Chapter 1089: Ice Sea Demons

Chapter 1089: Ice Sea Demons

While the murder of flame crows merged into a flame sea, the Thunderstorm Wings on Han Li’s back flickered, followed by his disappearance in a silver flash.

When the metamorphosed demon saw his toxic mist broken, he was furious, but alarm froze his heart upon seeing Han Li vanish from sight. He hastily released his spiritual sense and grasped his hands in a spell seal, then releasing a green net from his body, weaving a spider web that surrounded him forty meters around him.

Lightning clapped and Han Li appeared ten meters behind the man. The green net shook and collapsed upon Han Li instantly.

Han Li was prepared. A net of golden lightning emerged from his body to counter the attack.

Upon contact, the green net evaporated, much to the demon’s horror. Light instantly flickered from his body as he made his escape.

At that same moment, a tri-colored flame was released. The demon covered his body in radiant light, intending on stalling the flame temporarily as he made his escape.

But against his expectations, a muffled bang sounded and tri-colored light erupted.

A blinding halo of light swelled and withdrew, enveloping the demon inside of him.

Horrid screams followed, only for the demon to burn to ash.

The Triflame Fan was something even the Silver-winged Nightfiend didn’t dare to combat. How could a trifling grade eight demon beast hope to block it.

This scene left a chill down the serpent woman’s spine.

Although her abilities were somewhat stronger than the man, since Han Li was able to exterminate her companion with quick ease, she knew it wouldn’t take him much effort to deal with her either.

Without another thought, red light brightly shined from her body and she burst into countless scarlet serpents, each scattering in different directions.

Momentarily surprised, a cold smile soon raised from Han Li’s lips and spiritual power rushed from his eyes. The depths of his eyes shined with a blinding blue light and his eyes focused on one flame serpent in particular.

With a flap of his wings, he vanished, leaving only thunder in his wake.

A chain of silver flashes and thunder sounded as Han Li teleported several times more, arriving above one of the flame serpents, and he looked down at it with an icy gaze.

When the scarlet flame serpent noticed that Han Li was above it, it blinked in fright and opened its mouth without another thought. It spat out a thumb-sized ball from its mouth directly at Han Li. It was its fire-attribute demon core that it cultivated for countless years.

Han Li pursed his lips in a smile and reached for the pearl with a single hand.

A crackle sounded and a purple flame shot out from his hand, creating a giant hand that grabbed the pearl.

Successive explosions as red light and purple flames erupted as the hand seized it, but silence soon followed.

The fire serpent beneath trembled and the raging flames on its body dimmed.

Terrified, the serpent attempted to flee with all its might, but killing intent glinted from Han Li’s eyes. He held his hands in an incantation gesture and the large hand of flame surged several times in size before reaching out to capture the snake.

Before the serpent could launch itself, it felt a chill envelop its entire body. Then, its body was completely restrained.

Its heart sank and it discovered that threads of icy purple Qi had restrained its body before the hand even touched it.

Of course, the icy Qi didn’t restrain it completely as it was demon beast at the peak of grade eight-stage, but it managed to delay it long enough for the purple hand to capture it.

Helpless, the demon used the last of its strength to spit out a fireball created from impure blood essence, slowing down the purple hand for only a moment before it was captured.

A layer of purple ice slowly spread across it, extinguishing the last of the scarlet flames burning on the serpent’s body and sealing the serpent in ice. Underneath the sunlight, it twinkled a beautiful purple.

The large purple hand then disappeared in a moment.

Han Li shook his sleeve and a dozen golden streaks released from his sleeve, coiling around the serpent several times. As golden light twinkled the ice along with the serpent was divided into tens of pieces, followed by a streak of golden light escaping.

Han Li was already prepared for this. With the casting of a sword art, the dozen flying swords circling in the air released several arcs of golden lightning, trapping the green light in a net.

The net contracted and firmly imprisoned it in a golden sphere.

He raised his hand to produce a black jade bottle and had it absorb the golden sphere before finally putting it away.

In the blue mist in the ice crevice, silver light flickered as Bai Yaoyi flew out and witnessed what had happened with a trace of alarm.

She had only hidden in the mist for a short time, but when she emerged, Han Li already easily slain the two higher form demon beasts.

The two demon beasts were incredibly powerful. Although they were only grade eight, each of them was no less powerful than a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, forcing her to flee as they pursued her like prey.

Despite already knowing Han Li was a vastly powerful cultivator, she was deeply shaken at how easily Han Li had killed the two demons.

As Bai Yaoyi stared in shock, Han Li commanded the Six-winged Frost Centipedes and the Gold Devouring Beetles to return to their storage pouches and they obediently floated back to him.

“Fellow Daoist Bai, you seem to be heavily poisoned,” Han Li glanced at her and frowned.

Having regained her bearings, she sweetly said, “I didn’t expect the demon’s venom mist to be potent enough to erode my barriers. Fortunately, I had taken the Hundred Grass Pill. With a half-day of meditation, I should be able to expel the poison.”

Han Li smiled and said, “I had only recently finished concocting my pill. Had Fellow Daoist came a moment earlier, it would be hard to say if I would emerge to attack them.

“In that case, I’ve been quite lucky!” Bai Yaoyi smiled.

Han Li looked around and curiously asked, “Fairy Bai, how did you encounter those two metamorphosized demon beasts? Didn’t you say that high-grade demons wouldn’t appear near North Night Island?”

Bai Yaoyi suddenly recalled something and her expression changed, “It’s a long story. This isn’t a good place to stay. I’ll tell you about it on our way back.”

“What? Are there other demons? How many?” Han Li narrowed his eyes and a glint flickered from them.

Bai Yaoyi wryly smiled, “If only it was a matter of numbers. I fear that our North Night Palace has encountered a great problem.”

When Han Li heard this, his heart trembled, he maintained a calm exterior and nodded, “In that case, we’ll head back and make the report. Nevertheless, you are severely poisoned. Are you still able to move? How about I lend you a hand?”

“That would be appreciated. Many thanks, Fellow Daoist Han!” Bai Yaoyi said with a smile.

Soon after, the two flew in the blue mist, followed by silence.


Four hours later, an azure and silver streak flew out from the ice ravine and disappeared past the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Half a day later, a pitch-black cloud rolled across the sky and completely enveloped the ice ravine.

A furious hiss sounded from the cloud and it roiled with lightning jumping within it. Grey winds then swept past the cloud before it vanished.

Several days later, Han Li and Bai Yaoyi returned to North Night Palace and arrived before Master Arctic Dragon to give their report. They were in the same hall where Han Li last met Arctic Dragon.

Arctic Dragon’s face turned sullen and he tightly frowned, “Junior Martial Sister Bai, are you sure this is true?”

Bai Yaoyi’s face tensed and she said, “There was no mistake. I saw one of the Myriad Demon Valley’s Deputy Lords, the Azureback Wolf. There were also two grade eight demon beasts that pursued me, neither of them having originated from the ice sea!”

Arctic Dragon gave Han Li a warm face and said, “Then that means they have joined hands. They will soon take action. Brother Han, many thanks for assisting Junior Martial Sister Bai. You must be tired. How about taking a rest at our most distinguished guest residences.”

Han Li indifferently stood up and turned around, displaying no intention of staying behind.

“Two days ago, the two vagrant cultivators I introduced to you had arrived. I’m sure you’ll be close friends with them,” Arctic Dragon added.

“Thank you for your trouble, Fellow Daoist!” Han Li calmly nodded and disappeared in a streak of light.

When all trace of Han Li left the hall, Arctic Dragon turned to Bai Yaoyi and seriously said, “Junior Martial Sister, send message to all of the elders remaining in the palace to come here. We will need to have a meeting in detail. Send word to double the guards as well!”

“Yes, Grand Elder!” Bai Yaoyi nodded and she flipped her hand, producing a sound transmission talisman.


Sitting back on the second floor of his temporary residence, Han Li recalled what Bai Yaoyi told him.

While Han Li was refining his medicine pills, Bai Yaoyi was patrolling an area and discovered a meeting of high-grade metamorphosed demons. There were demon beasts both from the mainland and from the ice sea, headed by the Azureback Wolf and the two-headed dark flood dragon. She hadn’t heard any concrete details before they discovered her and was forced to flee.

Perhaps feeling that the two demons would be enough, the other demons hadn’t pursued her.

Then for a time, a battle erupted between her and the two demon beasts.

However, she was poisoned during a moment a carelessness and was forced to flee towards Han Li.

In the end, Han Li dispatched the two demons with ease.

His expression was calm as he mulled over the matter, but his thoughts were tumultuous.

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