Chapter 974 - The Saintress of Brilliant Void

Chapter 974 - The Saintress of Brilliant Void

Ling Tianhou rolled his eyes and sneered while not looking at the All-Seer. Instead, his eyes fell on Wang Lin, and he shouted, “Wang Lin, this old man’s Da Lou Sword Sect is missing an elder. Are you willing to become an elder of the Da Lou Sword Sect?”

The All-Seer frowned.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Hundreds of thoughts flashed through his mind before he clasped his hands and said, “Thank you.”

Ling Tianhou looked at the All-Seer and sneered. “All-Seer, according to our agreement, this old man now has a reason to intervene.”

The All-Seer’s eyebrows relaxed. After pondering for a moment, he let out a smile and looked profoundly at Wang Lin. He calmly said, “Is that so? Then let’s forget it.” He spoke casually before disappearing in a ray of seven-colored light.

The scene caused Wang Lin’s mind to tremble. He stared at where the All-Seer disappeared and began to ponder.

Ling Tianhou’s expression instantly became gloomy and he frowned. In the end, he simply slapped his bag of holding and five turtle shells appeared. They rotated in his hand, and Ling Tianhou would occasionally make some hand seals.

Shortly after, Ling Tianhou’s expression became even more gloomy and he muttered, “That damn son of a gun All-Seer, what does he mean by this…” As he pondered, he raised his head and looked at Wang Lin.

“For Wang Lin to be schemed like this by the All-Seer means he must be very useful. I presume he is very useful to the All-Seer’s dao! Especially considering this person is part of the Vermillion Bird Series… The All-Seer’s scheme against him must be of great importance, or else he wouldn’t be willing to offend the Four Divine Sect just for him!

“If his scheme is successful, he might obtain power that can shake the Four Divine Sect! If this is true, then I have to stop that old son of a gun. Otherwise, if the All-Seer succeeds, I’ll never have any hope of turning things against him in my life!”

Thoughts quickly flashed through Ling Tianhou’s mind.

“However, if Wang Lin is really so important to him, why did he leave so calmly… Not even the divination diagram could see anything. Strange!” Ling Tianhou released a dark sigh as he looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Wang Lin, even if I hadn’t come to help you today, the All-Seer wouldn’t dare to kill you so easily. After all, you are part of the Vermillion Bird Series.”

Wang Lin was still thinking about the relationship between Ling Tianhou and the All-Seer from beginning to end. At this moment, he clasped his hands. “There are three people in the Vermillion Bird Series, and I’m merely one of them. In short, Junior will remember Sword Saint’s help!”

Ling Tianhou nodded and smiled. “When the Vermillion Bird Holy Emperor came to power, I was just a junior. His grace has help me before, but it has been too long and I doubt he remembers. You are are Vermillion Bird Series, and if you obtain the right opportunity, you will be the next Vermillion Bird Holy Emperor. It is better for us to talk as equals. After all, you are no longer a disciple of that old son of a gun, the All-Seer.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and he said, “Sword Saint is being polite. Since this is the case, I’ll listen to Sword Saint.”

Ling Tianhou laughed and extended his hand. “Fellow Cultivator Wang, follow this old man to planet Da Lou. Once the Tide Abyss opens, we will go to the celestial cave!”

Wang Lin smiled and nodded. “Please lead the way!” 

The two of them quickly moved. Planet Da Lou was not far away and they were both powerful cultivators, so they were naturally very fast. It didn’t take long before planet Da Lou appeared before them.

Along the way, Ling Tianhou never talked about how Wang Lin had killed his disciples; it was as if he had forgotten about it. Instead, he talked about celestial spells and dao with Wang Lin. It could be said that this was the first time he and Wang Lin had gotten to talk with each other.

Along the way, although Wang Lin didn’t speak much, what he said made Ling Tianhou look at him with admiration.

“This Wang Lin is indeed worthy of being one of the Vermillion Bird Series. Not only is his cultivation powerful, his insight and comprehension are equally amazing!”

While they spoke, Wang Lin was also pondering the matter about the extreme Yang and made a plan. Wang Lin thought for a long time and couldn’t understand what the All-Seer was thinking for dismissing this so casually.

However, he had a vague guess that the All-Seer’s action wasn’t targeted at him… But… Wang Lin looked at Ling Tianhou behind him.

“Was this Ling Tianhou…”

From a distance, planet Da Lou looked to be filled with sword energy in addition to being blue. This sword energy looked very chaotic and scattered. However, once your cultivation reached a certain degree, you would notice, after careful observation, that this sword energy was not normal.

This sword energy wasn’t being released by cultivators, but by planet Da Lou itself!

It was because of this that it looked rather chaotic. However, Wang Lin realized that if someone were to guide this sword energy, the power would be earth-shaking!

“Planet Da Lou does not belong in the area of planet Tian Yun. This old man spent painstaking effort to complete a personal request from the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect and was rewarded this planet!

“This planet came from an illusionary planet that is always burning in the Brilliant Void Hell. That illusionary planet was very large, thousands of times larger than planet Tian Yun! It was refined as a sword by Master Void Spirit of the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect. That’s how planet Da Lou came to be!” Ling Tianhou’s voice was calm, but there was a trace of pride in it.

“Due to an incident, the illusionary planet collapsed, and planet Da Lou is a fragment from the collapsed planet.” 

“Brilliant Void!” Wang Lin’s expression changed. This was the second time he had heard this. The first time he heard it was from Qing Shui. It seemed the Alliance Star System was once called the Brilliant Void Star System.

“Cultivation sect… Could this be a cultivaction sect that is named Brilliant Void…” Wang Lin pondered.

“The Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect is the only rank 9 cultivation planet in the Alliance. However, it is just referred to as the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect by everyone.” Ling Tianhou naturally saw Wang Lin’s confusion and realized that Wang Lin didn’t know much about this, so he offered an explanation.

“They are the only ones who kept the old name ‘Brilliant Void!’” Reminiscence filled Ling Tianhou’s eyes.

“In the Alliance Star System, after someone’s cultivation has reached a certain level, you may choose to not join the Cultivation Alliance. However, that person would still respect the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect! It is an honor to be invited by them!

“Every 3,000 years, the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect sends out three invitation jades to recognized cultivators to be invited to the Brilliant Void Hell to cultivate… Back then, both me and the All-Seer obtained the invitations together…”

“Brilliant Void…” Wang Lin silently digested what Ling Tianhou had said. A moment later, his eyes lit up and he said, “Since every 3,000 years people enter, then I presume people of the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect come out…”

“Of course there are people that come out. Do you remember the woman who looked like a mortal woman when you first came back? Back then, the third person that went with me and the All-Seer was her!

“She had a female disciple beside her, and if I’m not wrong, she is from the Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect.”

Wang Lin was startled. The first person he thought about was the woman in pink that invited him.

“The Brilliant Void Cultivation Sect retained an ancient tradition. There is always a Brilliant Void Saintress. I just don’t know if she is the saintress…”

“Brilliant Void Saintress…” Wang Lin rubbed his temples. Everything Ling Tianhous had said were things he had not heard of before.

“Your Four Divine Sect was the overlord of Brilliant Void a very long time ago. Unfortunately…” Ling Tianhou shook his head and didn’t continue.

However, these word caused Wang Lin’s mind to tremble when he heard it!

“The Four Divine Sect was once the overlord of Brilliant Void?” Wang Lin had once guessed the power of the Four Divine Sect, but it seemed the Four Divine Sect had far surpassed his imagination.

As the two moved, planet Da Lou became closer and closer. This was the first time Wang Lin had come to planet Da Lou. The closer he got, the more he could feel the endless sword energy that was constantly being sent out.

Oceans occupied a majority of the planet, and the only sect on this planet was the Da Lou Sword Sect!

Those towers all appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes one by one.

The disciples of the Da Lou Sword Sect flew into the air. They filled the air, and there were at least ten thousand of them!

However, what Wang Lin found strange was that most of them were at the Ascendant stage. Although there were a few Illusionary Yin cultivators, there was not a single Corporeal Yang cultivator.

Ling Tianhou faintly smiled and said, “Do you find it weird that the grand Da Lou Sword Sect has so few second step cultivators?”

Wang Lin didn’t conceal it and nodded. “It indeed is strange.”

“The disciples of the Heavenly Fate Sect’s seven divisions suppress their cultivation every day. They fear that once they lose control of their seals, they will be devoured by that old son of a gun. This isn’t the case here; it’s just that those who entered the second step have another place to go.”

Each of the tens of thousands of cultivators below them had a big sword on their back. They were all very respectful. When Wang Lin and Ling Tianhou descended, all of them bowed in unison.

“Welcome, Sect Master Sword Saint!”

This sound was like a mighty bolt of thunder that echoed across planet Da Lou.

Ling Tianhou laughed. At this moment, a few dozen people flew out toward Ling Tianhou. They were very respectful, and some of them were ones that followed Ling Tianhou to the Heavenly Fate Sect, so they knew Wang Lin.

When they saw Wang Lin, their expressions became strange. They couldn’t guess why Wang Lin was together with Ling Tianhou.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept those tens of thousands of people, and he had a thought.

“Back during the battle with the Alliance in the northern region, I met Chen Long, but here I don’t see him.”

Ling Tianhou waved his sleeves, then he flew forward and arrived at the largest tower.

“From today onward, Wang Lin will be an elder of my Da Lou Sword Sect!” Ling Tianhou only said one thing before disappearing into the large tower.

“Elder Wang, I’m going to go into closed door cultivation for this period of time. You will be safe on my planet Da Lou!” Ling Tianhou’s divine sense echoed inside Wang Lin’s ears.

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