Chapter 981 - Do You Still Remember Ling Er

Chapter 981 - Do You Still Remember Ling Er

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit and then looked at the planet behind the Chen brothers. The spiritual energy from it was very strong, and he could tell how beautiful the planet was with just a glance.

Master Yi Chen saw Wang Lin’s hesitation, and he quickly said, “Brother Wang, aside from our planet Water Spirit, there is no planet within hundreds of thousands of kilometers that are as good. Also, this planet is very large, so we won’t disturb Brother Wang’s cultivation.”

Master Yi Xing and Master Yi Long also saw through Master Yi Chen’s thoughts and quickly persuaded Wang Lin.

Wang Lin nodded and clasped his hands. “Since this is the case, then I’ll be bothering the three of you.”

Master Yi Chen laughed and said, “No trouble. Having Brother Wang Lin on our planet is our honor. This way!” As Master Yi Chen spoke, he took a few steps back and gestured for Lei Ji’s large body to head toward planet Water Spirit.

As they moved forward, Lei Ji’s body became smaller and smaller until he was a big fellow that followed behind Wang Lin and Big Head. As for Master Hollow Wind, he no longer dared to speak out of line and followed Wang Lin.

Along the way, the Chen brothers talked with Wang Lin, but it was mostly about irrelevant matters. The Chen brothers didn’t ask a single thing about what happened outside Ghost Eye City.

They were all powerful cultivators, so it didn’t take long for them to arrive near planet Water Spirit, and they entered the atmosphere. The violent wind of the atmosphere blew on them, but it really couldn’t shake any of them. Entering the atmosphere was really insignificant to them.

Soon, everyone went through the atmosphere. Wang Lin descended on planet Water Spirit while being treated like a star by the Chen brothers.

Just as they exited the atmosphere, they sensed dense spiritual energy. Wang Lin took a deep breath and admiration filled his eyes. The three Chen brothers secretly felt proud when they saw this. This was the best cultivation planet within tens of thousands of kilometers. If not for their master, there was no way the three of them could have occupied this planet.

Wang Lin laughed. “This planet is good!”

MAster Yi Chen laughed and said, “If Brother Wang likes it here, you can stay here long-term. This old man welcomes you!”

As they spoke, several celestial cranes flew the clouds, their movements extremely beautiful. On one of the cranes sat a girl in blue. She was very beautiful and bursts of crisp laughter could be heard before the cranes even got close.

“Senior Sister, you said you found an underground spring. Where is it?”

A woman in purple sat on a crane behind the girl in blue. Her face was cold, but she had stunning beauty and jade-like skin. Her eyes glistened and her exquisite facial features would catch the attention of anyone who looked at her.

If one casted away the coldness from this woman, there would only be one way to describe her.

Warms the heart and delights the eye!

Her coldness only became gentle when facing the girl before her. She revealed a smile and softly said, “Little Sister, don’t worry, we are not far.” Just then, she saw the three Chen brothers and Wang Lin.

Her beautiful eyes swept past them before she stood up and respectfully said, “Disciple Zhao Xue greets Master and fellow uncle masters.”

The second brother of the Chen brothers, Master Yi Long, smiled and looked at Wang Lin. “Brother Wang, this is my disciple, Zhao Xue.” After he finished speaking, he turned toward the woman in purple and said, “Zhao Xue, why haven’t you greated Senior Wang yet?”

The beautiful eyes of the woman in purple landed on Wang Lin, then she respectfully said, “Greetings, Senior.”

The girl on the crane had already seen Wang Lin and others. At this moment, her big eyes blinked and she smiled. “Does Senior Wang still remember Ling Er?”

Her voice was very feminine and contained the natural charm of girl with a water spirit root. Her voice made Wang Lin smile and he nodded. “Of course I remember. Didn’t I gift my straw hat and bells to you?”

The girl smiled and was about to speak, but she suddenly remembered something. Her face turned red and her gaze swept to the woman in purple.

Surprise filled the eyes of the woman in purple. She knew this junior sister of hers very well. After the girl came back a few days ago, she couldn’t stop talking about what happened. There was a senior named Wang who she mentioned all the time, and every time she talked about him, she would get very excited.

She really liked that pair of bells; she alway had them on her wrist and fiddled with them. In the past few days, she talked about this Senior Wang the most. Even Zhao Xue couldn’t help but become curious.

At this moment, Zhao Xue took a few extra glances at Wang Lin but wasn’t able to notice anything extraordinary.

Master Yi Chen smiled as he looked at this scene. As he looked at Wang Lin, an idea came into his mind. He smiled. “Ling Er, Senior Wang will stay for a while. Don’t disturb him.” With that, he led Wang Lin away.

Wang Lin nodded at Ling Er and took a step forward. Big Head and Ta Shan followed behind him. Master Hollow Wind looked at the two women and let out a sigh before he followed.

Ling Er stuck out her tongue, and the red on her face hadn’t disappeared yet. She began happily chatting with Zhao Xue once more, and the celestial cranes flew off into the distance.

Master Yi Chen arranged an extremely elegant palace in the eastern part of the planet. This place was ancient and had a celestial aura to it. With palaces located within the mountains, this place looked like the Celestial Realm when looking from afar.

This place was also the spot on the planet with the densest spiritual energy. After leaving Wang Lin here, the three Chen brothers left and agreed to come visit tomorrow.

After sending off the three Chen brothers, Wang Lin looked at the palaces in the mountains before him. Almost every mountain peak had a palace. Adding them up, there were no less than 10 palaces here; it was extremely majestic.

There were many towering trees within the mountains. This place was very calming to one’s heart.

“I need to go into closed door cultivation for several days. Ta Shan will guard me, and everyone else can choose their own residence. However, you can’t go more than 50 kilometers from me!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he left one command and charged toward a palace.

Ta Shan stepped out and followed Wang Lin.

Big Head hesitated for a bit before choosing a palace with Lei Ji. This palace was very close to Wang Lin, so if Wang Lin summoned them, they could immediately arrive.

As for Master Hollow Wind, he let out a sigh and chose a place a bit further away. He subconsciously wasn’t willing to be too close to Wang Lin, but he remembered Wang Lin’s 50 kilometer limit.

With one step, Wang Lin arrived in the residence he chose. After taking a look, he revealed a look of admiration. Almost every palace here was different, but all of them were magnificent.

After entering the palace, Ta Shan sat down outside. He remained motionless and guarded Wang Lin.

The palace was very luxurious and was filled with decorations. There was a huge pattern on the floor, but it emitted no fluctuations, so it was not a formation, just a decoration. There was a furnace about the size of three people in the middle. There was a incense stick as thick as an arm burning inside, and its smoke drifted up and scattered within the palace.

There was also a purple jade mat. It was obviously a place for cultivating.

In addition, there were murals that linked together carved on the surrounding walls. The murals depicted an image of many celestials surrounded by clouds welcoming you.

After looking around, Wang Lin was very satisfied with this place. This place was very large and suitable for refining treasures. It was also quiet, so it was good for close door cultivation.

His divine sense spread out and carefully checked the area. Then Wang Lin sat down on the purple jade mat and slowly closed his eyes.

His origin energy filled his body and his mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation spread out. Wang Lin sat there for three days.

During this time, the three Chen brothers arrived, but they didn’t disturb him. After waiting for a bit, they said their farewells and left.

Late in the night three days later, the stars were shining brightly in the sky of planet Water Spirit, and the night wind blew. The wind made the leaves rustle, but it was otherwise quiet.

Wang Lin sat inside the palace. After three days of remaining motionless, he suddenly opened his eyes. Two rays of bright light shot out from his eyes.

The moment his eyes opened, it was as if a ray of light had flash through the dark palace, and it became bright.

“Three days of time plus the cultivation I did on the way finally made my cultivation stabilize at the peak of the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer… With my ancient god body, I should be able to battle mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators! Only, this isn’t enough for the trip to the Demon Spirit Land…” Wang Lin muttered, and after a moment of silence, he slapped his bag of holding, causing a ray of azure light to shoot out.

This azure light immediately caused the palace to become hazy. Inside the azure light was a small shield that was completely azure. It was refined with an unknown material, and waves of clouds seemed to be floating inside it. It looked very beautiful.

This azure shield circled around Wang Lin four times before it became motionless before him. Even the azure light from the shield seemed to freeze.

Looking at the shield inside the azure light, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When Master Hollow Wind took it out the first time, Wang Lin felt the aura of an ancient god from it.

However, this aura was not strong, as if it was sealed. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin was an ancient god himself, no one would’ve known about it.

“There is no memory of Tu Si refining this treasure… However, there were many ancient gods during ancient times, so this was presumably refined by another ancient god.”

Wang Lin pondered as he raised his right hand and the azure light shield flew toward him. In the end, the shield landed in his palm.

The ancient god aura became even more noticeable after coming into close contract with it. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the shield. After looking at it carefully for a while, his gaze locked onto a mark on the side of the small shield.


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