Chapter 1097: The Sea Calming Bell

Without betraying the slightest emotion from her voice or face, the silver-clothed woman said, “In the past before Fairy Ice Soul ascended, she made use of her grand abilities to freeze over the Ice Depth Mountains for over a hundred years and forced us to avoid the North Night Palace cultivators to a certain degree. But after so many years have passed, I have no choice but to take action now that the matter relates to ascension to the spirit realm. Rather, isn’t Brother Che worried about losing your incarnation after putting so much effort into developing it?”

The child let out a cackle, “If it is as you say, this trip will be well worth it even if there must be sacrifice. I only didn't expect for the most possible location for a spatial node to be located in spatial tear inside North Night Palace’s Spirit Void Hall.

If it weren’t for the fact I sent men to investigate this several times, I wouldn’t have personally taken action. After all, the North Night Palace is quite powerful. They will not be easily destroyed.”

The silver-robed woman’s eyes flickered to the boy, “A spatial node would only be able to continue to exist until now in a spatial tear as large as the one inside Spirit Void Hall. I’ve heard you say that you’ve already checked the other area and found nothing? If we find nothing here as well, what do you plan on doing from now on?”

The boy was silent for a moment before letting out a cold laugh, “It’s very simple. I’ll just continue in my search for spatial nodes. In the past, the ancient cultivators managed to find it for themselves. Why can’t I do the same?” 

“But we do not have much time left. It is said you were the descendant of an ancient demon from the Spirit Realm. Not only are your abilities vast, but your lifespan is much longer than other demon beasts. But even you must feel your time running thin after all these years. Didn’t you already use a secret technique to seal your true body and prolong your life?”

“Again, why do you ask something you already know the answer to?” The child’s expression sank as if hurt by what she said.

The silver-robed woman sighed and looked at the grand formation in the distance with a lost expression, “You can’t continue to ignore the problem. You don’t have much time left. A few days ago, I acquired information about the Five Dragon Seas. Eccentric White Deer had perished from age. He is a descendant of a heavenly spirit beast and cultivated ever since the ancient battle against the cultivators.

Ordinarily when one’s lifespan becomes bleak, they seal their true body, but that is life without purpose, leading to an unavoidable death.”

With a strange light flowing from the “That’s why I am willing to take any risk to find any spatial nodes. If Fellow Daoist Phoenix is willing, how about we work together?”

“Let’s wait until after you find the spatial node! North Night Palace will not be so easily defeated!”

“Please don’t worry about that, Fairy Phoenix. In the past, our Myriad Demon Valley have launched attacks several times against their city of ice, forcing the human cultivators to hide in Spirit Void Hall each time. We’ll be relying on your abilities to use the spatial tear in Spirit Void Hall.

“That reassuring. Our Ice Phoenix Clan’s innate abilities to tear space shouldn’t disappoint you!” The woman replied with a smile.

At that moment, only those three demons spoke. All of the other demons didn’t dare to open their mouths as if they had forgotten they were there.

The child faintly smiled and thought to say something when his expression changed and he raised his head to look into the distance.

The old man and the woman sensed something an instant later and turned to look with amazement.

They felt a wave of astonishing spiritual pressure surge from within the glacial mist, soon stretching beyond them.

In the next moment, a bell ring overlapping with a dragon roar filled the air.

The grade eight and nine Ice Sea demon beasts escorting Fairy Phoenix became disoriented from the sound.

However, those from Myriad Demon Valley felt completely fine. They looked at the Ice Sea Demon Beasts with confusion.

As the silver-robed woman was a grade ten demon beast, the bell had little effect on her. But when she heard this, she let out a furious shout, “The Sea Calming Bell!? That is one of the treasures of the Ice Sea Clan. So it had fallen into the hands of Fairy Ice Soul at the time!”

When the old man the child heard this, they exchanged a glance and revealed their surprise.

Nevertheless, whatever effect the bell had on the metamorphosed Ice Sea demons only lasted for a moment.

The affected demons released their demonic Qi and released their protective treasure, immediately vanishing the influence of the bell rings apart from some lingering dizziness.

When the white-robed woman saw this, her tense face somewhat relaxed, but her body soon blurred as something came to mind and she immediately soared up in a ball of shining light.

Soon after, shining light ruptured in the air, releasing countless fine streaks that soon disappeared.

A moment later, the light faded and the woman floated down onto the ice mountain with a pale complexion.

The old man frowned and slowly said, “Did anything happen? Fairy Phoenix used quite a bit of magic power to conduct a search with her spiritual sense.”

The woman snorted and an icy glint shined from her eye, “At the same time the North Night Palace use Sea Calming Bell, a large number of cultivators were sent to slaughter our low-grade demons. Although I could only sense a small area, a large number of them have already been slain.”

“Truly?” The child pensively asked, “Long ago, I did hear of such a strange treasure existing that would disable the bodies of ice-attributed demon beasts. Could that have been the Sea Calming Bell? How did that fall into the hands of those human cultivators?”

She let out a deep sigh and recovered her “No, that treasure is nowhere as powerful as was said from the legends. It is only a replica of a spirit treasure. Grade eight demon beasts and above are barely affected by it as they can block the effects of the bell rings with their magic power. But lower-grade demons will greatly lose their strength. The treasure had mysteriously disappeared when Fairy Ice Soul froze over our Profound Depths Island.”

The old man twirled his beard and asked, “It seems Fairy Ice Soul left it behind as one of the methods to restrain your Ice Sea Clan. What do you plan to do now, Fellow Daoist Phoenix? Will you send anyone to save your subordinates?”

After mulling over the matter, “There’s no point. The effects of the Sea Calming Bell lasts for only a moment. By the time we arrive, it will already be too late. Even if all of my subordinates perished, it wouldn’t harm the strength of my clan. And that is impossible in the first place. With the aid of the Sea Calming Bell, it’ll be lucky if they can even kill half of them.

Nevertheless, I will remember this despicable act. Listen well. When we enter the North Night Palace, we will exterminate all of the low-grade cultivators that remain outside of Spirit Void Hall!”

The Ice Sea beasts accompanying her all let out a grunt of acknowledgment.

The child chuckled and said, “That is fine. Let’s start by breaking the formation. Our Myriad Demon Valley low-grade followers will be completely unaffected. So long as the glacial Qi disperses, we’ll lend our strength. But before then, we’ll need to destroy their grand formation first.” Then, he opened his mouth and spat out a ball of black Qi, unveiling itself in front of them as a small grey formation flag.

When the silver-clothed woman saw the flag, her heart stirred and she quickly examined it.

The flag was only six inches large and was enveloped in a layer of grey light. Phantoms of countless demon beasts revealed themselves from the flag’s surface. It was entirely silent, running contrary to their ferocious images.

The silver-robed woman looked at the banner before glancing at the child, “Could that be your valley’s Myriad Demon Banner?”

The child proudly said, “Fellow Daoist Phoenix is quite perceptive! It has been soaked in the demonic Qi for tens of thousands of years. Its power is beyond imagination. Although my incarnation will not be able to display the full power of the banner, with your assistance the grand formation shouldn’t last more than a few days!”

He pressed his hands together and struck the formation flag with a gray spell seal.

Grey light flourished and the small banner whirled in the air. The myriad of demon beast phantoms it revealed violently stirred.

When the silver-robed woman saw this, she nodded and shouted a command. The demons escorting her soared into the air and spat out mist or magic treasures.

The old man expressionlessly let out his own chain of orders as well.

The Myriad Demon Valley members flew high up and released their treasures.

In the following moment, demon winds nearly enveloped half the sky.

The child bellowed in laughter when he saw this, but his face soon grew tense, uttering a cryptic incantation.

The Myriad Demon Banner grew massively in conjunction to the incantations.

The chants continued for the time it took to finish a cup of tea. In that time, the flag pole turned meter-wide and became a towering three-hundred-meters tall. Each of the demon beast phantoms on the banner’s surface appeared true to life and flew 

“Go!” The child let out a thunderous shout and urged the spell to activate.

Violent roars deafeningly roared from the phantoms on the banner’s surface, each of them emitting demonic Qi from their mouths. The clouds of it clashed against the white glacial Qi enveloping the air. The metamorphosed demons displayed their might as well and charged forward.

At the same time, a dozen silhouettes appeared amidst the glacial Qi, hidden within the grand formation. Their hands lit up with light before rushing to confront the demons.

In the blink of an eye, the war was about to unravel. 

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