning and the hurricane disappeared in unison, and the demon beast's figure was revealed again.

At this moment, it had coiled its body up into a ball, and its appearance was also slightly different from before as it had grown a pair of purple fleshy wings and muscular green arms on the sides of the body.

Han Li stared at it for a long while, but was still unable to draw any connection with this beast and any of the legendary heavenly spirit beasts.

The Endless Sky Beast looked up at the thick bolts of lightning in the sky as it gently flapped its new purple wings. With each and every flap of its wings, a ball of demonic Qi would appear around it, and its body was completely enshrouded within grey Qi in the blink of an eye.

The bolts of lightning in the sky seemed to have finally reached a point where there was no going back, and arcs of lightning that were each over a foot in size descended from above amid deafening thunderclaps. The lightning fell in dense waves, enshrouding the entire area in a radius of over five kilometers. Even the spectating Han Li wasn't exempt from the scope of the lightning strikes.

Han Li exhaled lightly as he made a hand seal. A dull thunderclap erupted as a golden net of lightning appeared. The net then expanded drastically, transforming into a massive golden net that shielded Han Li's entire body beneath it.

An arc of lightning struck the golden next from above, upon which golden and silver light flashed before instantly vanishing. In the aftermath of that lightning strike, the golden net tremored gently, but remained completely unscathed.

Han Li paid no heed to this as he continued to look up at the ball of greyish white demonic Qi through narrowed eyes.

Even though he had been swept up in the scope of the lightning strike, the majority of the lightning arcs were still crashing down toward the Han Li. The demon beast was at the very center of the blast area, and the bolts of lightning striking down upon it was many times that of the lightning that Han Li had to deal with.

With Han Li's spirit eyes, he was able to see that the cloud of greyish-white Qi had been completely inundated by silver light. The arcs of lightning were falling like rain, and there was simply no way to evade them.

Han Li's face remained expressionless, but he was quite surprised internally.

He had witnessed a metamorphosis stage lightning tribulation once before in the Scattered Star Seas, which was when that demonic tortoise that he had slain was transcending its tribulation. However, the commotion from that tribulation couldn't even compare to this one and at the time, the demonic tortoise had already reached the final stages of its tribulation transcendence, whereas the Endless Sky Beast was only just getting started. It was difficult to imagine just how insane this tribulation would become in its final stages.

Could it be that different demon beasts were afflicted by completely different levels of lightning tribulations?

When Han Li thought about the subject, he realized that there really weren't many books or tomes in the human world that described demon beast tribulations. On the rare instances that this topic was mentioned, the descriptions were always very brief and revealed very little information. Metamorphosis stage lightning tribulations were exclusive to demon beasts and had nothing to do with human cultivators, so it was no surprise that there were barely any records on the subject.

Even if there were human cultivators who were curious about this topic, it was an extremely rare opportunity to be able to witness the tribulation transcendence of a high-grade demon beast. After all, demon beasts were in their most feeble state right after their tribulation transcendence, so there was no way that they would allow a human cultivator to spectate from nearby.

Even though Han Li was rather perplexed, but he didn't think much of this matter. After all, at his current power level, this lightning tribulation wasn't a big deal to him.

Following a sustained assault from the arcs of lightning for a short period of time, the thunderclaps in the sky temporarily subsided.

Han Li looked on from below to find that the greyish-white demonic Qi within the formation was already in tatters, and only an extremely thin layer of it remained. The Endless Sky Beast took advantage of this temporary respite to make a series of hand seals as its fleshy wings flapped rapidly. At the same time, it opened its massive mouth and also blasted forth bursts of grey demonic Qi.

Thus, a ball of demonic Qi that was several times denser than the one before took shape in the blink of an eye, encapsulating the demon beast within again.

The Endless Sky Beast's expression remained quite calm and it wasn't flustered in the slightest, appearing as if it had already anticipated the ferocity of this lightning tribulation.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this.

It appeared that the demon beast would be able to withstand the earlier stages of the lightning tribulation, so he wouldn't have to step in anytime soon.

However, the opportunity that it had disclosed to him earlier was quite important, so he had to focus and make sure he didn't miss out on it.

With that in mind, Han Li patted the storage pouch hanging from his waist, and several treasures of different colors immediately shot forth, landing on the ground before Han Li in a single horizontal line.

The treasures consisted of a yellow gourd, a pristine white bowl, and an azure jade vial, all of which were container treasures.

At this moment, loud thunderclaps erupted in the air again as the second wave of lightning came crashing down from above.

On this occasion, the wave of lightning was clearly far denser than the last wave, and the individual arcs of lightning were also a lot larger, thereby creating an even more formidable sight to behold.

After summoning those container treasures from his storage pouch, Han Li no longer paid any heed to the Endless Sky Beast. Instead, he sat down with his legs folded and his eyes closed, seemingly priming himself for an important upcoming task.

Two hours passed, and the Endless Sky Beast endured six successive waves of lightning strikes, each of which was more fearsome than the previous wave. When the third wave arrived, the arcs of lightning had grown to five feet in size, and were cascading down like a silver river of light. Even the restriction that Han Li had set up earlier had been damaged in many places by that wave of lightning.

In contrast, the net materialized from Han Li's Divine Devilbane Lightning remained completely unscathed, and shielded him securely within.

Meanwhile, the Endless Sky Beast was unable to withstand the assault commencing from the fourth wave of lightning strikes, and it was forced to unleash another technique to further expand its body, taking it to over 100 feet in size.

The demonic Qi erupting from its mouth had also changed from its original greyish-white color into a silvery-white hue that was similar to the color of the lightning.

What was peculiar about this demonic Qi was that as it came into contact with the lightning crashing down from above, the sound of clashing metal rang out. Most of the arcs of lightning were repelled as a result of the clashes, so the demonic Qi only had to withstand less than half of the lightning being directed toward it.

Han Li was originally sitting down on the ground below with his eyes closed, yet even he couldn't help but open his eyes and look on in surprise 

Only then did he discover that this silvery-white demonic Qi was shimmering with a piercing light and was giving off an extremely frosty appearance.

Hmm? That seems to have something to do with the Glacial Quintessence I gave it. Could it be that it's already refined the Glacial Quintessence in such a short time? Han Li thought to himself.

After expelling this peculiar demonic Qi, the pressure on the Endless Sky Beast was eased significantly, and it was able to withstand another wave of lightning strikes.

However, as soon as the seventh wave of lightning strikes commenced, the demon beast's expression became extremely grave and tense.

The dark clouds in the sky also began to surge and roared violently, and all of the massive nets of lightning in the sky began to plummet in unison. All of a sudden, the entire sky was illuminated by silver light, and the deafening thunderclaps drowned out all sounds in the surrounding area.

It was as if there was nothing else in this world aside from the dazzling arcs of silver lightning.

Right at this moment, the Endless Sky Beast transmitted his voice to Han Li. "Fellow Daoist Han, the lightning tribulation in the human world seems to be more powerful than I expected; I'm only going to be able to withstand two more waves of lightning strikes on my own, so I'll need your help to transcend the final three waves."

"Don't worry, Fellow Daoist Endless Sky, I'll lend you my assistance when the time comes."

"Thank you, Fellow Daoist Han, I won't forget what you've done for me." The Endless Sky Beast was very relieved to hear Han Li's promise.

After all, with a great cultivator assisting it, it should be able to transcend this lightning tribulation no matter how powerful it was.

The silver nets of lightning enshrouded the demon beast down below one after the other, and countless arcs of lightning erupted from the nets in unison, striking at the silver demonic Qi with all their might. Even though most of the lightning had been repelled by the demonic Qi, the remaining arcs that snuck through were still an astonishing number of lightning arcs that managed to sneak through.

The silver demonic Qi was being whittled down by the arcs of lighting at a rate that was perceptible to the naked eye and following the seventh wave of lightning strikes, half of it had been eradicated.

However, there seemed to be no end to this demonic Qi as the Endless Sky Beast merely blasted more silvery-white demonic Qi out of its mouth following the conclusion of the seventh wave.

At this moment, the eighth wave of lightning strikes arrived.

Nets of lightning that were twice the size of the ones in the seventh wave began to descend with devastating force.

Earthshattering booms erupted, and the surface of the demonic Qi was immediately tinged golden as the surrounding earth began to tremor.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly at the sight of such fearsome lightning, but his expression quickly reverted back normal.

However, he slowly stood up and began to survey the sky as if he were looking for something.

All of a sudden, Han Li's expression changed as he abruptly lowered his head. He cast his gaze toward a certain spot in the distance, and a peculiar look appeared in his eyes.

"That's interesting; I didn't think such a creature existed in the Heavenly South Region," Han Li murmured to himself before abruptly flicking his 10 fingers toward the ground in quick succession. Ten thin red threads short forth before disappearing into the ground in a flash.

Han Li looked down at the ground below him, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

All of a sudden, the earth tremored violently, and a bloodcurdling howl erupted as large clumps of soil exploded into the sky.

Within the yellow soil and sand, a gargantuan creature emerged from the ground. The upper half of its massive body had been bound by a thin thread that was emanating crimson flames. The thread had wound itself around its body seven or eight times, charring its skin and making it howl with agony.

Han Li was able to take this opportunity to catch a clear glimpse of this creature's appearance.

It was a huge yellow creature that appeared to be a gargantuan worm, yet there were countless fleshy feelers of different sizes growing all over the upper half of its body, all of which were thrashing about violently. However, its most eye-catching feature was the massive golden horn on its head, which was shimmering with a dazzling light.

What was even more astonishing was that when the nets of lightning in the sky descended and landed near this creature, the horn on its head would flash erratically, and all of the lightning would be sucked toward the horn before disappearing into it.

"It's a Narwhal Worm! But how could it be so big? And if I recall correctly, the horns of these demon beasts should be white in color." A perplexed look appeared in Han Li's eyes as he looked at the enraged colossus before him.

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