Rise Crew Reviews: League of Legends of Battle System (Teaser)

Rise Crew Reviews:


Hey guys! It’s Shanks here and I found a doozy of a novel for us to look at together. Honestly, it was pretty hard deciding what kind of novel to go with for our first Rise Crew Reviews. I jumped between terrible romance novels to bad cultivation novels to plain smut. Then I was thinking, maybe I can learn something from the wise sages of the past? So, I went and searched for old esports novels until I landed on this one! Today, we’re going to check out one of  the predecessors to Rise–⁠League of Legends of Battle System. 

The genre is esports. A relatively new genre? But really, it’s in the same category as regular sports stories. We’ll probably see elements like the protagonist wanting to be the very best, forming bonds and building friendships, and a big tournament arc the story is building up to. The formula is pretty overused by this point. But what matters is the execution, right?

So without further adieu, let’s get into the synopsis: 

“A no name passers-by, time and again the ultimate operation, a perfect mvp. He is the league’s number one master! Long-term dominate the national dress, Hanbok first! He hoisted all the king, abused professional players, eventually led the team to win the world championship, become the first ray of League of Legends! All this because of the emergence of a magical system!”

Dev: Okay. First things first. What does Hanbok mean, Shanks? 

Shanks: No idea. 

Dev: What does it mean in Chinese? 

Shanks: It sounds more Korean than it does Chinese. 

Dev: This is a CN webnovel, right? That means this is translated from Chinese, not Korean. 

Sietse: The first sentence is clearly a diversion. The real information comes from the third one. There we learn that our main character sees himself as Hanbok the first. My guess is that he’s going to build a dynasty of people wearing national dresses. He will be hoisted up as king and abuse every professional player standing in his way, which is easier because he doesn’t need to pull his pants down; he just has to lift his dress up. 

Shanks: I went and actually searched for the raws. Hanbok the first is a mistranslation for the Korean server, but this works too. I actually like it better this way. Matches the underlying theme of all the popular esports novels these days.

Dev: That’s what we’re missing in Rise. We need a real Yaoi element. Lin Feng is a nice shounen protagonist, but we need a spicy yaoi chapter between Nightsong and Daybreak Hermes. Or Ouyang and Liu Yue. That’s how we’ll get all the fujoshis to come read Rise! 

Shanks: I could totally see a BL ship going between Ouyang and Liu Yue. The admiring kouhai and the uncool senpai trying hard not to show how uncool he is! 

Sietse: We already have Shanks x Devs. Why would we need Ouyang and Liu Yue, or Nightsong and Hermes? Let’s just focus on the love that’s right in front of us here. On that note. Lin Feng dating League. Hear me out. League of Legends is the magical system. It’s...

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