Chapter 1067: Vortex

The black streak that was launched from the puppet was the knife made from a Devil Essence Diamond, the very last of the treasures in Han Li’s reserves.

Only a moment after it was released, it arrived before the giant sphere of black wind.

Soon it entered, and the black winds came to life and the many vortexes within the sphere began to violently stir, the surface visibly warping. The spiritual pressure emitted became chaotic like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

This scene caused Yuan Cha’s smile to freeze. When Ling Long saw this, she was reminded of something and she sighed with a faint smile.

“Impossible! How can a single knife disturb the Black Wind Flag?” Yuan Cha shouted in disbelief. She couldn't continue her incantation with the sphere on the verge of collapse and was forced to point at the black ball in her hand, striking it with a grey spell seal.

Wind tore apart the air and the black ball trembled, channelling a beam of light into the huge wind vortex above it.

Han Li’s expression sank and he had his puppet release a spell seal as well. The knife grew in size before wildly flailing around inside the sphere, disturbing any remote stability it might have gained.

“You’re courting death!” The black-armored woman grew furious at his action and reached out her hand in Han Li’s direction, condensing a massive spiritual pressure above him.

Han Li’s heart trembled as he immediately thought to move, but Ling Long had acted sooner. She gently waved her hand in his direction, resulting in a resounding boom. A black devil claw and the white hand collided in midair, producing glittering black-white light and crackles of tearing space.

“Did you forget that I’m here too?” Ling Long smiled, rigidly staring at Yuan Cha.

With an expression as cold as ice, Yuan Cha remained silent. She knew that Ling Long didn’t have a physical body and received a heavy injury from her original self, but she still wasn’t an enemy she could easily face.

“So it seems it’ll take some time before victory is certain, I can’t delay this any longer!” Yuan Cha saw that the giant wind sphere was about to lose control and took a deep breath. Then, her figure blurred, disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

Ling Long paused, then wore a harsh expression in realization. Her head of silver hair flicked forward, shooting towards an empty space beneath the sphere.

But before her silver hair arrived, black Qi suddenly condensed to form a three-meter-large black wolf with two heads.

The wolf revealed surprise upon seeing silver hairs shoot towards it, but it soon turned to disdain. It shook its body and released spikes of sparkling black fur from its back like a barrage of arrows. As the attacks collided, deafening clangs rang from the air.

The wolf then used this opportunity to dive straight into the sphere of wind.

The sphere violently trembled for just a moment before it became entirely stabilized.

At the same time, Han Li sensed that the black knife became slowed as if it had sunk into a pit of tar.

In his alarm, he ordered the puppet to channel all of its spiritual power into the knife to forcibly recall it. But an icy snort sounded from the sphere, and the knife trembled before losing connection with the puppet’s spiritual sense.

Without another thought, he clapped his hands together and raised them, releasing two foot-thick bolts of lightning in the air. Meanwhile, the flying swords circling in front of them vibrated before roaring with thunder. Countless arcs of lightning leapt between them and condensed together into one sixty-meter-long flood dragon.

The dragon of dancing lightning roared ceaselessly as soon and brandished claws and fangs as it appeared. As soon as the dragon took form, Han Li commanded it in overbearingly charge at the giant wind sphere.

His grand and imposing use of the Divine Devilbane Lightning was well noticed by everyone.

The giant sphere of black wind was condensed from pure devilish Qi. If it were struck by the lightning, they would dissipate, given that Yuan Cha didn’t pull any further tricks.

Currently caught in a deadlock fighting off the black spikes, Ling Long gasped upon seeing the lightning dragon.

Although she had some understanding of the power of Han Li’s Divine Devilbane Lightning from Silvermoon’s memories, this was the first time she personally witnessed it. The lightning's might came as a shock to her.

Within the sphere, the two-headed wolf had restrained the black knife using a transparent ooze. When she saw the golden dragon roll forth its eyes stained crimson and both of its heads released beams of red light.

In the blink of an eye, the two attacks collided. Suddenly lightning wildly danced and the stench of blood choked the air. The blood managed to hold off the lightning for the time being.

When Ling Long saw the red light, she tensely scowled and furiously shouted, “You dare to destroy my body like this?” 

The crimson beam was the wolf body’s blood essence. It was only natural that its sacrificial use would anger its original master.

“Why should I give any consideration to a body with a dead owner?” Yuan Cha sneered, but her voice sounded far weaker than before.

Ling Long’s face warped from anger, but she soon calmed down, “How arrogant! Your spiritual sense is no longer at Deity Transformation stage. Will you still be able to detonate the Black Wind Flag? And even so, could it even break the seal?”

“Should you already know that?”  Yuan Cha looked down at the ball of light at the altar and sinisterly smiled. It had been fueling the wind sphere with devilish Qi this entire them. She then set her plan into motion.

The huge sphere dazzlingly flared with black radiance and a loud shriek whistled. All of the vortexes contained within combined into a single thirty-meter-wide vortex that flickered with light. The two-headed wolf was at the center, breathing out black radiance onto a small black flag.

Soon after, the vortex emitted an astonishing spiritual pressure, followed by clouds of rainbow light being released.

As the light swept through the air, it left specks of dust in its wake, only to be later absorbed by the vortex and increasing its power.

The lotus-form of the Eight Spirit Ruler seemed to have reacted and its light faded to return to its original form as a sma;; green wooden ruler. Then with a cry, it summoned eight of its spirit beast phantoms around it, charging into the mist without a trace of hesitation.

Ling Long’s expression vastly changed and she clasped her hand in an incantation gesture, spitting out the Star Defying Plate from her mouth. She then pointed at it and had it spin in the air, quickly growing three-meters-wide.

She pressed her hand on the top of the plate with her fingers stretched out, crystalline light soon flourishing out from her body. Then, golden starlight shined from the surface of the plate and stretched out from its center.

When the two-headed wolf saw the black vortex, it looked down in disgust as if it held her actions in contempt.

At that moment, a great amount of white light had entered the sphere, causing the space nearby it to distort like wrinkled paper. The closer the area to the vortex, the more warped space became.

When Han Li saw this, he felt his breath turn cold. Having witnessed immensely powerful spatial tears in the past, his body blurred as he backed as far as he could in the space containing them, his puppet following suit. While he did this, he also sent a few voice transmissions.

Gui Ling’s and Lin Yinping’s brows fell as they were fighting the three-headed devil to a stalemate. They suddenly retreated towards the back wall of the area.

Corpse Xiong and Daoist Sevenwonders also heard the conversation between Yuan Cha and Ling Long. With the strange changes in the black vortex, they knew that things had turned for the worse. With the retreat from the two women, they followed suit and withdrew in streaks of light.

Having suddenly lost its opponents, the three-headed devil paused in surprise, but it soon flew into a rage and blurred from sight, instantly moving in front of Daoist Sevenwonders. It waved its weapons, forcibly halting his path in an explosion of black light.

Either by the short time the large-headed eccentric had turned into the devil or the corruption of turning into an Elder Devil, he wasn’t particularly clever. After setting its eyes on Sevenwonders, it blinked several times without any restraint on its magic power and began to chase him, preventing him from straying very far from the altar.

Sevenwonders’ heart sank.

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