Chapter 980 - Master Hollow Wind (2)

Chapter 980 - Master Hollow Wind (2)

The moment the old man took out the shield, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. He could feel a faint ancient god aura coming from the small shield!

“Ancient god treasure!” Seeing the old man escape, the God Slaying Spear continued to attack before it turned more transparent and finally dissipated. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he took as step and ripples appeared under his feet. This was the first time Wang Lin had used Spatial Bending within the influence of planet Tian Yun!

He suddenly merged with the world and disappeared.

The old man’s heart trembled when he saw this scene. His scalp went numb and he was about to lose his wits. Without hesitation, he coughed out more blood to use blood escape to run away!

Sweat came out from his forehead and he screamed in his heart, “Spatial Bending! This Wang Lin knows Spatial Bending!”

Spatial Bending was not something everyone knew. Knowing Spatial Bending meant you had the qualification to be invincible among cultivators of equal cultivation level!

“This peron’s cultivation level is higher than mine and he knows Spatial Bending. This battle…” The old man’s face was pale and fear filled his eyes.

As he retreated, ripples appeared beside him and Wang Lin walked out. Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch without hesitation!

He was simply too close to the old man. The moment he raised his fist, he was less than seven inches from him! From a distance, it looked like the old man was running into the fist.

The ancient  god aura from the fist formed a storm and was about to devour the old man. The old man’s pupils shrank and he quickly shouted.

“Fellow Cultivator, have mercy. Please, listen to my words! Just once!”

The old man’s face was pale and his heart pounded like crazy. It had been a long time since he was met with such a life and death crisis. His entire body was numb and he abandoned his dignity to say such words.

Wang Lin’s right suddenly stopped when his fist was only one inch away from the old man’s nose. He coldly stared at the old man.

The old man’s forehead was covered in sweat as he looked at the fist before him. He could clearly feel the power within the punch. If this punch landed on him, his body would certainly collapse. Once his body was destroyed, it was unlikely his origin soul could escape.

“Since Fellow Cultivator is going to the celestial cave in the Demon Spirit Land and will definitely need help, I’m willing to do my best to help to compensate for today’s matter!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold, and it was impossible to see through him. Before Wang Lin’s gaze, the old man complained in his heart and said, “In addition, I’ll give Fellow Cultivator this magic shield. This is the most powerful protective treasure I have. If Fellow Cultivator has it, it will help you greatly in the celestial cave!”

As the old man spoke, he wiped away his imprint on the shield and handed it over to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly withdrew his fist. He took the shield and put it away after carefully looking at it.

When the old man saw Wang Lin withdraw his fist, he let out a sigh of relief before carefully looking at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed a seal. With a wave of his hand, a restriction flew out. It was the same slave imprint as the one used on Big Head, and it landed between the old man’s eyebrows.

The old man didn’t dare to resist and allowed Wang Lin to place the seal. The seal flashed several times between the old man’s eyebrows before disappearing.

“Take care of your affairs and follow me!” Wang Lin didn’t even look at the old man before disappearing. When he reappeared, he was standing on Lei Ji’s back. Then he sat down.

The seven men in black had already been killed by Big Head. Licking his lips, Big Head returned to Wang Lin’s side.

The old man let out a sigh and then returned to the boat in a flash. He summoned all his disciples, and after giving some orders, he let them leave with the boat. He arrived on Lei Ji’s back before Wang Lin and wryly smiled. “Following Fellow Cultivator’s order, I have dealt with all the trivial matters. My real named is Chen Feng and my nickname is Master Hollow Wind. Today I lost to Fellow Cultivator and have no regrets. I, Chen Feng, will adhere to my promise to help you in the Demon Spirit Land. However, I hope that after we come back, Fellow Cultivator will release the seal and there will be no grudges between us!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at Chen Feng and slowly said, “My seal is not strong. If you want to release it, you can easily do it.”

Chen Feng bitterly smiled and shook his head. He had already checked the seal, so he knew it was something that could only seal Nirvana Scryer cultivators. If he wanted to, it wouldn’t take long for him to break it.

However, he didn’t dare to take the risk, and he dreaded this Wang Lin even more because of this. In his view, this was a trap. If he really believed Wang Lin and tried to break it, it would probably set off a chain reaction and activate something even stronger.

At that moment, the consequences would be something he couldn’t withstand.

“Wang Lin wouldn’t dare to be so careless if that wasn’t the case. This person’s schemes run deep, so I can’t underestimate him! How can this compare to a Nirvana Cleanser seal? Although that would make me temporarily yield, I would be constantly thinking of ways to break it!

“However, he made the seal look like it could break with one touch, but in reality, it has a trap hidden in it. How would I dare to touch such a seal?!”

The old man bitterly smiled.

This was Wang Lin’s true purpose. After all, his true cultivation level was only peak mid stage Nirvana Scryer, so how could he seal a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator? He could only rely on schemes!

This scheme formed an invisible seal, and if used properly, it was stronger than any seal in the world!

Wang Lin calmly said, “If you listen to my orders, I’ll return you your freedom when we leave the Demon Spirit Land!”

Chen Feng nodded and no longer wasted any words before sitting down. At this moment, his body was extremely skinny, but after cultivating for a while, he slowly swelled up again.

“The cultivation method he has is very strange!” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He knew that Chen Feng was cultivating to show him his intent. Chen Feng was implying that he would prepare himself for the Demon Spirit Land and would work for his freedom.

“With this person’s help, my chances in the Demon Spirit Land have increased a bit… Unfortunately, I still don’t have enough people…” Wang Lin let out a sigh as Lei Ji charged through the stars.

Along the way, they remained silent. Soon, a blue planet appeared before them. This planet was very beautiful and gave off a rich aura of spiritual energy.

“This is planet Water Spirit, and it belongs to the three Chen brothers. It is said that the planet was named after a junior of Master Yi chen,” Chen Feng said as he opened his eyes. There was a trace of evil intent in his eyes.

He was very moved by that woman with the water spirit body. If not for the fact that he dreaded the person behind the three Chen brothers, he would have already taken her and made her his cultivation furnace.

“The three Chen brothers!” Wang Lin looked at the blue planet, but after pondering a bit, he decided to leave. Although this planet was very suitable for his closed door cultivation, it was not convenient for him to steal the planet, because he knew the brothers.

Just as he was about to leave, three rays of light flew out from the blue planet. These three rays of light were like three dragons that roared as they charged out.

“Fellow cultivators, why are you guys loitering before our planet?!” Master Yi Chen roared.

“Eh?” After Master Yi Chen finished speaking, he immediately noticed something.

The roar suddenly stopped and three people walked out of the rays of light. It was the three Chen brothers!

The three of them had just returned. Due to the incident, the Ghost Eye Auction was terminated before it even started, so the three of them left.

While they were cultivating in their own cultivation planet, he felt the auras of two second step cultivators outside their planet, so the three of them flew out without hesitation.

When they saw Lei Ji’s giant body, although their expressions remained neutral, they were shocked on the inside. For someone in the Alliance to have a Giant Demon Clan mount, they basically had to be an old monster like Ling Tianhou and the All-Seer.

Then the three of them saw the people on Lei Ji’s back. When they saw Wang Lin, they were startled. Master Yi Chen saw the battle between Wang Lin and the All-Seer, and he was sure Wang Lin was dead. Now that he saw Wang Lin again, he felt respect for him after the initial shock.

“To be able to make Ling Tianhou and the All-Seer fight due to him, this Master Demon is not simple!”

However, today they were destined to be confused, because they saw Chen Feng!

Chen Feng’s name was famous on planet Tian Yun. Although he couldn’t compare to Blood Ancestor back then, he was still considered a famous old monster. This person was known for living a lustful life, and he even had ideas about Ling Er. Although he gave up later, he still made the Chen brothers worried for a long time.

Although Chen Feng had become a lot thinner, the three of them still recognized him. Aside from the shock, they weren’t sure if the current situation was good or bad.

For a moment, the three couldn’t help but silently ponder.

Chen Feng smiled mischievously and said, “Chen brothers, how about you give planet Water Spirit to this old man!”

The Chen brothers’ expressions changed and they were about to speak when Wang Lin calmly said, “Noisy!”

Chen Feng’s mind trembled. Although Wang Lin’s voice was calm, he could feel discontent in it. He wouldn’t dare to offend Wang Lin right now. He quickly smiled and no longer dared to speak.

This scene startled the three Chen brothers once more.

“Fellow Cultivator Master Yi Chen, we just separated, and I didn’t expect to meet you again so soon. I didn’t know this planet belonged to you. I’ll leave and find another planet to go into closed door cultivation!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at the three Chen brothers.

Master Yi Chen quickly clasped his hands, but his heart was in shock. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to reveal signs of fear with just one word from Wang Lin.

Master Yi Chen clasped his hands and said, “Fellow Cultivator Wang, I didn’t know you and Senior Master Hollow Wind were…”

“He is my servant.” Wang Lin didn’t say more. He nodded at Master Yi Chen and was about to leave.

He didn’t know that his words were no different than tens of thousands of bolts of thunder exploding in the Chen brothers’ ears at the same time. The three of them gasped and shock filled their eyes!

Master Yi Chen quickly said without any hesitation, “Brother Wang Lin, don’t be in a rush to leave. Planet Water Spirit is very large. If Brother Wang doesn’t mind, you can cultivate here.”

“This person has a Giant Demon Clan member as a mount, is a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, and made the famous Master Hollow Wind his servant. There is also that strange big-headed cultivator who is at the Nirvana Scryer stage, and the puppet is obviously not weak. I must become friends with someone like this!”

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