Chapter 962 - Xu Liguo’s Favorite

Chapter 962 - Xu Liguo’s Favorite

Bai Wei smiled at Wang Lin, expectation filling his phoenix eyes, and he left.

Wang Lin wryly smiled. He felt a headache toward this Bai Wei. At this moment, a ripple appeared from his bag and Xu Liguo’s voice echoed in his mind.

“Top quality! Top quality! Master, this is top quality! I, Xu Liguo, have met countless people, but I have never met someone this graceful. Especially her gaze when she left, it made even Grandpa Xu’s bones soft. Master, if you don’t like it, then I do. When I saw her, it reminded me of Mei Ji[1].”

Wang Lin ignored Xu Liguo’s words and cut off his voice.

At this moment, a chuckle came from Wang Lin’s side. Zhao Xinmeng appeared and her gaze toward Wang Lin was a bit different.

Wang Lin frowned as he got  up and sat down on the chair. He said, “Fourth Senior Sister, I’ll consider your matter.”

Zhao Xinmeng looked at Wang Lin, and after pondering for a bit, she softly said, “Although my cultivation level isn’t high, I have retained my virginity throughout my thousand years of cultivation. If you can strengthen my seal, I… I can give you my thousand year origin yin.” Zhao Xinmeng’s face turned red as she faced Wang Lin. She opened up her sleeve, revealing a small red dot.

She bit her lower lip and put down her sleeve before looking at Wang Lin and leaving.

“This is...

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