Chapter 1100: Demon Soul

Immersed in glacial flames, Master Arctic Dragon slapped his hand on the crown of his head.

A muffled thud sounded, followed by the ejection of the three-inch-large Nascent Soul covered in blue light.

The Nascent Soul sat cross-legged with its hand in an incantation gesture. A jade pendant hung from its neck, sparkling with silver light.

The Nascent Soul floated ten meters above its body and took a breath, exhaling a ball of blue flame.

The flame was the purified essence of the Celestial Ice Flames that Arctic Dragon bitterly cultivated for hundreds of years.

As the blue flame danced in the air, it formed a blazing shining wheel underneath the Nascent Soul. Then, the Nascent Soul slowly floated up out of the sphere of glacial light.

When the cultivators saw the appearance of Arctic Dragon’s Nascent Soul, the others immediately moved into action, pointing at the sphere of glacial light, sending threads of their own flames towards it.

Before the glacial flames touched the Nascent Soul, the wheel underneath it suddenly revolved at immense speed. The flames trembled once before gathering in the direction of the wheel.

The flames stained the blue wheel with five colors in a gorgeous display, leaving who would gaze upon it mesmerized.

The Nascent Soul then softly shouted, releasing a string of spell seals into the wheel of light.

Booms sounded out as the flames trembled, shortly detonating one after another.

At that moment, the Nascent Soul’s casting rapidly increased, exhausting its magic power in a single breath as it released spell seals without pause.

Under the Nascent Soul’s control, the glacial flames ruptured as they began to fuse together into a single lotus.

Black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue: the colors of the six glacial flames, could be faintly seen from its translucent petals, but the colors faded together to create a magnificent sight.

The ten-meter-large lotus made a rather large contrast to the tiny Nascent Soul, but as it uttered a chain of profound incantations, the lotus flickered with light and began to grow smaller. Each time it shrunk, it released dazzling rays of light. 

After a short while, the lotus became a foot tall and its petals now appeared solid and material. The six flames danced across them in an otherworldly display.

The five cultivators couldn't help but betray their surprise, but they released their flames with increasing intensity regardless.

When these flames poured into the lotus, they seemed to disappear.

Then, the Nascent Soul suddenly opened its eyes, revealing an odd golden shine. It then reached one of its hands towards the lotus.

Crackles repeatedly sounded as countless blue threads ejected from its fingertips, fusing with the nearest lotus petal.

While Nascent Soul’s incantations continued, it folded its fingers towards its palm. Blue light then sparkled with ever-increasing intensity as the threads began to tremble violently.

Drones hummed from the lotus with the pedals soon closing around another. Shortly after, time seemed to reverse as the lotus shrunk back to a bud, the Nascent Soul buried within it.

The six flames continuously spun on its surface, filling the air with its brilliance.

When the cultivators saw this, they cast a spell seal and released their control over the glacial flames for the time being.

The six-colored bud faintly trembled and dropped downward.

Rays of light shot out from it for a time as the bud disappeared into the sphere of white light. The bud shined once more before slipping into the unconscious body of Master Arctic Dragon.

At that moment, the other five resumed releasing their glacial flames into the light sphere.

The flames then condensed into rays of light after entering the sphere and shot into Arctic Dragon’s body. The extreme cold of the flames stimulated his body, coordinating to break his bottleneck.

Suddenly, the cracks of tearing space sounded from within the formation.


Outside of the Profound Jade Cave, on a remote street in the palace’s ice city, there were two white-robed palace disciples walking side by side.

They wore cold faces and their eyes vigilantly looked around them.

The huge ice phoenix that was circling the sky earlier had disappeared, along with the two elders that were fighting it.

Although the two were currently in a remote corner of the palace ice city, the sides of the street were filled with lines of buildings.

The two disciples already knew that all the low-grade disciples in the area already evacuated and should be empty. But even as such, the two didn’t dare to be careless and kept on guard.

“Finally, we’ve arrived.” One of the disciples blinked and looked ahead of them. They then turned a corner and entered one of the buildings from behind.

Their surroundings lit up before them, following the appearance of a hundred-meter-wide spacious area with a man and a woman waiting there for them.

When the middle-aged woman saw the two appear, she looked at them with a trace of resentment and said, “You’re late. If you took any longer, we would’ve started without you!” 

The man standing next to her was a large man with pitch-black skin. They wore the robes of North Night Palace, but their uniform appeared to belong to the lowest grade disciples, far lower in rank than the two that had just arrived. But strangely enough, the woman’s tone didn’t appear polite in the slightest.

One of the disciples that just arrived let out a cold snort, “Our allies on the outside already attacked the outermost layers of the grand formation and are at least fifty kilometers away from the city. The cultivators have frequent patrols as well, so it took quite some effort for us to find an excuse to come over here. Else if we were to raise their suspicions, our efforts would completely went to waste!”

The woman raised her brow and was about to say something, when the dark-skinned man at her side lost his patience, shouting, “Enough empty words. Let’s take action! Even if I am only an incarnation, I won’t be so easily defeated.”

She decided to remain silent when she heard this, and the two who arrived also kept silent as if in fear. They each took out a pile of formation plates of spirit stones from their storage pouch and began to place down a spell formation.

They moved with practiced movements and in only a moment, they formed the outline of a small spell formation. But if an experienced spell formation master were to examine it, they would astonishedly discover that it was an interim teleportation formation, one that could only receive.

In the time it took to take a meal, when the spell formation was nearly complete, a series of loud explosions boomed

To the astonishment of the four, they all released their protective magic tools in surprise.

“A few trifling demon beasts dare to stir up trouble before the sect? Old fogies like us could hardly allow this to continue!” An old voice emerged from the icy mist in the air, followed by the appearance of two men.

One of the men was old, had bold eyebrows and long facial hair. The other was a middle-aged man with red-brown skin and wore a longsword on his back.

“It’s the enforcement elders of North Night Palace! Let’s run!” When the woman saw the two, she shouted in alarm and shot away in a green streak.

The other three conspirators reacted no less quickly and fled hurriedly.

“If those demons manage to escape, we’d be a laughingstock!” The middle-aged man sneered and flicked his hand, releasing four blinding swordstreaks.

Three screams immediately followed as the sword Qi swept through the woman and two of the men. Only the large dark-skinned man continued to flee, having only stumbled from the strike.

“Yi? Interesting!” 

The middle-aged man found this odd and opened his mouth, releasing a streak of blinding white light to pursue the large man. In the blink of an eye, the light circled around him and cleaved him in two.

At that moment, the bold-browed old man shook his sleeve and released four magic tools shaped as willow leaves. They soon vanished from sight.

In the following moment, four leaves struck the corpses and sprouted green flowers instantly from them, releasing an odd shriek before turning the corpses into clouds of smoke.

When the red-faced middle-aged man saw this, he turned his gaze to the nearly completed teleportation formation with a sullen expression. With a wave of his hand, he struck it with a dense swordstreak.

Following a loud explosion, the teleportation formation was replaced with a large crater.

“Let’s go. Although we might not be able to truly harm the demons by slaying their incarnations, it should still leave an impression on them!” The old man twirled his beard before shortly flying off in a streak of white light.

The red-faced middle-aged man chuckled and left the area with a relaxed attitude.

In other remote regions of the Ice City, similar events occurred. The disciples puppetted by soul threads of high-grade demon beasts were massacred by elders of North Night Palace.

Deep underground in one of the halls of North Night Palace’s Hidden Arctic Dragon Border, there were six Nascent Soul cultivators solemnly talking with one another, the palace master included amongst them. Three of them, including the palace master, appeared extremely pale as if their vitality was damaged,

The beautiful woman, Palace Master Liu, tensely frowned and said, “It is beyond expectation for Myriad Demon Valley to bring along their Myriad Demon Banner. I originally believed it to be an ordinary spirit treasure replica, but to think it was this powerful. If it weren’t for Elders Fang and Huang, I fear I wouldn’t have been able to block the strike from Old Demon Che’s incarnation.”

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