Chapter 1073: Soul Devouring

Frightened, the wolf form of Yuan Cha quickly brandished her black flames to meet the oncoming azure threads. But completely against her expectations, a cold snort sounded from the silver lightning and the threads weren’t touched in the slightest.

The devil’s heart sank.

She found herself completely restrained as Silvermoon appeared before her and entered her body in a few rapid flashes.

The huge wolf trembled and its two heads let out a miserable howl.

Its body began to violently twitch and tremble with seizures.

One of the heads suddenly became sluggish for a spell, but soon became filled with life and its fur turned silver. It immediately tilted its head and bit down on the neck of its other head.

The possessor had yet to resign itself. It also bit down on the neck of the other head and the two heads found themselves tearing at each other’s throats.

Just as the battle began, the silver lightning faded away to reveal Han Li holding onto the Heavenvoid Cauldron. Concern was betrayed from his face as he watched the two-headed wolf.

Although the silver head took the first strike, the damage had been instantly healed. Layers of black Qi rushed out from the black wolf head in response and it fought on with rising fervor.

Han Li’s expression sank and he flicked the Heavenvoid Cauldron, resounding a clear ring from it.

The huge wolf that was trapped brilliantly shined with light and it soon tensed. The wolf body was no longer able to move.

Soon after, an arc of lightning leapt from his mouth and struck the black wolf head.

Golden light ruptured and thin arcs jumped in the air, instantly scattering the devilish Qi gathered around the black wolf’s head. It screamed in agony as its devilish Qi greatly decayed.

The other head then took this opportunity to produce a silver wolf phantom. This being stretched forward and took the black head into its mouth before pulling back and tearing along a mass of black light with it.

The light fluctuated in shape with the consistency of mud before finally taking the form of various ghost faces. They all had vicious expressions and exchanged fang and claw with the silver silhouette.

The silver phantom gazed in disdain and it flared with binding light, growing several times in size. It swallowed the black phantom in a single gulp and shrunk, then re-entering the silver wolf head.

In the blink of an eye, the black wolf head stood still and its eyes grew listless. The silver head paid little notice of this and instead curled its head and trembled as if it were in great pain.

Han Li was relieved by the sight of this and flung the cauldron at the wolf, pointing at it several times along the way. Azure mist swept out from it and surrounded the huge wolf into a huge dome.

Afterwards, Han Li looked around him and shot towards the nearby seal with a curious expression.

When he arrived above the rubble of the altar, he held his hand down and flicked several scarlet fireballs.

Following a series of eruptions, a huge hole appeared in front of him. Black light flashed, revealing tiny fragments inside of it.

His human-like puppet grasped and easily summoned them into its grasp.

Under close examination, Han Li found them to be the remains of the Black Wind Flag. Although the treasure had already been destroyed, it still emitted an astonishing amount of spiritual Qi.

Although he didn’t know how to restore the treasure, the materials used to refine it were long extinct. It was difficult to say how much it would cost.

With that done, Han Li glanced in the direction of the huge wolf. Then, he flew to the corner of the spatial pocket all the way near the ceiling.

He came to a stop and wore a solemn face.

He saw a green light floating nearby. A green wooden ruler was slowly turning in the air: the Eight Spirit Ruler.

As a Buddhist treasure, the ruler subdued devilish arts, denying Yuan Cha from using it.

Of course, it would be a different matter if the devil had completely restored her power.

Han Li didn’t dare to rashly interact with the treasure. When he first acquired the Heavenvoid Cauldron, he had nearly lost his life to the Celestial Ice Flames. He didn’t know how the Eight Spirit Ruler would react. With that thought, Han Li had his human-like puppet by his side grab it.

He was overjoyed to see that there was no reaction and took the treasure from the puppet’s hand.

The ruler was extremely smooth, having the cool touch of polished jade, and it twinkled with green light. But to his surprise, there had been no reaction after he poured spiritual power into it.

At that moment, a muffled snort sounded from the huge wolf and an eruption of green light broke it free.

In his alarm, Han Li hastily put away the Eight Spirit Ruler and quickly pointed at the Heavenvoid Cauldron into the distance.

In the blink of an eye, it flew into his grasp in an azure streak.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and carefully looked into the distance.

After the green light faded away, the huge wolf slowly stood up in a graceful manner. Its fur was once again a silver-white, and it was looking at Han Li with its single head.

Han Li rejoiced and immediately flew over, but he stopped halfway when he sensed the wolf’s icy gaze.

His heart jumped and he faintly felt that something was amiss.

The huge wolf blurred and turned into a gorgeous woman of Ling Long’s appearance.

She expressionlessly glanced at Han Li and sneered.

His breath turned frigid, he asked, “You’re Long Meng?”

“Partially. Currently, Long Meng has taken hold as the main soul.” She held up her hand and examined her fingers with some admiration.

Although she appeared calm, a feeling of excitement was betrayed from her eyes.

Han Li’s brow shifted several times and he licked his lips, calmly asking, “What happened to Silvermoon?”

“Nothing. She was simply weakened when she used Soul Devouring, and has now fallen unconscious. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have easily emerged.”

When Han Li heard that Silvermoon was safe, he sighed with relief and calmly asked, “What do you plan on doing now?”

Long Meng raised her brow and icily said, “I plan on returning to the spirit realm. What, do you hate to depart with Xue Ling?”

“You should’ve known that Silvermoon intended on returning to the Spirit Realm. I neither have the ability nor intention to block you.”

“How sensible. Originally, I intended on taking the spirit treasure in your possession, but it seems you lent me your assistance when I devoured the devil soul. And since Xue Ling had made the promise beforehand, I will agree to leave behind the cauldron and Eight Spirit Ruler in your hands. As the chief princess of the Silvermoon Wolves, it is only natural that I keep my word. But in the future, any relationship you have with Xue Ling will be completely severed. Even if you someday ascend to the spirit realm, if you dare to find me, I will immediately kill you.” Ling Long then looked at Han Li with no small amount of hostility.

Han Li gave a tiny scoff and he soon appeared indifferent as if she hadn’t said a thing.

Ling Long didn’t force Han Li into an agreement either. To her, it had only been a declaration. Then, she waved her hand and a black streak flew towards him.

Initially alarmed, Han Li felt relieved after he clearly saw what it was, the knife refined from Black Essence Diamond that was earlier seized by Yuan Cha. If she wanted to return it to him, Han Li wasn’t about to refuse out of politeness. He summoned it into his hand and tossed it to the human-like puppet behind him.

At that moment, Ling Long paid no further attention to him and walked towards the center of the area. After she examined the seal, she unconsciously nodded.

Afterwards, she coldly glanced at Han Li and began to walk towards him.

Ling Long bluntly said, “Give me a few drops of your spirit milk. I need it to open a reverse spirit stream.”

Han Li’s lip twitched, but he slapped his storage pouch regardless, summoning several small bottles into his hand before tossing them at her.

Ling Long swept her sleeve and caught the jade bottles in a single, graceful movement.

She walked to an empty space nearby, sat down cross-legged, and grasped her hand in an incantation gesture. As she slowly chanted, her body floated in the air and silver light surrounded her.

The light turned dazzling, slowly immersing her in her entirety. From a distance, it looked as if she had changed into a silver moon.

Suddenly, Ling Long shut her eyes, breathed out, and summoned the plate formed from the imprint of the Star Defying Plate.

Han Li frowned as he observed what happened.

The plate was somehow provoked and began to condense, creating a spiritual pressure equivalent to top-grade treasures.

Just as Han Li examined this with confusion. The plate spun in the air and it floated above the silver-haired woman’s head making a complete stop.

Ling Long then immediately flicked her fingers down below. Streaks upon streaks of various-colored spell seals struck the plate, absorbing them all into the treasure.

Soon, a vast change occurred.

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