Chapter 1087: Ice Fiend

“This is the lair of the Ice Rage Beasts?” Han Li glanced down at an unfathomably deep ravine in the ice and frowned. Biting glacial winds blew out from it without end.

Bai Yaoyi floated at Han Li’s side and looked around them. Then she confidently said, “That’s right, this is the place!”

“In that case, let’s have them come out!” Han Li nodded and formed a spell seal. His entire body flickered with light and specks of starlight emerged in front of him. Then with a crackle, they burst into scarlet fist-sized fireballs.


With a sweep of his sleeve, a wall of flame enveloped the fireballs and launched them into the ravine, soon disappearing from sight.

Han Li and Bai Yaoyi proceeded to stare down with complete focus.

A long while later, silence still filled the ravine. The sounds resulting from the fireballs’ eruption never occurred.

Han Li and Bai Yaoyi looked at each other with an odd expression.

Han Li stroked his chin and said, “They are only grade-six demon beasts. They shouldn’t be able to silently destroy the fireballs. It seems there is a more formidable beast down there.”

Bai Yaoyi wore a solemn expression, “It is possible! The disciple hadn’t tread deep into the ravine. They only saw the Profound Ice Flower from a distance before being discovered by the Ice Rage Beasts.”

“Hehe, that’s fine. I’ll just use my spirit beasts to draw them out,” Han Li said with an indifferent tone. He slapped his storage pouch and summoned a dozen white streaks that circled once around him. They were foot-long Six-winged Frost Centipedes, each possessing translucent wings and a fiendish appearance.

Han Li let out a low cry and pointed at the Six-winged Frost Centipedes in the air. The centipedes buzzed with joy and wrapped themselves in glacial light as they dived down.

Bai Yaoyi betrayed surprise, but she said nothing.

Han Li had no concern for the Six-winged Frost Centipedes. Even a grade-eight demon beast wouldn’t be able to escape them if they launched a joint attack.

And not long after, the sounds of battle echoed from the ravine, drawing closer, turning louder before the battle was dragged outside.

Han Li pursed his lips and silently waved his sleeve, releasing a dozen golden streaks from his sleeve. They turned into a dozen foot-long golden swords, floating still above the ice reveal as they sparkled with light.

Bai Yaoyi smiled, believing Han Li would be able to deal with the demon beasts with ease.

A short moment later, a series of monstrous roars sounded from below. Afterwards, a series of white mist blew out from them, containing eight snow-white lion-like beasts. They appeared extremely frightened as if they were fleeing for their lives.

They were the so-called Snow Rage Beasts.

He launched a sword seal without any hesitation, causing several of his swords to tremble and launch themselves forward, turning into dazzling three-meter-long streaks.

Like a flash of lightning, they slashed across the white mist and arrived before the beasts.

Before they could even respond, the swordstreaks coiled around them.

With several miserable screams, the beasts were cleaved into two and their corpses sank back into the pit.

Soonafter , a world-shaking roar rumbled from the ground, followed by a huge explosion. A dense wind shot out from the ravine’s depths.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and saw an enraged ten-meter-tall demon beast.

It appeared mostly the same as the Ice Rage Beasts, but its fur glistened with silver light and its body was an entire size larger.

“Yi! That isn’t a Snow Rage Beast. That’s an Ice Fiend!” Bai Yaoyi yelped in shock. “What is such a high-grade demon beast doing here?” 

Han Li blinked and took no further action. A dozen white streaks then flew out from the ravine and spat icy Qi at the silver-furred beast.

Although the demon beast was only a grade-seven demon beast, it had no fear of the Six-winged Frost Centipedes’s attack. Rather, the attack only served to incite it further.

Han Li raised his brow and coldly snorted. He extended his finger and azure light flickered from its tip, commanding the flying swords above him to strike at the beast.

At the side, Bai Yaoyi suddenly said, “Please wait a moment! The Ice Fiend is a rare ice and wind attributed demon beast. It will be useful if I can capture it.”

Han Li gave her an easy smile. “In that case, I’ll handle it and save you the trouble!”

With that said, he spat out a ball of purple flames. Then, the flames let out a chirp, shaped into a lifelike foot-wide bird before fluttering towards the Ice Fiend.

When the dozen Six-winged Frost Centipedes saw the bird approach, they immediately scattered in fear, leaving the Ice Fiend alone in the vicinity.

Although the Ice Fiend still hadn’t gained higher awareness, it still possessed a trace of intelligence. Under these circumstances, it could tell the purple flame bird was fearsome and immediately swept up gale-force winds, which formed a hurricane to aid its escape.

Han Li let out a cold snort and a light glinted from his eye.

The beast immediately felt needles assailing its mind and it let out a howl as it fell from the air.

Han Li had launched at attack with his spiritual sense, using the Soulfright Thorn.

Although Han Li hadn’t used the full strength of this attack, his spiritual sense was still equivalent in strength to a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. It wasn’t an attack that the beast could withstand.

With the opportunity given, the purple flame bird arrived in front of the beast and circled it.

As a large crackle sounded, a large ball of purple mist of light surrounded the Ice Fiend and enveloped the beast's body. 

The purple flame bird then immediately unfolded its wings and disappeared back into Han Li’s body.

After the purple mist of light disappeared, a thirty-meter-tall black of purple ice was revealed, sealing the Ice Fiend within it. The violent winds surrounding the beast had slowly subsided, and the block of ice crashed to the ground shortly thereafter.

To the side, Bai Yaoyi came to her senses after being stunned by the entire affair. She summoned a large hand of white Qi to lift the ice to her.

“Many thanks, Brother Han! I’ll take you up on your offer!” Bai Yaoyi sweetly smiled at Han Li and she flicked her ringer, producing a sparkling black spirit beast pouch.

She tossed the bag into the air and a mist flew out from it, wrapping around the huge block of ice and drawing into the pouch.

Seeing Bai Yaoyi’s satisfied expression, Han Li smiled and pointed to the Six-winged Frost Centipedes circling in the air. With a series of hisses, the centipedes let out balls of icy mist and instantly disappeared.

Bai Yaoyi was startled by the sight of this, but Han Li soon explained, “While I use the Profound Ice Flower to refine medicine, I don’t want any low-grade demon beasts to disturb us. The centipedes will be protecting us nearby."

Bai Yaoyi sweetly smiled and nodded.

The two soon flew down the huge ravine in streaks of light.

The ravine was pitch-black. Apart from icy winds continuously circling the two, it was reminiscent of the two entering the Yin Yang Cave over ten years ago.

But when they quickly arrived at the bottom, the crystalline walls of the ravine could be seen. They were formed from profound ice, suitable materials for ice-attributed magic tools. However, only myriad year profound ice could be considered a rare, top-grade tool refinement material.

Ordinary profound ice was beneath the notice of the two Nascent Soul cultivators.

But when the two arrived at the very end of the ravine, they spotted a crystal vein that emitted a white light. Although it was jagged, there was a point on it that was clearly myriad year Profound Ice.

Han Li’s eyes then focused on the three white flowers on the wall.

These small flowers were only the size of a fist and appeared to be common wildflowers. But their roots were dug into the myriad year profound ice and faint icy Qi continuously roamed around it.

“Three Profound Ice Flowers. This should be enough,” Han Li muttered.

“There is quite a bit of myriad year profound ice here. It appears that disciple made quite an accomplishment. I’ll have to make sure he is rewarded.” Bai Yaoyi examined the profound ice and wore a smile.

Han Li then turned to Bai Yaoyi and said, “I will be plucking the flowers immediately for pill concoction. I’ve already prepared the other materials. Will Fairy Bai be returning first?”

With some thought, she said with a warm tone, “How long will Brother Han need to refine the pills. Would it be better for me to take a look at our surroundings? We aren’t far from North Night Valley. With the appearance of the grade-seven Ice Fiend, I feel somewhat ill at ease. I’ll be taking this opportunity to look around.”

After a short pause, Han Li gave a word of warning, “That would be good. Be careful!”

“Don’t worry, I’m only doing this in case of contingencies. The grade seven Ice Fiend most likely came into the ravine unintentionally. This hadn’t happened before. I’ll be taking off!” Bai Yaoyi pursed her lips into a bewitching smile and streaked into the air.

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