Chapter 1083: Goldwind Racoon

Without any reservation, Bai Yaoyi said, “I’ve yet to forget the many times you’ve helped me. Please don’t hesitate to speak.”

To tell the truth, even if Han Li hadn’t rescued her from the ice that sealed her in the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, he still possessed the fearsome abilities comparable to a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. She was happy to befriend such a character.

Han Li calmly said, “It isn’t anything major. I only heard that North Night Island grew Profound Ice Flowers in abundance. I require them as the main ingredient for a medicine pill.”

“Profound Ice Flowers? Those aren’t very easy to find. Although we don’t have many that are ripe, there are a few that will soon be ready. I’ll have a few of our disciples go look for any Myriad Year Profound Ice. The flower only grows on profound ice that had recently reached that age. There shouldn’t be a problem!”

Han Li grinned, “It is great that you can help me. It would be quite troublesome if I had to handle it alone.”

Bai Yaoyi wore a beaming smile and said, “It is only a minor affair. However, it isn’t something that will finish in a couple of days. Since Brother Han has come to our sect, how about he stay for a few days? I hold your abilities in great admiration. Perhaps we may converse on a few teachings.”

“I am also greatly interested in the techniques of your sect. I have long heard that your palace has several of the most powerful ice-attributed techniques in the Great Jin. Although I don’t personally cultivate ice-attribute techniques, perhaps there are benefits to be had.”

After this brief exchange, a discussion broke out between them.

Because the two were in similar realms of cultivation, they began to talk about their troubles of cultivation. As Ren Bi was also a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, he also had a few original points to add. As such, time passed in the pavilion in a lively chatter.

After half a day passed, Han Li bid farewells, feeling it inappropriate to bother her further after she only recently emerged from secluded cultivation.

When Bai Yaoyi saw this, she hadn’t urged him to stay. Instead, she commanded her disciple surnamed Yuan to guide Han Li to an esteemed guest building for the time being. He would be notified as soon as the information of Profound Ice Flowers were acquired.

With his request accepted, he saluted the two and followed the disciple out from the building.

Ren Bi didn’t immediately depart. It seemed he had something he wished to further discuss with her.

With the beautiful woman guiding Han Li, he was led to a span of dozen buildings built into the mountain wall, all beautifully constructed. It seemed these were the quarters for esteemed guests.

Knowing that Bai Yaoyi viewed Han Li in high regard, the beautiful woman was extremely respectful towards Han Li and answered all his questions to the best of her knowledge.

In the blink of an eye, the two arrived in front of one of the buildings. Before they entered, a young doll-like woman dressed in maid clothes emerged from the building.

The woman immediately stepped forward and bowed, “I pay my respects to Martial Aunt Yuan!”

Disciple Yuan sternly said, “Martial Niece Hua, this is Senior Han, an esteemed guest of the Martial Ancestor. Serve him well. If you are negligent, there will be punishments.”

“I will do my utmost!” The maid’s heart trembled and she answered with a respectful tone. Meanwhile, she stole a glance at Han Li and hastily turned her head away when their eyes met.

Han Li replied with a smile.

Disciple Yuan turned to Han Li, “Senior Han, if you are dissatisfied with Martial Niece Hua, we’ll replace her immediately.”

“There is no need. She will do.” Han Li shook his head and entered the building in stride.

The other two closely followed after him.

The building’s interior was well arranged and was to Han Li’s satisfaction. There were a few simple restrictions that prevented cultivators from prying inside as well.

With a few brief words, he sent the disciple away and stayed in the residence.

To tell the truth, he was left somewhat tired as he was traveling ever since he left the Snowchain Mountains. He planned on using this time to take a proper rest and bring himself back to peak performance.

Two days passed with Han Li meditating on the second floor. He had yet to emerge.

If he were to roam as he wished, he would certainly attract the attention of many high-grade cultivators of the sect.

After all, he was a foreign Nascent Soul-grade cultivator. It was impossible for them to not be on guard.

He also had no intention of stirring up trouble. Although he wanted more information on the Great Yin Trueflame, he wouldn’t risk taking action until after he finished refining the Profound Ice Pill.

The removal of Nangong Wan’s Soul Seal Curse was at the top of his list of priorities.

As for the maid that was assigned to serve him, he hadn’t spoken to her apart from telling her to wait outside.

On the morning of the third day, his face began to stir as he sat in meditation. Azure light flickered from his body and a series of booms sounded out. He opened his eyes with a sullen expression.

Someone’s spiritual sense had penetrated the building’s restrictions without any restraint and directly moved to probe his body. As such, he forcefully repelled it.

However, this person’s spiritual sense was no weaker than his. It should’ve belonged to a late-Nascent Soul cultivator.

Han Li’s mind quickly stirred, but before he could think of how to respond, he heard a delicate child’s voice in his ear.

“You’re Fellow Daoist Han? I am Master Arctic Dragon. Would you be interested in meeting me?”

“Master Arctic Dragon?” Han Li’s heart trembled. Wasn’t he North Night Palace’s grand elder?

He was an exceedingly mysterious person. Although he was known to be vastly powerful in the north, it was rather odd how no one had seen him take action. It was almost as if he became the grand elder overnight.

Han Li felt a bit odd, but with his current abilities, he had nothing to fear from a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. He hesitated for a moment before resolving himself and promptly replied through his spiritual sense, “Since Fellow Daoist Arctic Dragon invited me, how could I refuse such kindness. I will immediately head over to  pay my respects!”

Pleased by Han Li’s response, Master Arctic Dragon happily said, “Hehe, very good! My spirit beasts will soon arrive. Fellow Daoist Han will only have to follow it. My residence will be honored by your presence!”

Soon after, white light flashed and the threads of spiritual sense disappeared.

Han Li didn’t immediately move. He stayed still as a light flickered from his eyes, then slowly moving down the stairs.

The doll-faced maid was sitting on a chair on the first floor, looking at a jade slip in her hand. When she saw Han Li descend, she stood up in a panic.

He simply nodded at her and walked out of the building without paying her any further heed.

The maid was left completely shocked, at a loss of what to do. At her cultivation, she couldn't have known what happened on the upper floor.

When Han Li walked outside, he instantly spotted a cat-like beast perched on top of a tree. It glanced at Han Li with eyes glowing yellow. Its body glowed with shining golden fur as if it were made of pure gold.

He narrowed his eyes and examined the small beast before revealing a trace of surprise.

‘A Goldwind Raccoon! These rare creatures should only be in male-female pairs. And it is said their concealment techniques are miraculous beyond compare,’ Han Li muttered to himself. Then, his expression became blank and he swept his gaze to another tree without discovering anything.

Having made sure of Han Li’s identity, the raccoon yelped and golden light flashed from a nearby tree to reveal another small beast. The raccoon was slightly smaller than the one he saw first.

Han Li’s heart trembled. Even with his vast spiritual sense, he wasn’t able to detect it in the slightest.

The two Goldwind Raccoons exchanged a glance and immediately rushed off behind them.

Without another thought, Han Li brightly glowed and he followed after the two beasts in an azure streak.

As he continued to follow them, an inconceivable event occurred.

One of the Goldwind Racoons blurred and disappeared in front of Han Li.

In his alarm, he hastily swept his spiritual sense nearby but to no avail.

He felt his blood run cold. Unwilling to give up, his eyes flickered blue and swept his gaze past his surroundings. He eventually found it near the raccoon guiding him as a shadow-like figure.

Having finally found the beast, Han Li inwardly sighed with relief. If there was something he truly couldn't detect roaming near him, he would be ill at ease.

The two Goldwind Racoons were only somewhat faster than ordinary flight techniques, Han Li was able to easily trail behind them.

On the way, he encountered many inner palace cultivators. They were somewhat shocked upon seeing Han Li’s unfamiliar expression, but when they saw the Goldwind Raccoon flying in front of him, they seemed to realize something and left the matter alone.

Of course, the wouldn’t dare to block Han Li in the first place given his Nascent Soul cultivation.

Following the beasts, he flew swerved across several buildings before arriving at a stone gate in front of the mountain.

The stone gate was about twenty meters tall and shined with a faint yellow light. Talisman characters shined from its surface as if under the effects of a grand restriction.

Han Li came to a stop and looked at it with narrow eyes.

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