Chapter 971 - Deadlock

Chapter 971 - Deadlock

Wang Lin had waited and prepared for a long time for this punch!

The origin energy inside his body fused with the power of the ancient god when he swung his fist. As the punch flew out, it was as if the world had changed colors. From afar, Wang Lin’s fist was too different from the giant finger. However, this punch created a storm that turned into an angry dragon that let out roar and charged at the collapsing finger.

At this instant, Wang Lin’s right fist and collided with that finger.

There was a loud explosion, and Wang Lin’s body was knocked back and he retreated several steps on the Celestial Realm fragment. With every step he took, he left a footprint, and there were popping sounds coming from his body.

Looking back at the giant finger, even more red lights shot out until it was covered by them. Wang Lin’s punch had caused the tip to collapse, and the finger began its final stage of collapsing.

After severals steps, Wang Lin mercilessly kicked off with his right foot and charged at the finger.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble! Wang Lin threw four punches in a row. The power of the ancient god shot out of his body and landed on the finger.

After a moment, the finger completely disintegrated with a bang and scattered into strands of origin energy. It kicked up a lot of dust and created sandstorms as it scattered.

In the Heavenly Fate Sect, above the peak with the seven-colored rings, the All-Seer’s eyes revealed a strange light and he muttered, “I didn’t expect this child to have such a treasure…” Then he raised his right hand and waved it. A gust of wind appeared and then was covered by the seven-colored light. It instantly turned into a seven-colored wind dragon that let out a roar and charged into the sky.

This seven-colored wind dragon was 1,000 feet long, and as it moved, it set off a huge storm. It kicked up a lot of dust as it moved, and even the clouds made way for it.

It was too fast, and in almost an instant, it closed in on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy as he stared at the seven-colored dragon. This dragon was formed purely by wind and was too fast. It also gave off a powerful aura, as if it was ready to devour.

“This dragon isn’t simply a dragon, it contains the spirit of a real dragon!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

“All-Seer… What the hell is he thinking!? Did he really make an error in his divination about the extreme Yang…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had met countless people in his life, but the All-Seer was the only one he couldn’t get any grasp on. It was the same hundreds of years ago, and hundreds of years later it was still the same.

While it seemed like his own deduction, it was all part of the All-Seer’s plan. At this moment, Wang Lin was gloomy and became even more weary the All-Seer.

“All-Seer… If I don’t take the extreme Yang, there will be a shadow in my Dao heart. However, now that I took the extreme Yang, it feels like I fell into the All-Seer’s plans! This was a double-layered scheme, and I would’ve fallen into it whether I took it or not!

“What exactly is the All-Seer’s goal? Is it just to create a opening in my Dao heart to place the shadow in my dao heart that he is never wrong?

“I’m afraid that Bai Wei thought that his sudden idea would make the All-Seer make a mistake. He didn’t think that Master had foreseen this sudden idea of his.

“No matter if this extreme Yang is in my hands or handed back to the All-Seer, a flaw will appear in my Dao heart. A shadow of him never being wrong will appear in my dao heart no matter what I do.... How exactly do I break this trap!?” As Wang Lin stared at the rapidly approaching wind dragon, hundreds of ideas flew through his mind.

“If I throw away this extreme Yang, it won’t matter. Even if I don’t step into this trap, I’ll still be walking into it; it won’t change anything… Throwing it away is merely fooling myself…

“No matter what happens, I can’t return it to the All-Seer. If I do, it means I lost this confrontation, I thoroughly failed. If I was going to return it to him, then why even accept it… Alas!

“However, if I didn’t accept it, I would’ve still fallen into the All-Seer’s trap. It seems everything was set up to trap me in this deadlock! The All-Seer must have a deeper reason for all of this… Maybe it is just the first step of his plan for me… Just like the day of extreme Yang for Bai Wei, this is just the primer!

“I don’t know what the All-Seer’s goal is, but if I want to resist, I must make him calculate wrongly once. Just once, and an opening will appear in the perfect All-Seer! Only then can I break this trap and find a way to live!” Wang Lin looked at the sky as the wind dragon rushed toward him. The roar of the dragon entered his ears.

“Break the trap! To make the All-Seer truly calculate wrongly once!” Wang Lin felt as if his head was going to burst open as various thoughts flash through his head.

The roar of the wind dragon was getting closer and closer. At this moment, seven-colored light shrouded the sky and the wind dragon descended to devour Wang Lin!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. If the wind dragon was a pure spell, he wouldn’t be able to resist it, but it contained the spirit of a dragon. Wang Lin could never forget how the crown had captured that golden-robed true dragon in the void!

His right hand was placed over his bag and Wang Lin was about to take out the crown. However, at this moment, a laugh came from far away and a sea of flames appeared in the distance. A scarlet red Qilin appeared within the flame.

This Qilin was extremely fierce and its eyes shined. On its back sat a skinny old man. It was Sword Saint Ling Tianhou!

The four origin swords circled Ling Tianhou. The fierce sword energy they released could pierce the heavens!

The Qilin’s fierce gaze swept by and didn’t even look at Wang Lin; it stared at the wind dragon covered in the seven-colored light. If not for Ling Tianhou, it would have already charged up and fought with the wind dragon!

Ling Tianhou jumped off the Qilin and smiled at the sky. “All-Seer, what a coincidence. I just happened to pass by, but I didn’t think I’d see you punishing your disciple again.”

He let the Qilin go, and it suddenly let out a roar that set off the sea of flames before it charged at the wind dragon. The wind dragon and the Qilin were suddenly entangled in a fight.

This happened too suddenly. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as retreated a few steps, and he clasped his hands at Ling Tianhou. “Greetings, Senior Sword Saint.”

Ling Tianhou looked meaningfully at Wang Lin. Admiration filled his eyes and he said, “Your cultivation had to be very good to be able to block the All-Seer’s finger that can change the heavenly fate!”

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