Chapter 983 - Ancient God Life Saving Spell

Chapter 983 - Ancient God Life Saving Spell

There were eight stars between the eyebrows of the illusion of the ancient god. If that was all it was, Wang Lin wouldn’t be so shocked, but there was one more start after the eighth!

This star was very blurry, as if it hadn’t completely formed, but its shape was there!

Only one step away from becoming a 9-star ancient god!” Wang Lin gasped. He didn’t expect this shield to belong to an ancient god like this!

The illusionary giant ancient god suddenly collapsed into countless specks of light and the stars stopped rotating. At this instant, the entire planet was bright under the specks of light.

This light only lasted for several breaths of time before they disappeared and darkness returned.

The shield before Wang Lin had become almost 10,000 feet tall. It was like a giant barrier that separated Yin and Yang! The shield was covered by a hazy azure light that made the surroundings hazy as well. It was as if this treasure was something that shouldn’t appear in the world.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and charged toward the shield. In the distance, Master Hollow Wind was struggling. He had once wondered what the power of this treasure would be once it was unsealed, but right now it was far beyond his imagination.

He had the heart to steal it, but thinking of the seal between his eyebrows, he couldn’t help but discard the idea. He didn’t know what kind of punishment he would face if he broke the seal.

The more he didn’t know, the more he thought about the vicious seals he had heard of before. As a result, he dreaded it more and more.

When Wang Lin closed in on the shield, his right hand reached out without hesitation. The moment he touched it, a powerful surge of ancient god power entered his body. It was filled with the intent to destroy everything as it swept through Wang Lin’s body.

However, it didn’t harm Wang Lin at all. This aura went through his body several times before returning to the shield. At that moment ,Wang Lin felt as if there was a huge influx of information. Fortunately, he had the body of an ancient god, so it only stung for a moment before it gradually disappeared. Wang Lin began to absorb all the information in his mind.

After a long time, clarity appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he softly said, “Di!”

This was the sound of an ancient god, and it was very strange. The moment he spoke, a strange force surrounded the shield and it emitted an azure glow. Then it rapidly shrank until it was the size of his palm and floated before him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He knew that if he didn’t have the body of an ancient god, that oppressive aura would have killed him. This treasure was different from the ancient god furnace!

Although the ancient god furnace had the aura of an ancient god, it lacked intelligence and was only a tool. After all, the ancient god furnace was a treasure Tu Si wasn’t satisfied with; he had casually thrown it away after creating it.

It could even be said that Tu Si had never even used that furnace once, but this shield was very different. This shield must have been something the ancient god used a lot, or else it wouldn’t have created the illusion of its master when it was activated.

Although it wasn’t as good as the real God Slaying Spear, it was pretty close. It was a treasure that could only be used by an ancient god!

If a non-ancient god obtained it, they would only be able to use a bit of its power. If the seal on it was completely open, the shield wouldn’t recognize an owner!

After all, it would only recognize an ancient god as an owner!

Wang Lin stood in the air and calmly said, “Master Hollow Wind, attack me once at full power!”

Master Hollow Wind pondered a bit before his hands formed a seal and purple light surrounded his body. The light turned into a stone tablet and it whistled across the sky toward Wang Lin.

There were countless runes flashing on the stone tablet, creating a monstrous aura that smashed down on Wang Lin. Crackling sounds came from the sky around Wang Lin and spatial cracks immediately appeared.

However, just as the stone tablet smashed down on Wang Lin, the azure light shield flashed and moved at an incredible speed to block the stone tablet. The stone tablet and the shield collided.

There was a loud bang and then the stone tablet collapsed. If that was all, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but what shocked Master Hollow Wind was that the origin energy from the collapsed stone tablet was absorbed by the shield.

The shield shined brightly!

Wang Lin pondered as he waved his hand and the shield flew into his palm. After carefully looking at it, Wang Lin smiled.

“This object is not a treasure of the royal bloodline, but it is a peak treasure among normal ancient gods. According in the inheritance, once it absorbs enough origin energy, I can activate the life-saving spell sealed inside!”

Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, he couldn’t help but be moved.

“A spell that an 8-star ancient god would consider life-saving… How strong could it be…” Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked at the shield. His eyes lit up and the shield shrank once more. It flew directly into Wang Lin’s right eye.

The current Wang Lin had long hair and his right eye was extremely strange. His right eye was completely blue and looked completely unforgettable.

At this moment, far away from planet Water Spirit, a ray of light closed in on planet Tian Yun. The person inside the ray of light was Situ Nan. He was surrounded by dense origin energy. His black hair flowed, exposing his coarse body structure, but there was a hint of evil on his face. This made him look like a demon god!

He wasn’t by himself; there was a woman beside him. The woman was very beautiful, with a striking sense of charm. She wore a silk dress. While flying, the silk dress stuck to her body, revealing her well-defined curves.

“This damn planet Tian Yun, how is it so difficult to find? If not for meeting little fairy sister here, I would have never found it.” It was unknown if Situ Nan was speaking the truth, but it made the stunning woman giggle.

The woman’s eyes were alluring as she said, “Why did Senior Situ come to planet Tian Yun?”

“Haha, I came to look for a brother. It has been many years since we met; I wonder how his cultivation is.” Situ Nan revealed a trace of reminiscence and let out a sigh inside his heart.

“I has been hundreds of years since I’ve seen Wang Lin. I wonder how that boy is now.”

The alluring and beautiful woman laughed. “Oh? What is the name of Senior’s brother? Junior may know him.”

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