Chapter 975 - Frightened Spirit

Chapter 975 - Frightened Spirit

“The implication of Ling Tianhou to tell me so many secrets and helping me is to set up a good relationship with me… I fear a majority of the reason is that I’m part of the Vermillion Bird Series… And a part of it was to reassure me!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but in his heart he slowly pondered this.

After Ling Tianhou entered the tower, the tens of thousands of Da Lou Sword Sect disciples all looked at Wang Lin. Wang Lin was accustomed to this kind of attention. His divine sense calmly spread out in all directions like a storm.

The divine sense of an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator was not something these Da Lou Sword Sect disciples could deal with. With a sweep of his divine sense, all the Da Lou Sword Sect Sect disciples’ expressions changed greatly. They looked at Wang Lin with respect in their eyes.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Where is this old man staying?”

A beautiful female cultivator quickly moved forward and stopped 100 feet from Wang Lin. She respectfully said, “Disciple Zhou Xiu greets Elder. Elder came suddenly, so… Generally, the elders select their own residences…” Zhou Xiu’s voice was a little stiff.

Wang Lin took a step and disappeared. When re-appeared, he was next to a tower 5,000 kilometers away. After taking a glance, Wang Lin didn’t enter but sat down outside the tower.

After sitting down, he waved his hand and a large amount of restrictions appeared.

As for the disciples, they all scattered. They would occasionally look at where Wang Lin was.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he sat there. He had a feeling that everything had been part of the All-Seer’s plan, as if his every step was foreseen by the All-Seer.

“All-Seer, back then, I made you make a mistake. Today, I’ll let you be completely wrong!”

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the extreme Yang appeared like a sun in his hand. Wang Lin didn’t dare to hold it directly but with his power. Wang Lin had a clear feeling that if he held it in his palm, the heat would pierce his hand!

Even his origin soul would be seriously injured!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had the body of an ancient god, he wouldn’t even be able to withstanding holding it with his power!

“If my ancient god body was a bit stronger, I could hold it without being hurt!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. He wasn’t afraid that Ling Tianhou would see this. This was something formed by his karma with the All-Seer. If someone were to steal it, it would resolve the situation!

However, this was at most simply resolving the situation, not breaking it! To break this scheme, he had to do something the All-Seer didn’t expect and make his divination wrong!

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he held a trace of the extreme Yang and pressed it against between his eyebrows. He felt pain coming from between his eyebrows and the extreme Yang disappeared.

However, it was as if a sea of flames with unimaginable heat had appeared in his body. It made him feel as if he was being baked into an oven.

Ling Tianhou sat inside the roaring tower on planet Da Lou, his eyes giving off a demonic glow. The crack between his eyebrows opened once more.

He stared at the direction Wang Lin was in and pondered.

“This is… extreme Yang!” Ling Tianhou’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

“All-Seer, you old son of a gun, what are you baiting with that extreme Yang? What is your goal in the end…” Ling Tianhou raised his right hand, but after a long time, he lowered it. He shook his head and muttered, “All-Seer, you son of a gun, could it be you want me to take that extreme Yang?”

The sea of flames inside Wang Lin’s body was monstrous and continued to burn. White mist came out from his body, but the strange thing was, there was no trace of his clothes burning.

Large beads of sweat appeared all over Wang Lin’s body; his clothes were soaked in an instant.

This sea of flames was like a storm that raged across Wang Lin’s body, and sounds of things bursting came from all over his body. These flames was extremely fierce, and in just a short moment, they reached a terrifying degree.

The pain that came from Wang Lin’s body made him have a hideous expression on his face. It was as if a mortal had swallowed a burning coal! If it wasn’t for Wang Lin’s strong will, he would have already roared in a pain.

If it was another cultivator, even if they had a higher cultivation level, they wouldn’t be able to bear this heat. It was only because he had the body of an ancient god that he was able to tolerate it.

However, if this lasted for too long, even Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to withstand it with his ancient god body.

Time slowly passed. It was only 15 minutes, but it felt like years for Wang Lin. The flame became even more intense and Wang Lin’s body couldn’t help but tremble.

He suddenly opened his eyes. It was as if there were two blue flames inside his eyes. As these invisible flames spread, the air around him began to crackle under the heat.

When the flames became even more intense, Wang Lin couldn’t help but let our a roar. This roar was like a thunderous rumble that quickly spread across the area.

At this moment, on the trident-like mountain where the All-Seer was sitting, his closed eyes opened slightly, revealing a gaze that could see through everything.

His gaze fell on the sky as if it could penetrate any distance and saw Wang Lin on planet Da Lou.

The All-Seer’s expression didn’t change, but he frowned slightly and softly said, “That is not something you can devour… You will spit it out in seven breaths of time… One… Two…”

The All-Seer’s eyes were crystal clear as he slowly muttered!

Wang Lin’s body gave off a demonic red glow. This glow came from the heat inside his body as the endless flames continued to burn him. Soon, the flames had spread to every part of Wang Lin’s body.

At this moment, the All-Seer had counted to five!


The sea of flames seemed to exploded within Wang Lin’s body, and a large amount blood sprayed out from his body. Wang Lin had a feeling that if he didn’t spit this extreme Yang out, he would be burned to ashes!

“Seven!” the All-Seer softly shouted the last word.

At this instant, the sea of flames inside Wang Lin’s body completely exploded. It gathered from every part of Wang Lin’s body and charged toward his origin soul.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s origin soul was shrouded by clouds and the heaven defying bead appeared!

The moment the heaven defying bead appeared, the raging flame arrived. However, before it could harm Wang Lin’s origin soul, a strange suction force came from the heaven defying bead, and all the flames were absorbed by it.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as the pain in his body disappeared and was replaced with an indescribable comfort.

After the heaven defying bead absorbed all the flames, the sun mark began to flash rapidly. Its brightness was something no one but Wang Lin could see.

The instant the light came from the heaven defying bead, Ling Tianhou exclaimed and closed his eyes. He didn’t even have time to get up before rapidly retreating.

At that instant, he saw the flame in Wang Lin’s body disappear. Then he suddenly had the feeling that a catastrophe was upon him.

He had never experienced this feeling, even when he faced the All-Seer. Only back when he went to the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect did he have a similar feeling. Now, tens of thousands of years later, he once again felt this feeling, as if he was going to lose his wits if he didn’t retreat. 

“What light is this!?” Panic filled his eyes as Ling Tianhou quickly retreated, and his expression changed greatly. He had a vague feeling that the invisible light was rapidly approaching. Terrified, his right hand slapped his forehead and t a flash came out from his eyebrows. The sword shadow that was used against the All-Seer flew out and charged forward without any hesitation.

The moment the sword shadow flew out, the invisible light appeared and collided with it. No outsider could hear or feel this collision, but Ling Tianhou directly coughed out a large mouthful of blood. His body smashed into the wall and flew out of the tower.

The sword shadow trembled and almost collapsed. Then it returned back between Ling Tianhou’s eyebrows after letting out a miserable cry. Ling Tianhou’s face became even more pale and he coughed out even more blood; his body became dispirited. Panicking, his scalp tingled as he charged underground and rushed toward the center of planet Da Lou without any hesitation.

As he escaped, Ling Tianhou’s hands formed seals to open seals before him. Panic filled his mind, and the only thought he could think of was entering the center of planet Da Lou!

As for the All-Seer on top of the trident peak mountain on planet Tian Yun, he was calm at first, but soon his expression changed greatly. This kind of change in expression was extremely rare for the All-Seer!

If an outsider saw the current All-Seer, they would be in complete belief. The omnipotent All-Seer who was never wrong and whose expression would never change even if Mount Tai collapsed before him would never show such an expression!

More importantly, if it was just his expression changing, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but there was a trace of shock in his eyes!

As a member of the Alliance elder group and the lord of planet Tian Yun, he was one who could foresee the world, and his schemes were as deep as the ocean. This shock was enough to shake the entire Alliance!

He gasped and disbelief filled his face. His right hand rapidly moved before his body and a seven-colored cloud appeared. The cloud flew forward as if it was resisting something.

However, when the seven-colored cloud floated five feet away, it was as if an invisible force closed in and the cloud collapsed!

After the cloud collapsed, a hand appeared from the void and mercilessly attempted to grab the All-Seer!

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