Chapter 972 - Grey Robed All-Seer

Chapter 972 - Grey Robed All-Seer

The seven-colored wind dragon and the Qilin fought with each other, causing endless rumbles that echoed across the world. The seven-colored wind dragon let out bursts of roars.

The Qilin was even more fierce as it was surrounded by a sea of flames. These flames spread out, and not only did the wind not extinguish the flames, it made them even stronger.

However, the seven-colored wind dragon was made of wind, so it was not corporeal. Even if its body collapsed, it would immediately reform. It possessed an indestructible dragon body!

As a result, the two beasts were very equal. The powerful impacts they created were no weaker than that of two powerful cultivators fighting!

Wang Lin stood on the celestial fragment. With a point of his foot, it shrank and started circling around him as protection. In response to Ling Tianhou’s words, Wang Lin calmly said, “Thank you, Senior, for your praise. I’m confused about today’s matter as well. I don’t know what I did to offend Master to a make him cast a spell to kill me right here!”

Ling Tianhous laughed and said, “This old man has seen such things happen many times. Back then, that…”

Without waiting for Ling Tianhou to finish speaking, an ancient voice echoed across the world.

“Ling Tianhou, you speak too much! I can endure anything you do, but you can’t interfere with matters of my Heavenly Fate Sect without reason. If you don’t leave within three breaths of time, don’t blame this old man for personally forcing you to leave!”

Ling Tianhou rolled his eyes, let out a cold snort, and shouted, “All-Seer do you think I, the Sword Saint, am afraid of you? If you want to fight, let’s fight; I want to see how much stronger you have become!”

Wang Lin carefully listen to their conversion. Although there was no trace of the All-Seer, with his abilities, it would only take an instant for him to arrive!

Wang Lin had always been confused about a matter. Back then, he was too weak to think about it too much, but how he was also considered a powerful cultivator. How could he not see the difference between Ling Tianhou and the All-Seer!

Ling Tianhou was much stronger than Blood Ancestor, but compared to Master Flamespark, Qing Shui, and the others, he was far weaker. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that the difference between him and the All-Seer was like heaven and earth.

However, Ling Tianhou had dared to oppose the All-Seer for tens of thousands of years. Wang Lin was very confused about this matter!

Listening to the All-Seer’s tone, it seemed he had been enduring Ling Tianhou repeatedly!

“What kind of secret is there between the two of them…” Wang Lin remained silent and carefully observed.

“You didn’t abide to the agreement!” The All-Seer’s voice slowly appeared. Although there was no sign of joy or anger, the moment the voice appeared, the bright sky suddenly dimmed!

The sun that gradually rose from the east seemed to be completely covered by a powerful spell. In an instant, the world became dark!

Ling Tianhou’s expression became serious as he waved his big sleeves and the origin swords behind him stabbed into the void, releasing a monstrous sword energy!

“So what if I don’t abide to the agreement? All-Seer, even if you let the grey robe out, do you think I’ll be afraid of you?” Ling Tianhou let out a cold snort, then his right hand formed a seal and pointed at the sword energy. This sword energy suddenly collapsed and diffused across the world.

Under these rays of sword energy, the world was lit up once more. This caused the area before Wang Lin look like twilight!

A grey robe appeared on the horizon. This shadow gave off a sense of loneliness but also a trace of arrogance.

He slowly walked step by step toward Ling Tianhou.

When Wang Lin saw this grey shadow, his mind trembled. He recognized that this grey robe wasn’t anyone else but the grey-robed All-Seer who taught him the Celestial Slaughter Art!

The grey-robed All-Seer’s eyes were cold and there was a sense of lonely arrogance in them. Before he arrived, he raised his right hand and grasped at the void. The endless darkness seemed to move and gather toward his hand.

This scene was extremely strange. Darkness was not like mist that could move, it was merely a natural existence due to the lack of light. How could this darkness gather?

However, right now Wang Lin clearly saw this darkness move and gather!

“The ability to absorb light!” Shock filled Wang Lin’s eyes.

Endless darkness gathered in the grey-robed All-Seer’s hand and turned into a black sword that was only one finger wide. The grey-robed All-Seer didn’t waste time talking to Ting Tianhou and directly waved the sword.

At this instant, a monstrous slaughter energy gathered in the world. It wasn’t one strand of slaughter energy, but 10 strands!

10 strands of real celestial slaughter energy! It was not the same incomplete slaughter energy Wang Lin formed by practicing the Celestial Slaughter Art. This was a true strand of slaughter energy formed when the flesh and origin soul of a cultivator who cultivated more than 1 million strands of slaughter energy was refined. This was a real strand of slaughter energy!

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely gloomy as he stared at the grey-robed All-Seer and the 10 strands of slaughter energy. He couldn’t help but think that if not for the fact that he had realized it early, he would’ve become another strand of slaughter energy for the grey-robed All-Seer!

Just as he thought of this, Wang Lin’s body trembled as if a ray of lightning had flashed through his mind. His eyes shined brightly as if he had realized something.


“It isn’t that the All-Seer has never been wrong before. There was a profound meaning behind when he taught me the Celestial Slaughter Art. That was the first sign of him doing something similar to what he did to Bai Wei to me!

“The All-Seer in the past was the perfect existence that could never be wrong! However, in the Demon Spirit Land, due to the help of the ancient demon, I was able to find the flaw of the Celestial Slaughter Art! With the help of the ancient demon, it caused a slight deviation to the All-Seer’s plan!

“Then the scattered devil appeared and once more disrupted his plan. In the end, I was able to see through the karma of the Celestial Slaughter Art and decisively gave up the powerful slaughter energy!

“That was the first time the All-Seer was wrong when scheming against me!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he felt enlightened as he stared at the grey-robed All-Seer. Although this sounds slow, it all ran through his mind in a flash.

“The All-Seer has already been wrong once while scheming against me, which is why although he foresaw the date of my return, he couldn’t calculate my actual cultivation level!” Wang Lin’s eyes were extremely cold. He took a deep breath and clarity filled his eyes!

“Although that mistake wasn’t big, it could be considered a mistake for the All-Seer!

“The current All-Seer is no longer a perfect person that can’t be wrong! This deadlock isn’t impossible to break. Since he was wrong once, he could be wrong a second time!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

This grey-robed All-Seer’s expression was still calm, almost indifferent. There were 10 strands of slaughter energy moving at an extreme speed toward Ling Tianhou.

Ling Tianhou let out a cold snort, lifted his hand and, shouted, “Sacrifice, Hole, Break! Break second style, the blade on the boy’s back!” His right hand rose up and pointed at the sky. Then the four origin swords behind his body rapidly rotated and fused into one.

In an instant, the four origin swords fused into one and emitted a hard glow. A seven or eight-year-old boy unexpectedly walked out from this sword energy with a large, purple sword on his back!

The shape of the sword was extremely strange; it was curved like a snake! Powerful celestial spiritual energy was emitted by this sword and vaguely formed the shape of a dragon.

The moment Wang Lin saw this curved sword, his eyes lit up.

“Rain Celestial Sword!” Wang Lin looked at the serpentine sword and immediately recognized it as the Rain Celestial Sword. The Rain Celestial Sword was divided into four swords, and two of them were stolen. This Serpentine Rain Celestial Sword was the one Ling Tianhou took!

That boy stepped out and met the grey-robed All-Seer. Ling Tianhou formed a seal and pointed. The boy suddenly opened his eyes and an oppressive gaze was revealed.

As, the boy’s body moved, the Serpentine Rain Celestial Sword flew out at the 10 strands of slaughter energy that the All-Seer sent out.

In an instant, the Serpentine Rain Celestial Sword glowed brightly and a giant python appeared. It let out a roar while releasing its fishy breath, and a powerful wind swept forward.

The grey-robed All-Seer’s expression was still indifferent while the 10 strands of slaughter energy collided with the storm the python spat out. As they collided, the 10 strands of slaughter energy underwent an unexpected change that made Wang Lin’s expression change.

There was a flash of black light and the 10 strands of slaughter energy turned into 10 figures. There were men and women, young and old, but without exception, they each had a ferocious gaze. They were filled with monsterous killing intent and their eyes were bloodshot as they charged at the storm.

In addition, countless strands of slaughter energy rushed out. Each of the 10 figures releases at least 1 million strands of slaughter energy.

As a result, the number of slaughter energy in the air had reached a shocking amount.

From a distance, it was as if even the sky was completely covered. No matter where one looked, there was slaughter energy!

Strands of slaughter energy whistled. At this moment, all auras and sounds were forcibly expelled. The only things that remained were the whistling sounds of the slaughter energy and the shock they emitted.

Wang Lin’s face turned slightly pale. His eyes lit up and his right foot took a step back. He understood the slaughter energy too well. The power of these countless strands of slaughter energy was extremely shocking!

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