Chapter 973 - Heaven Defying Bead’s Yin and Yang

Chapter 973 - Heaven Defying Bead’s Yin and Yang

As the slaughter energy spread out, some came at Wang Lin. The Celestial Realm fragment rotated even faster around Wang Lin, almost forming a vortex, to completely protect him.

Wang Lin continued to retreat as sounds of slamming echo in his ear. Every sound was a strand of slaughter energy smashing into the Celestial Realm fragment.

“So many strands of slaughter energy, but this grey-robed All-Seer is obviously not going all out!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had been thinking about how to break this trap!

“When I absorbed that sliver of extreme Yang, the heaven defying bead trembled…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined while hundreds and thousands of ideas flash through his mind.

“After the heaven defying bead had completed the five elements, the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth symbols disappeared and were replaced by Yin and Yang!” At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin had gained enlightenment.

“That’s right. What the heaven defying bead needs is Yin and Yang! This extreme Yang suits the needs of the heaven defying bead!” Wang Lin had thought about how to meet the Yin and Yang needs of the heaven defying bead after the five elements were completed.

However, no matter how hard he tried, there was no change to the sun and moon marks on the heaven defying bead.

“No matter how godly the All-Seer’s ability may seem, he can’t foresee the fact that I have the heaven defying bead! Much less that I can use it to absorb this extreme Yang!

“Therefore, he will have calculated wrongly and I can break this scheme!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he stared at the grey-robed All-Seer. The more he thought, the more feasible it seemed.

“As for the chance of the heaven defying bead being found… Ever since I obtained it, not even that mysterious third step cultivator from Allheaven could detect the heaven defying bead. I don’t believe that the All-Seer can detect it!”

As for Ling Tianhou, his expression was gloomy. The reason he came here wasn’t to help Wang Lin, he just liked arouse trouble in everything the All-Seer did.

In addition, with his understanding of the All-Seer, he vaguely guessed Wang Lin’s importance. The more the All-Seer place importance in this, the more interested he was in messing it up.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?!” Ling Tianhou sneered as his right hand formed a seal. He pointed and shouted, “Break third style, sword boy spirit sacrifice!”

After he spoke, a burst of sword energy came from the boy surrounded by endless slaughter energy. He stepped forward and landed on the python formed by the Serpentine Celestial Sword.

The moment his feet landed, the boy’s head jerked up and he let out a shrill. This shrill became a sharp sword that penetrated into the slaughter energy.

The moment the boy screamed, his body collapsed into green mist and quickly entered the celestial sword.

Sword sacrifice!

The Serpentine Celestial Sword trembled as if it had absorbed the sacrifice of the boy. A sword hymn that could penetrate the high heavens appeared and smashed toward the slaughter energy with an unimaginable force.

Rumble, rumble!

A series of heaven-shaking rumbles echoed and large storms swept the area.

As the constant impact continued, strands of slaughter energy dissipated under the sword energy. At this moment, the world was shrouded in sword energy!

A vortex of sword energy formed from all the sword energy around Ling Tianhou. The sound of the sword energy replaced all the sounds in the world.

The grey-robed All-Seer was indifferent as he looked at all this sword energy. He calmly looked at Ling Tianhou, he raised his right hand, and coldly said, “Your sword energy has increased. If you can take this old man’s next attack, I won’t interfere in the battle between you and that All-Seer.” With that, his right hand formed a seal and pointed at Ling Tianhou.

When he pointed, the entire sky turned black, as if a giant had scattered ink on it. The darkness churned and the entire world became black!

“Since you became a saint through swords, then I’ll fight you with a sword! Slaughter, turn to sword!” The grey-robed All-Seer’s voice was flat, but the moment his finger landed, the countless slaughter energy strands gathered toward him like crazy.

Those strands of slaughter energy were each a life. The millions of slaughter energy gathered, and this scene made Wang Lin gasp.

Those slaughter energy strands around him gave up their pursuit and retreated. They gathered toward where the grey-robed All-Seer was pointing.

In just an instant, as strands of slaughter energy fused, a seven-inch-long and three-inch-wide red long sword appeared before the grey-robed All-Seer!

The sword gave off strands of smoke. The grey-robedd All-Seer casually waved his hand and the sword let out a heaven-shaking sword hymn. The sword turned into a red line and shot toward Ling Tianhou’s Serpentine Celestial Sword.

The two swords moved faster and faster, and the sonic boom caused by the two swords spread across the entire planet. In an instant, the two swords collided.

These two swords didn’t really touched; there were seven inches away from each other! Bursts of thunderous rumbles came from this seven inch space, and countless rays of sword energy collided.

Large amounts lightning scattered in all directions.

A large amount of power was concentrated in this seven inch space. The grey-robed All-Seer nodded and slowly said, “Not bad, your cultivation has increased quite a bit… However, if this is all you got today, you will be kicked off planet Tian Yun by me.”

Ling Tianhou sneered as he waved his sleeve and his arms opened up. He shouted, “I, Ling Tianhou, only cultivate the dao of swords! In recent years, I gained enlightenment in the law of swords. Grey-robe, I don’t know why you’re willing to be manipulated by him, but for you to appear here means you gave up on our friendship from back then!”

The grey-robed All-Seer pondered but didn’t speak.

Ling Tianhou took a deep breath and waved his hands. A crack appeared between his eyebrows and a ray of black light came out. After the black light came out, it immediately surrounded Ling Tianhou. Shortly after, it was impossible to see Ling Tianhou’s figure.

“I use my origin soul to refine a sword spirit. I use my flesh and blood to refine a sword. I am the sword and the sword is me!”

Ling Tianhou’s voice came out from the black light in an extremely strange tone. At this instant, the black light became intense, and Ling Tianhou sat down inside it. The crack between his eyebrows opened and closed in a strange way. His eyes revealed a demonic light, then they slowly closed.

The moment his eyes closed, his body trembled and a shadow flew out from his forehead. This shadow was a sword!

A sword formed by Ling Tianhou’s origin soul that was refined by him all his life!

The moment this sword appeared, worship-like sword hymns came from all over planet Tian Yun!

All the swords on planet Tian Yun began to tremble. The shadow flickered and pierced through the black light, going toward the Serpentine Celestial Sword.

The Serpentine Celestial Sword seemed to have intelligence; it flashed red and charged forward. The distance between the swords shrank form seven inches to three inches!

The moment the shadow moved, a crack was ripped over in the sky.

The All-Seer’s indifference changed for the first time. His eyes shined brightly as he stared at the shadow of the sword and laughed. “Good. Ling Tianhou, since you were able to refine a sword to this degree, I will use 70% of my power to battle you!”

After the grey-robed All-Seer finished speaking, he took a step back and opened his mouth to let out a roar. His face was extremely ferocious when he let out that roar, and countless strands of slaughter energy rushed out from his body. The slaughter energy surrounded him before finally charging forward.

It fused with the slaughter sword, causing the power of the slaughter sword to increase greatly!

The three inch distance between the two swords instantly collapsed. Both swords, carrying unimaginable power, collided!


Just at this instant, a large amount of seven-colored light appeared in the dark sky. This seven-colored light surrounded the three of them, and the next instant, they were in space outside the planet!

The tips of the two swords collided in space!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

As the two swords continued to collide, a powerful storm formed in space. As the two swords constantly collided, the slaughter energy sword finally collapsed and was pushed back. It turned into countless strands of slaughter energy before dissipating.

As for the Serpentine Celestial Sword, a crack appeared in its middle and it was pushed back.

The slaughter energy lasted for three breaths of time before it eventually collapsed and turned into countless strands of grey gas that returned to the grey-robed All-Seer. The All-Seer smiled before he turned around and charged back to planet Tian Yun.

“Ling Tianhou, this old man doesn’t care about your matter anymore.”

As the Serpentine Celestial Sword retreated, a shadow appeared from the crack and turned into Ling Tianhou. He stared at the sky and sneered. “All-Seer, you sun of a gun, you finally appeared!”

There was a flash of seven-colored light where Ling Tianhou was looking and the All-Seer’s figure lowly condensed. This figure was an illusion formed by the seven-colored light. After he appeared, he looked at Ling Tianhou and calmly said,

“Ling Tianhou, we already fought, but you have no reason to interfere with the matters of my Heavenly Fate Sect.”

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