Chapter 966 - Understanding the Truth

Chapter 966 - Understanding the Truth

Master Yi Chen seemed to have gained a little enlightenment. He held the wine cup and didn’t put it down for a long time.

“Is Brother Wang talking about the Allheaven Star System when talking about cultivation families?” Master Yi Chen revealed a look of interest. After Wang Lin nodded, Master Yi Chen continued, “Speaking of the Allheaven Star System, they really are different. It is astonishing for them to have developed so far by focusing on cultivation families. If it wasn’t for the Cultivation Alliance telling me this, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“Allheaven’s battle against the Alliance in the north caused the Alliance to retreat. Their power can’t be underestimated.”

As he spoke, bursts of thunder came from the night sky and the clouds gradually gathered to cover the stars. Humidity filled the area and then a bolt of lightning that illuminated the night struck down.

At the same time, large drops of rain poured down, creating loud splashing sounds. There was a thin layer of mist rising up from the ground.

The stunning woman named Ling Er exclaimed and quickly came to the edge of the pavilion to look outside.

Master Yi Chen’s enlightenment was interrupted. He was startled before shaking his head. “Planet Tian Yun’s weather has been very strange in the recent months. A moment ago it was a bright night sky, yet the next moment dark clouds cover the sky and there is heavy rain.”

The middle-aged man named Master Yi Xing nodded and said, “Yes, it is like an eccentric cultivator whose personality keeps changing and is impossible to see through.”

When what they said landed in Wang Lin’s ears, it caused him to tremble. He suddenly looked up at the sky outside the pavilion with the wine cup in his hand. It was as if he was struck by lightning. Originally, he was confused by the matter with Bai Wei, but now it was as if a pair of invisible hands had opened up a path.

“It’s like a person’s personality; it is strange and constantly changing. Impossible to see through…

“Earlier, Bai Wei said that the weather on planet Tian Yun will change in a few months. The abrupt changes between cloudy and sunny are a unique sight to planet Tian Yun.

“Although this sounds ordinary, it is actually profound. The constant changes in weather on planet Tian Yun are actually referring to Master’s personality constantly changing. It was the same as the speculation I had about him constantly changing between his avatars!”

Wang Lin’s actions caused the three Chen brothers to look at each other. They couldn’t see through what Wang Lin was thinking and couldn’t help but quiet down.

After Master Yi Xing’s words removed the fog in his mind, Wang Lin’s thoughts were incredibly clear. He thought back to Bai Wei’s demeanor and seemed to grasp some of the situation.

“There was a white tree someone planted in the back mountain, and it was claimed it would never flower, but it flowered. However, the color of the flowers weren’t white but black. They only lasted three breaths of time before they all turned to dust… It surprised quite a few people that time. I was there as well; I thought it would have been great if I could have saved a flower.

“There was a hidden meaning behind his words. That white tree was referring to Bai Wei himself! The white tree being unable to flower means he was originally a man, yet he became a woman…  Then he said the white flowers unexpectedly flowered, but instead of the flowers being white, they were black. This is even more obvious, he is telling me that due to some reason, the black and white reversed and he went from male to female!

“The flower only being alive for three breaths of time means he didn’t have much time to leave. He told me all of this so I could save him!

“This was why his reaction was so exaggerated when I asked him his cultivation method, it was to increase my doubt and ponder his words. This was also why he told me it was the Celestial Double Desire method!

“The strange mark formed by the Yin energy flow normally doesn’t reveal itself. However, when Bai Wei said ‘Celestial Double Desire method,’ it appeared. It was Bai Wei wanting to remind me of something!!

“Combined with what he said about the weather changing before, it means the person he was afraid of was the All-Seer. The person who caused him to become like this was likely also the All-Seer!

“This is the real reason he asked me to come out of Heavenly Fate Sect!” Wang Lin suddenly stood up, clasped his hands at the three Chen brothers, and said, “Three fellow cultivators, I have an important matter to deal with, so I won’t disturb you all any longer!” After Wang Lin spoke, he grabbed Xu Liguo and threw him into his bag. Then, with a step, he disappeared.

The three Chen brothers were greatly puzzled. After pondering a bit, they couldn’t think of a reason.

With one step, Wang Lin had already appeared outside Bai Wei’s room. He didn’t want to know the All-Seer’s secrets, but he had to be constantly on guard. Only after understanding the All-Seer could he protect himself.

As a result, Wang Lin wanted to know exactly what was going on with Bai Wei!

Just as he appeared, he exclaimed and felt a faint restriction fluctuation from Bai Wei’s room. It was extremely weak, and even with Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he wouldn’t notice it unless he was here.

“Something’s wrong!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense charged straight into the room. The moment his divine sense touched the weak restriction fluctuation, a powerful repelling force appeared and collided with Wang Lin’s divine sense.

This sound echoed and immediately caught the attention of the three Chen brothers.

After the loud noise, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The room he forcibly opened became clear in his eyes and there wasn’t a single person inside!

Bai Wei was missing!

“With Bai Wei’s cultivation, it would be impossible for him to leave without me or the Chen brother noticing. It is also impossible for him to place such restrictions. Bai Wei must have been taken by force!

“The person who took Bai Wei must have a cultivation level far higher than mine and the Chen brothers’!” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy, but his eyes quickly narrowed.

“Wrong! If someone took Bai Wei, why did they place a restriction to guard the room…” Wang Lin silently pondered and then revealed a sneer.

Wang Lin’s body flickered and immediately disappeared. When he reappeared, he was in the sky. At this moment, the world was shrouded in rain, lightning flashed inside the clouds, and thunder echoed across the planet.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and swept the area, but he didn’t find any sign of Bai Wei. Wang Lin knew it wasn’t that Bai Wei had let the area but was hidden well enough to avoid his divine sense.

His right hand formed a seal and he pointed up at the sky and said, “Summon the Rain!” As he waved his finger, lightning flashed across the sky and lit up the earth. All the rain around Wang Lin seemed to solidify in the air and stopped descending.

Shortly after, an invisible force seemed to come out from Wang Lin’s finger. In an instant, all the rain within tens of thousands of kilometers was enveloped in this force and stopped.

Even the new rain formed by the clouds in the sky no longer fell. The other raindrops all froze in  various positions in the air. Even if they were just one inch above the ground, they were still motionless.

Every raindrop contained a strange force.

Endless origin energy instantly gathered and entered very raindrop. At this moment, the world lit up, and the surge of origin energy shocked all the powerful cultivators in Ghost Eye City.

The three Chen brothers looked up at the sky in shock.

Master Yi Chen gasped and muttered, “This kind of spell… Is something only Nirvana Cleanser cultivators can use!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand. A loud rumble came from all the raindrops that froze, and they gathered around Wang Lin. In the blink of an eye, they formed a huge vortex.

The rumble of the storm echoed across the sky. Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and entered the vortex. Then both of his hands formed a seal and pointed at the ground. The storm smashed down and the countless raindrop spread everywhere. The raindrops split into countless more raindrops, and all of them contained Wang Lin’s divine sense. It was as if Wang Lin’s divine sense had split into countless avatars.

Every single avatar spread out their own divine sense, and although it didn’t increase the range of Wang Lin’s divine sense, it made his search much more refined.

As his divine sense swept the area, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and landed on a valley thousands of kilometers away from Ghost Eye City.

He took a step, creating a loud rumble. Wang Lin turned into a bolt of lightning and charged toward the valley thousands of kilometers away.

This distance only took him a blink of an eye to cross. There was a restriction in the valley, but this restriction gave off no fluctuations. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had used the rain to enhance his divine sense, he would’ve never found anything abnormal.

When he arrived, the restriction opened a sliver without Wang Lin doing anything. Then a vigorous voice came out.

“Please enter, Brother Wang.”

“Bai Wei!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his heart was in shock. This voice indeed belonged to Bai Wei. However, Bai Wei’s voice before was feminine, making it difficult to tell if it was male or female. However, at this moment his voice was filled with vigor and was obvious it was a male’s voice.

Wang Lin frowned as he stepped into the restriction crack and entered the valley.

This valley was isolated from the rain, so no rain entered. The valley was filled with flowers and plants, but everything had long since been dead. A large amount of Yin energy was gathered here.

There was a person sitting in the valley!

This person was Bai Wei!

However, this aura was very different from Wang Lin’s memories. Bai Wei’s face was calm and the feminine aura he had was now gone. Instead, it was replaced with a sense of determination, his eyes were like lightning, and a stern aura surrounded his body.

The current him no longer had the look of a woman. No matter how you looked at it, he was a handsome man.

Bai Wei pondered for a bit and then slowly said, “Brother Wang, are you surprised?”

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