Chapter 1124: Battle for the Teleportation Formation

Han Li's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. A loud thunderclap erupted from behind him, upon which he disappeared as an arc of lightning.

On the other side, green light flashed in front of the teleportation formation that was being attacked and a murky green woman appeared; it was none other than the Infernal Ghost Mother.

In the face of the surging sword Qi and glacial Qi, the Infernal Ghost Mother cackled before launching her palms toward the oncoming attacks. She did so in an extremely gentle manner, as if she were merely absentmindedly pressing her hands against the air rather than offering up any retaliation.

The five bursts of sword Qi abruptly shattered and crumbled before disappearing into nothingness around 10 feet away.

As for the glacial Qi descending from above, it seemed to have been impeded by some type of invisible force before being swept backward, forcing the four-winged centipede into a frenzied defense.

Right at this moment, silver light flashed as Han Li appeared within the smaller teleportation formation. He immediately raised a hand without any hesitation to launch a Celestial Technique into the edge of the formation, then made a hand seal as he quickly chanted something in a low voice.

Almost at the exact same moment, a humanoid figure appeared from behind him as the humanoid puppet unleashed countless flaming arrows with its red bow, which came raining down on the silver-robed woman like a torrential storm.

Meanwhile, a crimson light suddenly flashed in the eye sockets of skeleton, which was attacking the small child with all its might, and it suddenly reverted back into five ghostly heads without any warning. Those five ghostly heads then tumbled through the air and disappeared in unison.

In the next instant, five bursts of grey-white Qi appeared above Han Li's head before transforming into five ghostly heads once again.

They had been forcibly summoned back by Han Li.

At this moment, white light began to flash from the entire formation. Han Li stood at the center of the formation, staring intently at the silver-robed woman with a grave look on his face.

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

Han Li's actions had clearly taken both the palace master and the silver-robed woman by surprise. 

The palace master's expression changed drastically as she hurtled through the air as a streak of silver light. At the same time, she let loose a loud cry, "Destroy the formation; don't let him get away!"

Even though she wasn't making it very specific whom she was referring to, it was quite clear that she was directing her words toward Han Li.

After all, regardless of whether Han Li had actually killed the North Night Palace cultivators in the Profound Jade Cave, the palace master required his assistance in this battle. If he were to leave, even with the help of the Infernal Ghost Mother, she wouldn't be able to take on these two powerful demon beasts at once.

Upon hearing this, the Infernal Ghost Mother cackled as she opened her mouth before swooping down toward the teleportation formation, seemingly preparing to unleash some kind of attack.

However, right at this moment, Han Li suddenly raised an arm and a green wooden ruler appeared in his hand. A silver lotus then began to blossom as seven-colored Buddhist light surged toward her.

"That's a Buddhist!"

The Infernal Ghost Mother's confident expression gave way to one of horror as she let loose a sharp scream. Her body then disappeared on the spot as a flash of green light as if she were a cat that had just had its tail trodden on.

At this moment, white light was glowing from the entire formation.

The palace master was flying toward the formation as quickly as she could, but she clearly wasn't going to be able to get there in time.

A hint of elation appeared on Han Li's face, but his expression soon changed drastically as he caught sight of the silver-robed woman tearing open a spatial rift before disappearing on the spot.

Han Li's heart sank upon seeing this, but he was prepared well in advance and countless golden swords shot forth from his body, making him appear as if he were a golden hedgehog. If that tenth grade Ice Phoenix dared to appear near the formation, she would definitely have to contend with these swords first, thereby rendering her unable to prevent Han Li from getting away.

However, much to his surprise, the silver-robed woman didn't appear close to the formation he was situated in. Instead, she appeared in the air above the larger teleportation formation over 200 feet away.

A cold smile appeared on her face as piercing white light emanated from her body. At the same time, she feigned a grabbing motion toward Han Li from afar.

A burst of spatial fluctuations appeared above Han Li's head, following which a massive transparent curtain of light surfaced before slowly descending toward him.

Han Li's expression darkened as he unleashed his spiritual sense.

All of the golden sword Qi on his body changed direction in unison and flew toward the air up above. Thus, blinding golden light instantly flashed in the air above as the sword Qi intertwined with one another.

However, a peculiar scene then ensued.

As the golden sword Qi struck the transparent film of light, they passed right through as if they had struck nothing more than an illusion.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this and he immediately tried to use his Eight Spirit Ruler to ward off this film of light.

In the distance, the silver-robed woman's face paled as she brought her five fingers together before slowly pulling her hand toward her, as if she were trying to drag an extremely heavy object her way.

The film of light in the air immediately disappeared, but it appeared right in front of Han Li in the next instant, encompassing the entire teleportation formation within.

A sense of foreboding welled up in Han Li's heart, yet before he had a chance to react, he heard a ringing sound as the white light around him began to flash wildly.

In the next instant, Han Li disappeared from the teleportation formation. The Unbroken Cinque Devils and the humanoid puppet also vanished along with him.

The entire teleportation formation was suddenly empty and the white light was naturally also snuffed out.

The palace master's heart sank upon seeing this. She stopped cold in her tracks before turning to the silver-robed woman with an expression of shock and wariness, trying to figure out what was happening.

However, the silver-robed woman was still dragging something toward her. Her cheeks were heavily flushed and white light was flashing wildly over her body, clearly indicating that she was expending a lot of effort.

Upon seeing this, the palace master no longer hesitated. She raised a hand and around a dozen or so streaks of silver light flashed through the air, transforming into a series of extremely sharp silver nails that hurtled straight toward the silver-robed woman. 

The Ice Phoenix was greatly enraged upon seeing this. She had forced her body beyond its limits to unleash that secret technique. Even with her inherent spatial aptitude, that was still a secret technique that she should have only been able to unleash after reaching the Deity Transformation Stage. However, Han Li was about to get away and in her moment of urgency, she forcibly unleashed the technique.

Now that the palace master was launching an attack against her, there was no way for her to maintain the technique while defending herself, so she could only release what she was pulling and swing it into the ground below her.

A resounding boom erupted amid a flash of white light. Han Li, the puppet, and the Unbroken Cinque Devils appeared in the large teleportation formation, while the white light was snuffed out in a flash.

Han Li's body swayed slightly, seemingly still recovering from the dizziness brought on by spatial teleportation.

However, the silver-robed woman had already unleashed a shimmering blue robe to ward off the silver nails before whipping both of her sleeves downward. All of a sudden, translucent flying swords came surging forth in a frenzy, seemingly with no end to their vast numbers, encompassing Han Li's entire body and leaving him with no avenue for escape or retreat.

Han Li steadied himself before raising his head and opening his mouth, upon which an antiquated little cauldron emerged from within.

The cauldron spun in the air before countless thin azure threads flew forth from its surface, intertwining with one another to form a massive net that shielded Han Li below. At the same time, the ghostly heads that were the Unbroken Cinque Devils began to screech incessantly, blasting grey-white devil Qi out of their mouths. They broke through the white light and rose into the air while the humanoid puppet also disappeared.

At this moment, the small child had been freed from his battle against the five devils and unleashed his Myriad Demon Flag again. The flag swelled drastically in size once again as demonic Qi tumbled in the air around it. A series of pitch-black demon beast projections were being manifested by the flag, and they appeared to be close to taking on a substantial form.

However, Han Li paid this no heed as he spread open his Thunderstorm Wings again, attempting to rush back to the small teleportation formation.

Even though he had missed the best opportunity to teleport away from this place, he still had to gain control over the teleportation formation in order to prevent it from being destroyed by others.

However, just as Han Li thought that he would have to engage in a battle with the two demon beasts as well as the North Night Palace cultivators again, an unexpected turn of events suddenly struck.

The Heavenvoid Cauldron that was blasting out countless strands of azure thread suddenly shuddered violently, despite no instructions from Han Li for it to do so. Immediately thereafter, it began to emanate scintillating azure light, following which Han Li immediately lost his spiritual connection with the cauldron. The azure threads that were meant to ward off the swords descended from above suddenly disappeared into the large teleportation formation that Han Li was standing in.

A loud rumbling boom then erupted from the large teleportation formation as azure spiritual light shimmered over the entire formation. A film of azure light also appeared, encompassing Han Li and the Unbroken Cinque Devils within.

"That's the Heavenvoid Cauldron!" An incredulous look appeared on the palace master's face as she immediately diverted her attention away from the silver-robed woman. She turned to the teleportation formation that Han Li was standing in and flicked her all ten fingers at it in a frenzy, as if she had lost her sanity.

Ten streaks of piercing silver light instantly shot forth.

The silver-robed woman above the teleportation formation was also extremely shocked to see this. She didn't know where the teleportation formation was going to take Han Li, but she naturally didn't want to let him get away.

Thus, all of the countless translucent swords in the air came crashing down from above at her behest. 

However, the azure film of light enshrouding the teleportation formation was seemingly indestructible; the ten silver streaks of light and hundreds of translucent swords came crashing down upon it, but didn't even create so much as a ripple on its surface.

The palace master and silver-robed woman were both flabbergasted upon seeing this.

Not only them, but even Han Li himself was stunned, particularly after he tried and failed to slice open the azure film of light with his golden flying swords.

After searching Master Arctic Dragon's Nascent Soul, if his memory served him correct, then the teleportation formation he was situated in was an ancient one-way teleportation formation that had been always been in disuse.

He didn't know where this formation led to and nor did he know how to activate it. However, seeing as it was a one-way teleportation formation, Han Li naturally wasn't willing to take the risk. If he were teleported to a lethal region like the Umbra Realm, he would be in deep trouble.

As such, he tried to break free from the azure film of light with all his might upon arriving at the realization that he had been trapped in the teleportation formation. Seeing as the flying swords had failed, Han Li gritted his teeth as a ball of three-colored light appeared in his hand, quickly revealing itself to be a feather fan.

He was going to use the Triflame Fan to attack this film of light.

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