Chapter 1108: Using the Puppet to Vanquish the Enemy

This person was naturally none other than Han Li, who had appeared behind her using his lightning movement technique.

He used the humanoid puppet to draw Bai Mengxin's attention while he approached his opponent.

However, Bai Mengxin had been on high alert for a surprise attack from Han Li this entire time and as soon as he appeared behind her, she was able to react as she gripped the air toward him without even turning around.

A massive, glittering and translucent crystalline hand immediately appeared outside the ice mountain before closing in on Han Li.

She wasn't naive enough to believe that this attack would actually be able to defeat her enemy; she was merely using it to slow down Han Li and buy time for herself.

However, Han Li paid the massive hand no heed at all. He whipped out his sleeves expressionlessly, and a projectile shot forth from within, slicing the hand in half in the blink of an eye.

Han Li was able to crash into the ice mountain without any delay as the purple flames all over his body abruptly multiplied in quantity.

An incredible scene ensued!

Han Li's body only faltered slightly before passing through the ice mountain as if there were nothing there. His body flashed through the air a few time and he was able to somehow pass through the ice mountain, appearing right before Bai Mengxin and Master Artic Dragon.

During his blitzkrieg assault, he had left a hole in the ice that was roughly 10 feet in diameter.

It appeared that even though the Purple Apex Flames had never been refined, it was still vastly more powerful than Bai Mengxin's glacial flames and it allowed him to bypass her defenses with ease.

All of a sudden, he had appeared right in front of the spherical barrier of silver threads.

An urgent expression appeared on Bai Mengxin's face as she made a hand seal while yelling the word "withdraw"!

Brilliant light erupted from the barrier of threads as all of its constituent threads contracted toward the center, forming a massive silver ball without any openings in front of Han Li.

Han Li was slightly taken aback upon seeing this, but he then chuckled coldly as three-colored light radiated from his hand. He twirled his feather fan, which then expanded at a drastic rate, transforming into a massive fan over 10 feet in size. At the same time, he swatted the fan gently through the air toward the silver ball. 

A pillar of three-colored flames came hurtling forth amid a spluttering sound. Golden, silver, and red symbols were intermingled and flashed within the flames as they struck the silver ball.

Han Li didn't know what kind of treasure this silver ball was but in the face of the spirit treasure replica that was the Triflame Fan, it emitted a loud ringing sound as well as a dazzling silver light that crashed into the three-colored flames, managing to temporarily keep them at bay.

It was immediately apparent that the silver ball was struggling to cope with the three-colored flames, but it also managed to stay resolute for now, as opposed to being instantly punctured or melted. 

Han Li's brows furrowed upon seeing this, but they quickly relaxed.

He had only injected a small amount of magic power into the Triflame Fan, unleashing an attack that was only roughly 10% of what it was normally capable of. Thus, he was a little taken aback by this result, but not overly surprised.

Almost at the exact same moment, Han Li raised the jade vial in his other hand, which he had prepared well in advance, and instantly poured a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk into it.

He then injected his magic power into the fan without any reservation.

The Triflame Fan tremored as it let loose a pleasing cry. A three-colored bird of fire emerged from the fan in a leisurely fashion before flying along the pillar of flames toward the silver ball.

Meanwhile, Han Li spread open his Thunderstorm Wings again and disappeared from the spot amid a clap of thunder, virtually at the exact same moment that a burst of brilliant three-colored light exploded.

In the next instant, a silver arc appeared over 300 feet away, within which Han Li's body re-emerged.

He turned toward the spot that he had previously been located to find that the ice mountain had been completely inundated under three-colored light. Furthermore, it was melting at a rapid rate and was quickly reduced to nothingness. As for the silver ball, due to the fact that it was situated right at the center of the explosion of light, it had been instantly destroyed by the devastating explosive force.

However, Han Li did not express any pleasure upon seeing this. Instead, his pupils contracted and his fingers tightened around his Triflame Fan.

This was because after the silver ball had disappeared, a blue ice wyrm several tens of feet had appeared in its place. The scales on the front half of the wyrm's body were translucent, but the lower half of its body was covered in some sort of viscous blue liquid while its tail was protruding out of a small cauldron. It appeared that this spirit beast had been released from this cauldron.

The small cauldron was hovering in front of Master Arctic Dragon, and it was none other than a second Celestial Blue Cauldron!

Furthermore, it was shielding Bai Mengxin and Master Arctic Dragon within it. Even though most of the blue wyrm's body was also melted into nothingness in the blink of an eye, the power within the three-colored light had also been completely exhausted.

Thanks to the wyrm's glacial power, Master Arctic Dragon had managed to remain completely unscathed in the face of the Triflame Fan's devastating might.

"So this is that fire-attribute spirit fan? As expected of a spirit treasure replica; it is indeed very powerful. Just its offensive might alone places it above my Celestial Blue Cauldron," Master Arctic Dragon remarked in an indifferent voice. He then suddenly opened his mouth to spit out a ball of blue flames, which immediately found its way onto what remained of the blue wyrm's body.

The blue flames revolved incessantly over the wyrm's body while the latter released a long cry. Its ruined body was instantly regenerated by the blue flames, upon which it turned to appraise Han Li with a vicious expression in its green eyes.

A peculiar expression intermingled with a deriding sneer appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this. Before Master Arctic Dragon had even figured out what was happening, a green silhouette suddenly emerged in the air behind him before pouncing toward him.

A hand pierced through the air directly toward Master Arctic Dragon's back like a shiny silver blade, while the other hand produced a small silver shield which instantly transformed into a silver curtain of light that came crashing down toward Bai Mengxin's head.

The green puppet had unleashed these attacks completely soundlessly, as if it were merely a gentle breeze blowing by. As a result, neither of its targets were able to sense its approach.

It was able to use the distraction created by the fiery clouds and Han Li's attacks to sneak up on its prey.

Bai Mengxin had clearly been caught completely off guard and only after being completely trapped in the curtain of silver light did a panicked expression appear on her face. She hurriedly conjured up a layer of white ice flames all over her body, which instantly transformed into countless fireballs roughly the size of fists before hurtling toward the silver curtain of light around her.

A series of loud booms erupted within the curtain of light!

However, the curtain of light transitioned between an extremely thick form and a smooth mirror-like form, thus either nullifying the white fireballs or reflecting them back at Bai Mengxin.

She was clearly unable to escape from her predicament in the short term!

As a man who was close to becoming a Deity Transformation cultivator, Master Arctic Dragon was clearly far more equipped to defend himself than Bai Mengxin was. As such, as soon as the humanoid puppet appeared, he was able to detect it with his powerful spiritual sense.

His heart jolted with shock and there as no time for him to manipulate the blue wyrm to combat the enemy, so he could activate a suit of shiny golden armor over his body.

At the same time, he tried to evade the humanoid puppet's lightning-fast attack. However, the puppet was moving extremely quickly and shadowed Master Arctic Dragon's movements. The latter was still making hand seals, so his speed of movement was naturally hampered as a result.

Thus, a dull thump erupted as the shiny silver palm struck his shoulder, sending bright silver light cascading in all directions.

The humanoid puppet was refined predominantly from Tailsilver with a few other rare ingredients thrown into the mix. As such, the might of its palm was definitely not inferior to that of a normal flying sword treasure. However, its attack was only able to trigger a series of ripples on the surface of the golden armor before being deflected away.

Despite that, the immense force behind its hand still forced the late-Nascent Soul cultivator to stumble back in retreat.

However, Master Arctic Dragon was actually quite relieved by this development. He attempted to terminate his hand seals so he could spare his magic power and use it to combat his enemy. Even though the process wasn't yet complete, he had already gained control over more than half of the cold Qi in the cave, which should have been enough to eradicate his enemy.

As he began to employ this change in tactics, the humanoid puppet's other hand lashed out like lightning and struck his other shoulder, only to be kept at bay by the golden armor again. Master Arctic Dragon faltered slightly and was wondering why his assailant would do this, when brilliant silver light suddenly erupted from the puppet's hands. The light transformed into two extremely sharp silver hooks which were hooked onto Master Arctic Dragon's shoulders.

Even though the golden armor was protecting him, Master Arctic Dragon's mobility was still hampered by those hooks.

Almost at the exact same moment, spiritual light flashed above Master Arctic Dragon as a black dagger appeared overhead. The dagger tremored slightly before stabbing viciously down toward the top of his head, traveling at an insanely fast speed.

Meanwhile, Master Arctic Dragon was completely unable to move as the humanoid puppet's silver hooks had latched onto his golden armor.

Master Arctic Dragon really was terrified this time. He immediately relinquished his strategy to slowly mobilize the spiritual power in his body. Instead, he hurriedly raised his head and roared as he threw up a streak of crimson light directly above him.

This crimson light was manifested from a mouthful of Master Arctic Dragon's blood essence and was imbued with a vast amount of spiritual power. A dull thump erupted as the black dagger struck the crimson projectile, causing the Devil Essence Dagger to falter amid a burst of black and red light.

The spiritual light flashing on Master Arctic Dragon's golden armor was just about to recede, and this coincided with the moment that he managed to struggle free from the hooks, thereby averting that crisis.

At the same time, the blue ice wyrm was manipulated to pounce toward Han Li while unleashing a ferocious roar. The wyrm reared up and unleashed a blue pillar of light even before it had gotten close to Han Li.

Master Arctic Dragon firmly believed that if he could slightly slow Han Li down, he would be able to use the cold Qi in the cave to instantly turn the tables and kill his opponent.

However, right at this moment, a silver lotus flower around a foot in diameter suddenly appeared about 100 feet below Master Arctic Dragon. It spun on the spot before emitting a bright burst of silver light, as well as a string of Buddhist chants.

Master Arctic Dragon was instantly struck by the feeling that his body had become impossibly heavy, rendering him completely immobilized. At the same time, he had lost control over most of the magic power in his body. As a result of this, the crimson arrow that was still combating the black dagger became significantly weaker.

Thus, the Devil Essence Dagger was able to vanquish the weakened crimson arrow before continuing downward without any further impediment.

Master Arctic Dragon's face paled with horror as a wail of anguish escaped his mouth!

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