Chapter 58 - What in the world? (4)

[Your connection to the Gemini god has been severed.]

Accompanying the voice, Heiji screamed. ‘No!’ 

She was sure of it now. Her power was dissipating! ‘My contract with the Gemini god was severed!’ Something shocking had occurred.


[The Gemini Saint’s power is fading away.]

The first ones to realize the change were the Gemini’s disciples.

* * *

Japan, The Gemini Saint’s Holy Ground!

The Japanese Gemini General, who had been about to head toward the battlefield, came to a stop. The other generals followed suit.

“General Ken! General Ryu! What are you doing!”

“We have to hurry up and carry out the plan!”

After the destruction of the Gemini Saint’s holy ground, all the generals of the Gemini Temple had gathered to restore the holy ground. To do so, they had even stopped their conquest against the monsters. 

Moreover, the disciples of the Gemini Saint were gathered at the mainland. With their holy ground destroyed, the protection preventing the monsters from entering their territory had disappeared. Naturally, monsters were starting to crawl out of the Pacific Ocean.


The monsters had crawled out of the ocean and moved toward the disciples. However, the disciples of the Gemini temple weren’t even thinking about fighting the monsters. Why?

‘We’re not crazy enough to fight all of these monsters.’

Yes, the monsters from oceans were troublesome to deal with. Only the Pisces Saint, who was the strongest in the waters, had an easier time against them. These monsters pulled humans into the ocean to drown them; they also ate humans by luring them into the waters.

Therefore, most disciples generally chose to push the responsibility of dealing with ocean monsters to others.

‘They must be nuts if they think I’ll take that risk.’

‘I don’t want to waste our potions fighting them.’

Due to this, the other Gemini generals were secretly funneling the monsters in front of them toward the Korean Gemini general. They were sending the monsters to Korea’s shores.

Alongside Soul Invocation, the teleportation spell was the patent spell of the Gemini Saint. These generals used the teleportation spell to send the monsters away from them. It was a harmless act, one that would be beneficial for the Gemini.

‘If Korea feels threatened, I’m sure they’ll ask surrounding countries for help. They’ll depend on the Pisces Saint.’

It was a great plan. Of course, the monsters were high in number, but Korea wasn’t too far from Japan. 

However, things didn’t work out as planned.

“The Gemini Saint’s magical energy is fading away!”

“What? What do you mean!”

“We can’t use our magic!”

“We can’t send them away using teleport!”


Inevitably, the Gemini’s disciples started to panic. They had no idea at all whether magic had stopped working altogether or it was just the teleportation spell.

“Shit! Get ready for battle!”

The disciples and generals yelled in desperation.

“Where is Choi Sunghyuk!”

“What are you talking about! We kept the Korean branch out of the loop with this plan!”

Veins popped out on the generals’ necks.

“What about Chun Sungjae!”

Normally, they would’ve ignored Chun Sungjae. Who cared if he was good at killing monsters? His faith was low, so he was inferior to them, who had received blessings from their god.

Chun Sungjae was young. He wouldn’t dare to leave the Gemini temple so easily. With those thoughts, they had ignored and bullied the young man with glee. However, that didn’t change the fact that Chun Sungjae was their ace. He was one of their core fighters when it came to killing monsters. In the most famous battle the Gemini temple had conducted, Chun Sungjae had killed forty percent of the monsters by himself.

“That kid can kill those monsters! Hurry up and call him!”

“I called him earlier… He said he’s going to leave the Gemini temple. He told us to not contact him…”

“What? What kind of nonsense is that!”

The monsters from the Pacific Ocean were close to reaching them.

“Can anyone use their spells yet!”

“No, we can’t! Our connection to our god has been severed!”

The generals’ faces turned pale. What the hell had happened?

“Let’s try to hold out using rental skills!”

“Shit! We can’t use rental skills either!”

In the end, screams rang out within the Yin & Yang palace.

* * *

At that moment, having lost her connection to her god, Heiji felt like she was losing her mind. The reason for this was Chun Sungjae.

The young man had said, “Uncle. It’s the Gemini’s disciples. Looks like they got fucked while they were secretly sending monsters to Korea. I’m not sure why, but they suddenly can’t use their magic.”

Heiji was no longer able to speak. Was this really the Chun Sungjae that she had come to know? ‘That cute child is now!’

The kid had been diligent, and he got along with his comrades. He even took on tasks that nobody wanted to do. His worth ethic and professionalism were beyond approach, so why…! ‘Why is he acting this way?’

Of course, Chun Sungjae had to take on those tasks because his superiors bullied him. But there was no way Heiji would have known that. However, that wasn’t important right now.

‘The Gemini’s disciples are unable to use their magic.’

Heiji was sure of it now. She had expected this, but it seemed like her god was dealing with some unknown problem. ‘The source of the disciples’ power are the gods.’

If she had to make a comparison, the gods were a power plant. The Saints were substations and power transmission stations, the conduits that distributed the power to the disciples. This situation meant a power failure had occurred. The disciples’ access to their power was severed. This meant either there was a problem with the god or the Saint.

Since the problem wasn’t with her… ‘There is a problem on the side of the god.’

This had happened as soon as Lee Gun had placed his hand on her.

‘It was an odd energy.’ As the Gemini Saint, Heiji’s perception ability was excellent. This was why she knew. The skill that Lee Gun had used just before wasn’t a normal skill. It wasn’t a rental skill either.

Heiji had no choice but to glare at Lee Gun. “Answer me, Lee Gun! What the hell did you do!”

Lee Gun grinned. As for what did he do…

[Act Forbidden by the Gods (F)] He had used his newly learned skill as an experiment. In truth, he was going to deal with the Gemini Saint using the Crab Saint’s data.

[Cut of the Abyss (SS)] (Royal Skill)

- (1/1)

- Can cut anything.

He had thought a Royal skill would work against a god. There was another reason he had picked that skill.

‘Cancer is a god that specializes in cutting.’ This was why the Crab Saint could divide himself. It was a specialized ability of the Cancer to be able to cut anything. This included living beings and souls. In theory, the Cancer Saint should be able to segment memories and loyalty.

At one time, the treacherous Crab Saint had attempted to sever the relationship between Hugo and Lee Gun. ‘That was why I beat him to an inch of his life.’

Of course, the Crab Sant’s plan had ultimately failed. Still, that had made Lee Gun pick up this skill. Why?

‘If I’m lucky, wouldn’t I be able to sever the connection between the Gemini god and the Gemini Saint?’

If that skill could cut anything, why wouldn’t it be able to cut their connection? ‘Basically, it should destroy the contract between the god and the Saint.’

A Saint couldn’t properly use their power without their god. This meant, a Saint could be killed, but this wouldn’t paralyze the god.

‘That’s what happened in reality. I killed that asshat Yang Wei, but it didn’t paralyze his god.’ There must be a special clause in the contract. 

Of course, a god couldn’t properly use their power without the Saint either. So, what would happen if the contract was severed? ‘I would effectively bind the god’s feet.’

No one had attempted to experiment on this theory. The Crab Saint certainly hadn’t. It was beyond the realm of humans. In the first place, the Crab Saint had failed to sever the connection between Hugo and Lee Gun. However…

‘I could probably do it.’ It was possible in theory. And thus, Lee Gun had decided to be bold. He had attempted to sever the connection between a god and the Saint.

However, at that moment…

[<Abyss Cut> The repercussion from severing the connection between a god and its Saint is too severe.]

[Breaking the rule of the gods is dangerous.]

[Also, the quality of the skill is too degraded to carry out this task.]

[If you want to carry out this task, you need a more specialized skill]

Lee Gun hesitated. Those words meant accomplishing this task was possible, but the skill was too inferior for that. Lee Gun had been left with no choice. He had been about to give up on that, but something surprising had happened.

“Why would I?”

The change had occurred as soon as Chun Sungjae rejected the Gemini Saint.

[You have satisfied the condition.]

[You can now use ‘Act Forbidden by the Gods (F)’]

This was the last skill Lee Gun had learned, and it was finally released. As of now, he had acquired five new Divine skills.

[Serpent Bearer’s Divine skill]

- Super Regeneration (E)

- Hundred Poison Resistance (F)

- Get hit instead of me (F)

- Holy Ground Management (F)

- Act Forbidden by the Gods (F)

Lee Gun had never been able to use <Act Forbidden by the Gods> as it had never been released. The conditions required to release it were quite troublesome.

[Caution! <Act Forbidden by the Gods> is a dangerous skill that goes against the rules.]

[Conditions needed: Anger a god!]

Due to that condition, Lee Gun had gleefully experimented on Hugo. He had been trying to anger the Sagittarius. However, the condition was never satisfied no matter how he had tormented the Archer Saint. Lee Gun only accumulated provocation and attack stats. That had made him wonder what kind of anger was needed.

However, when Chun Sungjae betrayed his temple, the condition had been instantly satisfied.

[You stole a high-ranking disciple treasured by a god.]

[You have succeeded in angering a god]

[You can now use ‘Act Forbidden by the Gods(F)’ since the condition has been fulfilled.]

<Act Forbidden by the Gods (F)>

- Ability: Carry out forbidden acts as a god.

- You will develop a new ability after every rank upgrade.

- Cooldown time: 720 hours

After fulfilling the condition, Lee Gun immediately used the pertinent skill.

[You have activated ‘Act Forbidden by the Gods (F)’]

[Cut Connection]

- It is indiscriminate. This includes memories, connections, loyalty, etc. It severs all worldly connections.

When Lee Gun extended his hand toward Heiji, the result came out.

[You have severed the current connection between the Gemini god and the Gemini Saint.]

This had precipitated the current situation.

Back to the present!

After cutting the connection between the Gemini god and the Gemini Saint, Lee Gun let out a wicked laugh.

[All the masters are shocked, and they are starting to focus on you.]

[All the familiars are cheering.]

[The masters are starting to put on their guards against you.]

Heiji’s first reaction was fear. It was to be expected. ‘There is no way this ends like this.’

Lee Gun had provoked a god. Moreover, the Gemini was more violent than the other gods. And as she expected…


A deafening roar rang out, and something hit the ground. The Chun siblings looked at their surroundings in surprise. A suffocating killing intent had started to encircle the heavens.

[The Two-faced god has lost its precious Saint.]

[The Two-faced God has lost control of itself. It is very angry.]

[The god is about to cross over to this world right now.]


Another earthquake erupted at that moment.

[The Two-faced God is revealing its power.]

[It is aiming for the Serpent Bearer.]

In a flash, the sky darkened and the ground shook. It seemed as if the sky was about to fall.

“What the hell!”

Birds screamed as they flew into the sky; dogs barked.

Lee Gun was also on edge. When he had started to gun for the Zodiac Saints, he knew facing the gods was part of the package. The gods and the Saints were tied at the hips.  Of course, it wasn’t as if he planned on taking on a god without any preparation.

‘It’s an opportunity for me to test this.’ Lee Gun took something out from his pocket.

[The Two-faced God has located your coordinates.]

[It has found a temporary body it could descend into.]

An incredible killing intent fell from the sky. It seemed as if lightning was descending from the ceiling. The Gemini god had chosen a temporary body to descend into. And this body was none other than Lee Gun’s!

[Caution! The Two-faced God is trying to descend into your body!]

[It is trying to destroy your body!]

As if he had expected this, Lee Gun smiled.

Finally, lightning descended from the heavens, heading straight toward Lee Gun. When Chun Sungjae and Chun Yooha realized this, they screamed.

“Uncle! Look out!”

Only a Saint could accept a god into their body. If the god tried to borrow the body of a non-believer, that person would immediately die!


Amidst all this, Lee Gun activated the item in his pocket.


Something surprising happened.

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