Chapter 984 - Dream is Like Reincarnation

Chapter 984 - Dream is Like Reincarnation

“That brother of mine isn’t good-looking, so you likely don’t know him.” As Situ Nan laughed, his hand reached toward the charming woman’s waist and he forcibly pinched her.

The woman was not going to stand for this and was about to resist when Situ Nan forcibly pulled her into his chest. He laughed as he flew directly toward planet Tian Yun.

“Little girl, don’t be in a rush. How many times have I already fed you? You said that you had many sisters in the Pink Palace. Let us go see if that place is as gorgeous as you claim.”

The woman smiled as she looked at Situ Nan with charming eyes and said, “Senior will definitely be satisfied. Just don’t forget us sisters at the Pink Palace.”

After Situ Nan heard those words, his heart itched and he couldn’t help but think about the few stunning beauties on planet Feng Luan. If one day he could rule planet Feng Luan, he and his brother, Wang Lin, could be hugging a beauty in each arm. That would be the greatest joy in life.

“It’s unfortunate that Little Lin is a piece of wood. A waste of my hundreds of years of teaching.”

Situ Nan was happily playing around for the time being. At this moment in the far away planet Water Spirit, Wang Lin’s right eye emitted a blue glow. He waved his sleeves and then he went back into closed door cultivation.

The people nearby all scattered and calmness was returned to planet Water Spirit.

Many people were bound to have a sleepless nights, and many wouldn’t even be able to cultivate. The three Chen brother were like this, Master Hollow Wind was like this, and the girl named Ling Er was also like this.

She couldn’t forget the thought of the figure that was piercing the heavens even when squatting down. She couldn’t cultivate and merely rolled around in bed, unable to calm down.

“Why is it that when I saw that giant figure, I felt like I was dreaming of the reincarnation cycle? It was as if at that moment, I felt a sense of respect I never felt before.” Ling Er didn’t understand any of this. It wasn’t t until the day brightened that she managed to fall asleep.

She didn’t sleep for long, but she felt as if she had experienced an entire life in her dream.

In her dream, she seemed to change into a different person and wore strange clothes. She was in a familiar yet unfamiliar world. The sky was completely blue and was pretty enough to dazzle people.

She was standing on a towering alter that pierced into the sky. Below her stood many men and women dressed in strange clothes. They were chanting strange spells that echoed across the world.

She stretched her arm and was filled with reverence as she looked up at the sky. It was as if she was calling and communicating with the sky.

After a long time, clouds and wind came and the sky changed. Clouds now covered up the sky, and the people below began to chant even louder. Their faces all revealed excitement and extreme reverence.

She was kneeling on the alter with one knee and her hands were in a bottle shape before her chest. Her head looked up, revealing her slender, white neck, and after doing this strange gesture, it seemed a voice came out of her mouth.

Just at this instant, the clouds in the sky violently churned and two rays of powerful light gradually pierce through the clouds and landed directly on the ground.

The clouds were shrouded by a strange force that gradually spread in all directions. However, at this moment, a huge figure appeared behind the clouds.

It was an ancient god!

Only the upper half of its body was revealed, but it seemed to occupy heaven and earth. There were eight stars rapidly rotating between the ancient god’s eyebrows.

The moment this ancient god appeared, all the people under the altar began to cheer and reveal feverish expressions.

The dream suddenly ended here.

Ling Er opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. This wasn’t the first time she had such a dream, but it would often occur once she had consciousness.

This was a secret in her heart. She didn’t know why she subconsciously didn’t want to tell anyone about this. Even to this day, her best friend, Sister Zhao Xue, didn’t know about this. Not even her grandfather, Master Yi Chen, knew about this. 

Originally, Ling Er always thought it was merely her own fantasy. Although she had seen it many times, it was always through a filter and she couldn’t see it clearly.

The first time she saw it clearly was the night after she saw the senior named Wang. Although the shocking event was happening outside, she never awakened from her dream.

In the dream that night, she finally saw everything.

Even she found it a bit strange. Why was it that she felt a sense of familiarity the moment she saw Senior Wang Lin? She felt it was very strange.

Even so, she didn’t care about it too much at the time. After all, in her heart, she still thought it was all just a dream. However, all of this shattered after tonight!

She saw the majestic figure in the sky. Although the figure was not the same one as in her dream, the stars between its eyebrows and the feeling that pierced her heart were exactly the same!

She had never thought that the giant in her dream actually existed! This caused her heart to be in a complete mess.

Early in the morning, a gentle knock came from her door. After finding there was no response for a long time, Zhao Xue, who was outside, was surprised. She didn’t spread out her divine sense but pushed the door open only to find there was no one inside.

“The sky just brightened; where did that girl go?” Zhao Xue frowned, then she turned around and her graceful figure left.

Wang Lin sat inside the palace during the night. The blue flash in his eyes gradually calmed down until outsiders couldn’t see anything abnormal.

“It requires too much origin energy to activate the ancient god’s life-saving spell. It isn’t enough to just rely on the origin energy absorbed through battle…” As Wang Lin pondered, he made a plan.

After cultivating for a bit, he slapped his bag of holding and a ray of light shot out before landing in his hand. The light gradually dissipated, revealing a gorgeous crown!

This crown contained a trace of red shadow that revealed extreme pride! Around the red shadow was a golden line circling around it. If one looked closely, they would see that the golden line was the soul of a golden dragon that had shrunken a lot!

The golden line circled the red shadow as if it was terrified of it and completely moved with the red shadow.

As Wang Lin stared at the crown, that red shadow from the past gradually appeared in his pupils.

“Red Butterfly…”

When Red Butterfly died, she made Wang Lin take a trip to her hometown. There, Wang Lin found a blue rose, and the arrogance it gave off was the same as Red Butterfly’s.

Then, after Wang Lin obtained the crown, the two fused into one. At first Wang Lin didn’t know what the crown did and only felt as if something was different inside. Only, he didn’t know what the difference was.

Until the golden dragon in the void used his most powerful spell and it took the shape of a crown. It was only then that Wang Lin understood and took out the real crown.

The scene afterward was something Wang Lin still couldn’t forget. The red figure that appeared was so similar to Red Butterfly. Even that aloof aura was exactly the same.

Wang Lin softly said, “Red Butterfly, is that you…”

Red Butterfly was the first person Wang Lin admired in his life. It was difficult to forget the arrogance of the genius of the country of Xue Yue, someone who even the country of Suzaku broke their own rule for. They accepted her as a disciple and raised the rank of the country of Xue Yue. They even allowed Xue Yue to start a war between two countries that even dragged in mortals like Da Niu!

After Wang Lin spoke, the red shadow inside the crown trembled. However, it didn’t respond; it slowly disappeared as if it was avoiding him.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and carefully looked at the crown before putting it away. His eyes lit up and he revealed a serious expression.

“If I can refine and control the next item, I will have more confidence in the trip to the Demon Spirit Land.” Wang Lin took a deep breath and slapped his bag of holding. A female corpse emitting a silver glow appeared before Wang Lin.

During the big battle between Allheaven and the Alliance, the Alliance took out refined corpse, and this woman was among the three most powerful. After she was injured, Wang Lin managed to steal her.

The woman wore a silver dress that showed off her beautiful curves. If she was alive, she would been an enchanting woman. However, right now her face was ashen and a terrifying burst of Yin energy came from her body and filled the room.

There were still two chains on her body. One of them was attached to her humerus and the other to her pelvis. These chains were blackish purple and gave of a powerful stench. If a mortal smelled it, they would immediately die.

Even a cultivator whose cultivation level wasn’t high enough would immediately be poisoned. If they only took a breath of it, they would just be seriously injured, but if they took too many breaths, they would die.

“If I can control this refined corpse, I’ll gain another early stage Nirvana Cleanser power!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took the risk to take the corpse back then, and now it was time to harvest the benefits.

Just as he was observing it, his expression changed. Then he waved his right hand and the corpse was placed back in the bag. The Yin energy and poison inside the room quickly dissipated.

Shortly after, a hesitant and feminine voice came from outside the palace.

”Wang…Senior Wang, it’s Ling Er.”

It was currently dawn, but the night wind still blew. On planet Water Spirit, the wind was very cold, and although she shouldn’t feel it much thanks to her cultivation, she still felt very cold.

She shyly looked at the big fellow sitting on the ground before her. She remembered that this big fellow followed behind Wang Lin a few days ago. Now this big fellow was staring at her with those cold eyes, and she was scared.

She bit her lower lip and softly said, “I… I want to see Senior Wang. You… Can you let me in?”

Ta Shan didn’t speak and coldly looked at the girl before him. If this girl took one more step forward, he would attack.

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