Chapter 1090: Cultivators of Ice Flames

Contrary to Han Li’s expectations, there were hardly any changes in North Night Palace apart from a few extra guards. In addition, he spotted no trace of Bai Yaoyi. It seemed she was occupied, but it wasn’t any concern for Han Li.

In his current state, there was hardly anything that could pose a danger to his life apart from a few extremely dangerous areas or the full-powered pursuit of a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. As a result, he decided to stay in the sect for the time being, despite having a policy of avoiding trouble where he could.

Of course, he had also agreed to assist Master Arctic Dragon in breaking his bottleneck to Deity Transformation-stage and most importantly was the secret technique to break through bottlenecks that Arctic Dragon gave him. He only had his portion of the technique. If he wanted a complete understanding of the technique, he would have to personally involve himself in the process. When Han Li discovered this, he felt a bit gloomy.

Additionally, he wasn’t willing to leave until he acquired information on the Puresun Flame Essence. [1]

[1] Mentioned in Chapter 948, an ingredient in creating a legendary medicine by the name of the Returning Sun Water.

As such, he made another trip to the Hidden Scriptures Hall and used up his two remaining days to find any information on the Puresun Flame Essence, but he ended up without any results.

Han Li wasn’t surprised by this. Rather, it would've been surprising if he found it easily.

Following that, Han Li spent his time in his temporary residence meditating, taking not a step outside as if the building were his own cave residence.

A month passed in the blink of an eye in complete peace, but it was clear to see that this was the calm before the oncoming storm.

One day, Han Li found his cultivation interrupted by a visitor, a woman who had a similar appearance to Bai Yaoyi. She was at the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, a step higher than Bai Yaoyi.

“Are you Fairy Bai’s elder cousin?” With hands held behind his back, he examined the woman with a trace of surprise.

“That’s right, I am Bai Mengxin, one of the inner palace elder, and one of the sect cultivators who nurtures a flame of extreme cold.”

“Ah, I’ve heard from Fellow Daoist Arctic Dragon that there were two others who cultivate ice flames in the sect. So you were one of them! May I ask why you’ve informed me of this?” As Han Li spoke, a twinkled lit from his eyes.

Although the woman appeared beautiful, her flawless face appeared frigid. It seemed to have something to do with her cultivation art.

“Nothing much. I’ve only heard that Brother Han’s abilities are quite amazing, rivaling even late-stage grand cultivators. Furthermore, your purple apex flames are exceedingly profound. I wish to compare them with my own Ice Phoenix Flames. How about it?” The woman then extended her finger and lip up a white flame from it.

The flame was like a wisp of smoke. It spiralled in the air and didn’t appear to contain much strength.

But as one who cultivated an icy flame himself, Han Li had a deep sense of foreboding towards the white flame and his face grew heavy.

Han Li glanced at his surroundings and smiled. “Very well! I’ve long heard of your palace’s three great ice flames. Let’s test it, but how do you intend on comparing them?”

“I only intend on comparing the power of the flames. I don’t wish to truly fight you.” Bai Mengxin wryly smiled and exhaled a breath of icy Qi towards her fingertip.

The white flames increased several times in size upon contact and coiled in the air, turning into a small white flood dragon before charging towards Han Li.

Han Li frowned and swept his sleeves around him, producing several differing spell formations that disappeared into his surroundings.

He then opened his mouth and spat out a small ball of purple flames, turning into a small purple bird and met the incoming flame dragon.

Han Li and Bai Mengxin attentively watched as white and purple flames collided. Deep thunder rang as the flames weaved together.

In the blink of an eye, the purple flames engulfed the white flames and soon extinguished it entirely. The remaining light belonged to the purple firebird that circled in the air.

Bai Mengxin’s expression stirred upon seeing this.

Han Li calmly waved his hand, having the purple bird return to him in the form of a fireball, then disappearing into his sleeve.

Without further hesitation, Bai Mengxin said, “Your Purple Apex Flames are quite extraordinary. I am relieved. Please follow me. The two external holders of the icy flames have arrived at our palace. I’ll lead you to the Grand Elder’s residence where they are both waiting!”

“So it was like that! It seems Fairy Bai wasn’t too sure of me and had me take her test.” Han Li gave her a doubtful smile.

Bai Mengxin silently nodded and soon held her hands in an incantation gesture before flying out of the building window in a white streak.

When Han Li saw this, he stroked his nose with a helpless appearance.

His heart had jumped when the woman entered through the window as well.

But since she already left, Han Li could only follow after her and flew out from the building window.

After the time it took to finish a meal, the two arrived in Master Arctic Dragon’s main hall.

In addition to the huge cauldron burning with Celestial Ice Flames at the center of the hall, four cultivators were sitting on woven mats nearby.

Arctic Dragon was sitting next to an azure-robed middle-aged man. An old white-haired woman and a grey-robed monk were sitting farther away from them.

When Han Li and Bai Mengxin entered the hall, the four immediately turned their gaze towards them. Han Li sensed the old lady and monk swept their gaze past Bai Mengxin and focus on him.

In that case, Han Li didn’t hold back and used his spiritual sense to observe the other two as well.

The old woman possessed about the same level of cultivation as Han Li, but the monk was higher at the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage.

Han Li slowly took a few steps forward and saluted the four, quietly taking a seat at an empty mat that was a close distance away from the four.

Bai Mengxin took a seat at the side of Arctic Dragon.

“Madam Long, Master Mo Jiu, this is Fellow Daoist Han,” Arctic Dragon said with a friendly face, “He is the fifth cultivator who cultivates a flame of extreme cold. With your assistance, I can put my hundred years of research into practice and attempt to break through the bottleneck to Deity Transformation-stage!” The excitement in his eyes was clear to see.

The old woman expressionlessly glanced at Han Li and remained silent, perhaps a result of her strange temperament. The monk on the other hand looked at Han Li with a kind gaze and gave him a warm smile.

The monk calmly asked, “I heard Fellow Daoist Arctic Dragon mention that Brother Han didn’t cultivate an ice-attributed cultivation technique, but you are still able to use flames of extreme cold. Is that true?”

“It is something that I managed to accomplish through luck,” Han Li replied.

“I also heard that the flames are your original creation. It has been tens of thousands of years since the appearance of a new ice flame. Do you think you could let me see it?” The old woman aloofly asked. Han Li couldn't help but be startled by her young voice.

Arctic Dragon then added, “Don’t be alarmed, Madam Long is the Grand Elder of the Green Willow Sect. Her cultivation art is rather peculiar, causing her voice to be youthful.”

A peculiar feeling lingered in Han Li’s mind upon hearing his explanation. He had seen many instances where women used techniques to preserve their appearance, but this was the first time he had heard of a technique to preserve the youth of one’s voice.

When she saw Han Li looked at her with an odd gaze, the old woman snorted, “What? Do you have any comments towards the techniques of my sect?”

At Han Li’s current cultivation, he didn’t have anything to fear from a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, but he also didn’t wish to make any unnecessary enemies. As such, he chuckled and tactfully replied, “Not at all! I was only curious for a time. My flames had yet to be refined. How could I dare to compare them to yours?”

The old woman didn’t pursue the matter and her eyes silently wandered.

Then, Bai Mengxin sent a voice transmission to Arctic Dragon.

Arctic Dragon broke into a smile upon hearing her and took a deep glance at Han Li. Then, he lightly coughed and said, “Madam Long and Master Mojiu have been good friends of mine for many years. Fellow Daoist Han also has a deep relationship with one of the elders of my sect. As such, I’ve brought the three of you here to assist me. Although I reckon that this will only have a thirty percent chance of success, I have no choice but to take the risk.”

The monk said with a concerned tone, “Fellow Daoist Shi, you may be reaching the end of your lifespan, but we’ve discovered many high-grade demon beasts on our way here and they’ve started to gather near North Night Island. Isn’t it too dangerous to test your technique now?”

Arctic Dragon confidently said, “Fellow Daoist Mojiu, don’t worry. It would be best for me to successfully breakthrough my bottleneck. Then I would have no fear of those demons. If that fails, the palace already arranged countermeasures. If I die, my sect will not follow me.”

“In that case, I am relieved,” the grey-robed monk smiled.

The old woman nodded, “I have no objections. I’ve been wanting to see the true mystery behind this technique.”

Master Arctic Dragon appeared satisfied by their replies. Then when his gaze turned to Han Li, Han Li calmly asked, “When will we start? I also have no objections. The sooner we start. The better!”

“Good, good! Since the three of you have no objections, please follow me. I’ve already made preparations.” Arctic Dragon clapped his hands together and happily stood up.

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