Chapter 987 - Self Created Spell, Sundered Night

Chapter 987 - Self Created Spell, Sundered Night

Liu Wen was originally an unknown ancient cultivator. Although he was talented, he was not outstanding. However, he left the first record of Shi Divine Sense!

No one knew how he had achieved Shi Divine Sense or how long this state lasted. Was it only for moment or was it eternal?

However, Wang Lin knew Liu Wen was previously a cultivator with no fame in the cultivation world. After he went into close door cultivation, and came out he became a terrifying existence in the cultivation world. What made him terrifying was that no one had seen any of his spells before.

If that was all, it wouldn’t be surprising, but all of Liu Wen’s spells were extremely powerful and contained the dao of the heavens. It set off a storm in ancient times.

Too many people wanted to know the secret, and so a bloodbath began. No matter how many people attacked, and even when some old monsters who normally never bothered with such things moved, none of them were able to get a hold of Liu Wen. It was as if he could predict all the dangers and avoid them!

Later, he realized he couldn’t resist everyone with just his power and disappeared. He became a strange legend in the ancient cultivation world. It wasn’t until people later that realized that he must have entered one of the three great realms. It couldn’t be the Ji Realm, so it had to be the Dao Realm or the Shi Realm.

As for the which one, after combining everything that had happened, they determined it was the Shi Realm!

After thinking about how Liu Wen was able to use all those unheard of spells, a rumor stating that the Shi Realm would allow one to create their own world spread… And now those rumors that couldn’t be confirmed had spread far and wide.

The Ji Realm was death and the Shi Realm was life!

Wang Lin didn’t know any of this. At this moment, he was immersed in this state, but he couldn’t grasp it. He was unable to be immersed in it and merely hovered outside it.

There was always that opportunity before him, but whenever he tried to grab it, he would find that nothing was there. Wang Lin almost never had this feeling before.

Wang Lin watched the sun completely set and the darkness took over once more. Only the sound of the waves faintly entered his ears.

Wang Lin wasn’t anxious, and he had always been perseverant. During his youth, he was able to climb up the mountain in the Heng Yue Sect with his weak body. If he didn’t have the perseverance, he wouldn’t have become the Wang Lin he was today.

He calmly looked at the sky. Since he wouldn’t grasp that chance, then he was simply going to wait. Wait for the sunrise and sunset, wait for that opportunity to become even more clear, until the moment he can grasp it!

Ling Er woke up at late into the night. As her eyelashes trembled, she slowly opened her eyes. What she saw was the starry night sky, and she silently sat up. She looked at Wang Lin in the distance. Under the moonlight, she could see Wang Lin’s sharp face.

After she awakened, it was as if a seal had been opened in his mind. She was able to see a lot of vague memories. However, these memories were simply too old, and when she looked at Wang Lin, she entered a trance.

Her eyes had no focus, and she was actually not looking at Wang Lin. Even if Wang Lin wasn’t here, she’d still be like this.

The memories from the past moved within Ling Er’s mind. It wasn’t until dawn arrived that her mind recall the moment right before she passed out. Touching her forehead, Ling Er’s eyes lit up. The dream that had puzzled her for years now was resolved. She pondered for a long time before standing up. Then she walked toward Wang Lin and respectfully said, “God slave Mu Ling greets ancient god.”

Wang Lin nodded slightly and calmly said, “You can go back. Don’t bother me again.”

Wang Lin’s words were the highest command for Ling Er. She bowed and she shook the bells on her wrist. The crane came and she jumped on the crane’s back.

She turned back to carefully look at Wang Lin. There was a trace of confusion before she sighed and left with the crane.

Wang Lin didn’t bother with Ling Er; his gaze was locked onto the distant sea. Not long after, the sun appeared over the horizon and light gradually filled the world.

That strange feeling became stronger once more. However, even after the sun rose into the air, Wang Lin still wasn’t enlightened.

Time slowly passed and days went by. Wang Lin had forgotten how long he had been sitting here for. He even noticed that the Chen brothers, Master Hollow Wind, and Big Head had all come here.

He was constantly looking into the distance, and his eyes were bloodshot. However, he didn’t care about this at all. It was as if everything in the world had disappeared, and the only thing that mattered was the moment the sun rose.

The three Chen brothers were floating in the air five kilometers away from the peak. They could see the lone, motionless figure on the peak.

“It has been one month…” Master Yi Long was very puzzled. He frowned and asked, “What is he comprehending?”

Master Yi Xing shook his head and slowly said, “For a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator to comprehend for this long, it must be an extremely powerful spell!”

Master Yi Chen pondered for a long time before he shook his head. “I don’t think so. Did you two not notice that there are no fluctuations of origin energy or divine sense? Yet we can’t approach. There is something happening here that we don’t understand. Also, I have a feeling that he is comprehending dao!”

“Comprehending dao!” Master Yi Long’s eyes lit up. After looking for a long time, he nodded. “Very likely!”

Master Yi Xing said, “Although there is no origin energy, if anyone steps within 100 feet of him, they get pushed out by a powerful force after three steps!”

“As for the powerful force that stops us from entering, I discovered that it seems to be created by the world itself. When I tried to enter, it was as if I was facing the roaring sea.” Master Yi Long frowned.

Master Yi Chen calmly said, “Let’s just watch for now. If he really is comprehending dao, it is a rare experience for the three of us. Perhaps watching him will help the three of us.” Then the three of them simply sat down in the air and looked at Wang Lin in the distant peak.

Far from the three of them, Master Hollow Wind’s eyes lit up. He slooked at the peak and thought, “He doesn’t seem to be comprehending dao… However, whatever he is doing is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me…. But what will happen once I break this seal…”

Master Hollow Wind was struggling in his heart.

Big Head, Ta Shan, and Lei Ji all came here. After all, Wang Lin had been cultivating here for a whole month, so the three of them couldn’t help but be concerned.

As the sun rose and set, time quickly went by. Another month had passed.

Wang Lin’s eyes were completely bloodshot. He had forgotten everything as he stared at the surface of the sea. As every sunrise and sunset passed, he found that the opportunity had become more clear.

On this day, it was the ninth day of the third month.

Dark clouds covered the sky and muffled thunder came from within the clouds. Soon, large drops of rain began to fall.

In the distance, as the rain fell, ripples were set off. The raging waves of the sea seemed to be fighting the heavens.

In the rain, there seemed to be a curtain of cloth over the sun, making it blurry. Just as the light appeared, it seemed to be devoured by the dark clouds.

The sun seem to struggle to appear from the rain. At this moment Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He had a very strong feeling that after 2 months of waiting he had reached the most critical moment!

The current him became extremely focused on the sunrise as if he was going become one with the sunrise.

The thunder roared and the rain fell but it couldn’t stop Wang Lin’s eyes. It wasn’t able to stop him from being immersed and wasn’t able to stop the eventual sunrise!

As the sun struggled to raise up into the sky where a small portion was still under the sea Wang Lin something explode in his mind. He could clearly feel that chance was rapidly condensing like threads before him and then finally entered his body.

At this instant Wang Lin’s body trembled violently as if he was having an out of body experience!

He saw the sun struggled to raise out from the sea. It was as if the sea was the month and the sun was the baby. At the moment of daw the mother gave birth to the sun!

The moment the sun was borth an unimaginable force that spread out. This power was the light that torn apart the night. This power was strong enough to reverse the heaven, to shake the heavens, to cause the night to collapse into countless fragments, and be replaced with light!

Sundered Night was born from the sun rising over the sea!

“It’s this power!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and his mind entered a mysterious state. The moment of sunrise was locked in his mind, the power to torn the night away!

“Now!” Master Hollow Wind’s eyes turned cold. He waited for 2 month and couldn’t find a way to deal with what comes after breaking the seal. However in did come up with one other method and that was to kill Wang Lin!

“Kill him and all the seal will be broken!” Master Hollow Wind’s eyes lit up, he charged forward the moment Wang Lin comprehended that force.

However just as he stepped within 100 feet Master Hollow Wind’s expression changed greatly. It was as if he saw something he didn’t dare to believe. Shock and fear filled his eyes!

“This… What is this…”

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