Chapter 986 - Starting Condition

Chapter 986 - Starting Condition

Five stars quickly appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. This was one of the rare few times the ancient god stars had appeared without his control, and they began to rotate rapidly.

Wang Lin’s expression changed slightly. It was as if some strange force had awakened inside him. Under the impact of this force, the memories of Tu Si flashed through his mind.

Ling Er’s eyes didn’t blink as she looked at Wang Lin. The moment the ancient god stars appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows, confusion filled her eyes. It was like a cloud had quickly passed, and her eyes shined. Her body trembled as if a hidden memory in her body had been released.

She was in a trance. The event that only occurred in the dream had appeared before her. She was kneeling on one knee on the altar and countless people were chanting around the altar.

Kneeling on the altar, she held the treasured bottle gesture as she looked up at the sky and released a soft but strange sound!


The clouds churned and roared like an angry wave. The clouds split apart to reveal the blue sky and a huge figure!

There were only five stars between the eyebrows of this figure, but he gave off a powerful pressure and an aura unique to the royal bloodline.

He had an extremely indifferent expression, as if he cared about nothing in the world. His cold gaze fell in Ling Er’s eyes.

This ancient god was Wang Lin!

In the dream, Ling Er’s face was filled with reverence. The moment Wang Lin appeared, she softly said, “The ancient Moon Clan’s servent Mu Ling prays to the ancient god to descend and grant us the power to battle the Tower Clan!”

At the same time, the countless men and women all revealed the same reverence. They all began to chant, creating a storm that swept the area.

A bright moon mark appeared between their eyebrows and became brighter and brighter.

“The ancient Moon Clan has prepared enough origin energy for the ancient god. Please accept it.” In the illusion, the treasured bottle in Ling Er’s hand floated up. At this moment, all the people around the altar began to chant, and the moon marks between their eyebrows shined. Then an unimaginable amount of origin energy condensed between their eyebrows and shot toward the altar.

Strands of origin energy moved like dragons toward the altar and gathered toward the bottle formed by Ling Er’s hand.

As more and more origin energy gathered between Ling Er’s hands, the treasured bottle became corporeal. As she raised her hands, the bottle flew into the air and turned into a fist-sized cyclone that flew toward the ancient god that looked like Wang Lin.

This cyclone wasn’t fast at first, but as it flew, it sped up, and a powerful suction force came from within. It landed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and disappeared.

The ancient god that looked like Wang Lin raised his right finger and pointed down. A powerful surge of ancient god power rushed into Ling Er on the altar. Then this power transformed inside her body and split off into thousands of parts into the bodies of everyone around the altar.

At this moment, Ling Er felt dizzy, then she fell down and passed out.

The illusion disappeared. The sky was still the sky of planet Water Spirit and the peak was still shrouded within the clouds. The sound of the waves could sometimes be heard.

Nothing had changed. The only thing that had changed was that Ling Er had passed out like she did in the illusion.

 Wang Lin stood not far away and confusion filled his eyes.

“God slave…” Wang Lin looked at the sky in the distance and silently pondered. In truth, when Wang Lin saw Ling Er make that treasured bottle hand sign, it was as if something had awakened from the inheritance Wang Lin obtained from Tu Si. It was like a memory that wasn’t supposed to exist had opened up before Wang Lin.

During ancient times, aside from destroying a planet to obtain origin energy, the ancient gods came up with another method. They obtained it from the people, and thus the existence of god slaves came to be.

“There is a reincarnation cycle in this world. Every god slave was personally branded by an ancient god. Based on the power of the ancient gods, the amount of power each god slave received would be different!

“However, the brand on Ling Er was simply too strong. Even after countless years of reincarnation, the brand still exists in her soul… If not for the brand, she wouldn’t have remembered the past from countless years ago…”

Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows. Ling Er wasn’t the only one who saw that illusion, Wang Lin did as well. This was especially true when the vortex of origin energy offered by all those people entered the ancient god. Wang Lin felt heat from between his eyebrows, as if a power had gone inside.

However, this power was very weak. It was only one strand, but it was extremely tough. After entering his body, it became part of his ancient god power.

An extra mark appeared between Ling Er’s eyebrows. This mark flickered and seemed to be vaguely connected to Wang Lin’s heartbeat.

It could even be said that every time Wang Lin’s heart beat once, the mark would flicker.

If one day Wang Lin’s heart stopped beating, the mark would collapse and take her life with it.

“If the soul collapses, then everything will be destroyed and there will be no chance for reincarnation. If an ancient god dies, the god slaves will follow! There is only one explanation for Ling Er being able to continue existing in the reincarnation cycle!” While Wang Lin pondered, his eyes shined. 

“The ancient god that made the brand didn’t die!

“I just accidently stepped in and replaced the original owner of this god slave. My mark now has replaced the previous mark, and there is also only one explanation for this! Although the previous ancient god is not dead, he has lost all his power and is weaker than me.” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

At this moment, he understood why he felt some goodwill toward Ling Er. At first he thought it was because she had the water spirit root, which made him reminisce about the past and felt regrettable about what happened.

However, Wang Lin understood that this wasn’t the case. It was because she had a trace of the god slave brand from countless reincarnations ago.

“I thought I had understood everything about ancient god Tu Si, but it seems some memories are still sealed… This is probably because I was still missing a memory crystal when I obtained the inheritance of knowledge…. If I can obtain that last crystal, the inheritance of knowledge will be truly complete.”

Time quickly passed, and unknowningly, the sun set. As the light disappeared and the earth was shrouded in darkness once more, Wang Lin slowly became immersed in that strange state once more.

In this state, he was completely at peace and had thrown away all his worries. The only things in his mind were the sunrise and sunset.

There was always something echoing before him, but Wang Lin couldn’t touch it. He didn’t even know what state he was in or what he was searching for.

However, after more than 1,000 years of cultivation, his spiritual sense was very strong. He had a vague feeling this current state was a very rare opportunity.

If he could grasp it and comprehend it, it would benefit him greatly.

Wang Lin didn’t know that he was currently at the border of one of the three great realms from ancient times, the Shi Realm!

The Shi Realm wasn’t as powerful as the Ji Realm or as mysterious as the Dao Realm, but since the beginning, it was ranked number one in the cultivation world!

No one knew where the Shi Realm came from or how to enter it. Throughout the history of cultivation, even in ancient times, the amount of people that entered the Shi Realm was very low. Although not as low as the Ji Realm, still not many.

However, what was strange was that even those who entered the Shi Realm didn’t know how they entered it. Also, they only remained in the Shi Realm for a very short period of time before it disappeared.

Rumors around the world say that the Ji, Dao, and Shi Realms are a change in spiritual energy. Once you enter the realm, you will forever stay there. Many support this theory, but aside from a few records of the Ji Realm, many didn’t know if this was true. Almost all of them were confused as well.

They only knew that the three great realms were split into spiritual energy and divine sense. 

For example, the Ji Realm originally manifested in Wang Lin as his spiritual power before it converted to this divine sense.

At the same time, the cultivators that studied the three realms for countless years believed that the Dao and Shi Realms were split between spiritual energy and divine sense.

Ji Spiritual Energy, Ji Divine Sense!

Dao Spiritual Energy, Dao Divine Sense!

Shi Spiritual Energy, Shi Divine Sense!

In comparison, the spiritual energy realm was much easier to obtain, and the divine sense realm was simply too ethereal. In ancient times, those that were able to enter the Shi Realm mostly did it through spiritual energy. At that moment, the spiritual energy inside their body would undergo a huge change. However, the amount of time the Shi Realm lasted was simply too short, so the benefits weren’t too great.

All of this changed when the record of the Shi Realm was left behind by a cultivator named Liu Wen!

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