Chapter 994 - Drunk

Chapter 994 - Drunk

Situ bitterly smiled. When he picked up the wine jug, he found that there was no wine left. So he took a big jug out from his bag and broke the seal. He drank directly from it and allowed the wine to drip down the corner of his mouth.

After putting down the wine jug, he sighed and said, “Luckily, this old man is clever and came up with an extreme way to resist this poison. I used a female cultivator as my cultivation furnace. Through a special pair cultivation method, I was able to stimulate the Seventh Heaven, making it remain in the first stage. This is how I was able to delay it until now!”

The killing intent in Wang Lin’s cold gaze exploded as he looked up at the stars. His killing intent toward planet Feng Luan that pushed Situ Nan into this state was monstrous!

Wang Lin slowly asked, “Does planet Feng Luan have Nirvana Shatterer cultivators?”

Situ Nan shook his head and said “There are no Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, at most mid stage Nirvana Cleanser. There aren’t even any late stage or peak late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators. It’s just… there are a lot of Nirvana Cleanser cultivators on planet Feng Luan, and adding on their helpers, there are more than 10!”

Wang Lin sneered as he nodded and said, “We definitely have to get revenge, but more importantly, we need to focus on how to get rid of your poison!”

Situ Nan’s eyes lit up and he said, “I do have some plans regarding this. Those damn women from planet Feng Luan had the poison but not the antidote. The real antidote should be in the Celestial Realm! Once the Rain Celestial Realm opens, I’ll head there and perhaps I can find it.”

Wang Lin’s expression changed and he asked, “Celestial Realm? Was this poison refined by the Rain Celestial Realm?”

Situ Nan nodded and said, “From the records I found, it was refined by the Rain Celestial Realm.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He still had the pagoda from Zhou Yi. Inside there laid Celestial Lord Qing Shuang’s corpse. Qing Shuang was a Celestial Lord of the Rain Celestial Realm!

“Back in the day, I found various clues pointing to the fact that inside that mysterious cave in the Demon Spirit Land lies the strongest Celestial Emperor from the past, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin! This Qing Lin was Qing Shuang’s father, and he may have a way to revive her. Once she revives, it will be easy to cure this poison!”

Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he looked at Situ Nan and slowly said, “Perhaps there is no need to go to the Rain Celestial Realm to find the antidote!” At this moment, he told Situ Nan what happened in the Demon Spirit Land, as well as his own deduction.

As Situ Nan listened, there was a mysterious light in his eyes. After Wang Lin finished speaking, he pondered a bit and smiled. “That sounds good. I’ll risk it and see what happens. Either way, even if there was no such thing, I’d still to go to the Demon Spirit Land with you. Now we might be able to kill two birds with one stone!”

“As for planet Feng Luan, they can’t escape!” The killing intent inside Wang Lin’s eyes was strong. He had always been one to not bother others if they didn’t offend him. However, since Situ Nan was pushed into such a state, they had touched his bottom line!

They began drinking and talking on the peak again until it was dawn. After Situ Nan finished drinking the last jug of wine in his bag, he looked at Wang Lin for a while before revealing a strange smile. “I say… Little Lin, could it be that you, a piece of wood, has gained enlightenment....”

Wang Lin was startled, and he subconsciously rubbed his nose. He didn’t really understand what Situ Nan meant.

“Don’t be silly. If you say your purpose for coming to planet Water Spirit isn’t those two girls, I won’t believe you!” Situ Nan revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“I originally wanted take those two girls to make them your concubines, but I didn’t think you’d move even faster than me. You had already come here. Although gaining intimacy as an influential person is not bad, I still have to scold you. You’re not young anymore, yet you’re still playing these games of chasing girls. If it was me, I would’ve just taken them directly.

“Later, once the rice is cooked, so what if she is unwilling? Even if she wasn’t willing, she’d still have to be willing for this old man!” Situ Nan snorted and continued, “Thinking back to when I was the Suzaku, I did this many times. If I fancied them, I’d just take them; who would dare to say no?”

Wang Lin wryly smiled. He understood Situ Nan too much and didn’t doubt Situ Nan had done such things. After letting out a dry cough, Wang Lin shook his head. “I don’t have any ideas about those two juniors. It’s just that one of them is somewhat fated with me, but not as a dao partner.”

After he spoke, Wang Lin’s expression became bleak. He thought of Li Muwan, who was inside the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin. Then there was also Liu Mei, who made him feel extremely complex and always made him feel a stab of pain.

“Liu Mei probably isn’t be dead…” Wang Lin looked at the sky. He became aware of this after returning to the Alliance Star System. It was a kind of an intuition, a sense for the future he gained after cultivating for over 1,000 years and entering the second step.

Situ Nan naturally saw the pain hidden deep within Wang Lin’s eyes and let out a sigh. He knew a bit about the matter between Wang Lin and Li Muwan. This was why he wanted to find a suitable female cultivator for his brother, so Wang Lin could walk away from that sadness.

He didn’t know that before Wang Lin’s sadness could heal, it was mercilessly ripped open again  by Liu Mei. This caused an irreparable pain that was forever engraved in his soul.

Wang Lin’s love life had been very sad. Li Muwan’s departure allowed him to learn to cherish, but by the time he understood it, the person he cherished was gone!

The kind of life where one lived alone among the stars was not something one could understand without living such a life themselves.

His interactions with Liu Mei caused him great amounts of pain. He spent 100 years resolving the resentment Wang Pin had, but it couldn’t dissolve the pain in Wang Lin’s heart.

He picked up the last jug of wine on the table and mercilessly took a drank. He put it down with a bang and laughed. “Situ, you once taught me that the cultivation world is cruel and runs on the law of the jungle. If one is careless for a moment, they will perish. If you wish to live, you must become merciless and vicious. Only then do you have the qualifications to survive!

“I have learned how to become vicious, and I have slaughtered during my more than 1,300 years of cultivation. I’ve also learned loneliness, but I have lost far too much...

“I’ve lost my parents, my family, my lover, my child, my happiness, my everything! Sometimes, I ask myself ‘what am I after!’”

Situ Nan silently pondered as he looked at Wang Lin. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything. He was always arrogant and overbearing, but his heart was shaken by Wang Lin’s words.

“When Mother and Father died, I was devastated, but too weak to change anything. I could only change that anger into a demonic flame until the day it erupted!

“When Li Muwan died, I was unable to change fate and recover her from the reincarnation cycle. I could only helplessly watch her become old until she died...

“You still don’t know that due to the accident with me and Liu Mei, she became pregnant with my flesh and blood. However, what was sent to me was a soul that had absorbed hundreds of years of resentment. A child that resented its father!

“All of this was caused by cultivation. If I didn’t cultivate, although I’d be one with the earth right now, none of this sadness would have fallen on me…”

Wang Lin’s face was filled with bitterness. He couldn’t say any of this to anyone else in the world. Only one person would let him vent all the bitterness he had experienced in this thousand years, and that person was Situ!

Only Situ, the one who had watched him start as an ignorant teenager until he walked on the true path of cultivation and finally left planet Suzaku!

While Situ Nan pondered, he picked up the wine jug and handed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted it and drank another big mouthful before laughing. “Cultivators can’t even feel drunk when drinking!”

His laugh drifted in the air and was filled with sadness and sorrow.

“If you want to be drunk, then I’ll let you be drunk!” Situ Nan touched his bag and immediately took out a purple jade bottle and placed it on the table.

“This wine was brewed in the Celestial Realm, and there isn’t much left. I found it by accident, and although it can’t increase cultivation, one drop is enough for you to feel drunk like a mortal!” Situ Nan sent the wine over to Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin, with me here, you can become drunk once!”

Wang Lin grabbed the bottle, and without looking at it, he drank a mouthful. As this mouthful of wine went down his throat, he felt a spiciness rise up in his throat. Then hot air gathered in his abdomen and rose through his body.

“Cultivation, cultivation, did you know that once I sent the ashes of an old friend to his hometown? Do you know what I heard, Situ?” Wang Lin took the bottle and drank once more. Bitterness filled his eyes.

“The apricot tree blooms white flowers. The daughter won’t be taken by a daoist family. Last year, Lang the Second went up the mountain, and a year later, Lang the First was a bag of bones. The cry of the daughter accompanies the dead but takes the coffin as family… The apricot tree blooms white flowers and children shouldn’t be taken by daoists. If asked about my age, I still haven’t found my dao. The dog barks, the cat scratches, scaring the daoist back home.”

This nursery rhyme that came from Wang Lin’s mouth contained a trace of sadness. A trace of his helplessness and enlightenment from more than 1,300 years of cultivation. When Situ Nan heard this, his hand trembled.

“Cultivating for more than 1,000 years. How many life and death situations have I faced to reach my current cultivation level? Was it all worth it? I don’t dare to ask… I don’t dare to think about the joys I’d have if I didn’t cultivate...

“Because I have already walked into the life of a cultivator, it is too difficult to quit! Too many things force me to continue on. If I become timid, I won’t be able to continue cultivating!

“Situ, I had a child you’ll never meet. His name was Wang Ping. I named him myself so that he would live a happy and peaceful life of a mortal… To never cultivate… During his lifetime, he asked me three times why he couldn’t cultivate… Why… Was it because he couldn’t cultivate or because I didn’t want him to become like me!”

Wang Lin held the wine cup and drank it all. He felt a slight dizziness in his head. The only other time he had felt drunk like this was when he secretly drank some of his dad’s rice wine when he was a kid.

“What I pursue is something no one can understand. What I pursue is something only I know…” Wang Lin’s body swayed. He was drunk...

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