Chapter 922 - Ji Xiantian

Chapter 922 - Ji Xiantian

“Continue ahead and destroy the realm under the Rain Celestial Realm. I’ll give you a body! Help you escape!” This was the information expressed in the ancient god language.

The confusion in the Moongazer Serpent was replaced by clarity and the roar slowly subsided. It actually charged ahead of the giant wood.

From a distance, the Moongazer Serpent’s giant body and its countless swaying tentacles looked like the waste clouds that shrouded the stars, and it was no less imposing than the giant wood.

Li Yunzi looked at Wang Lin. He felt a hint of suspicion after seeing Wang Lin’s change in expression when the sound came from the jade.

Wang Lin had cultivated for thousands of years and was extremely cunning. He wouldn’t let anything escape, so he let out a wry smile and said, “I didn’t expect that beast to hold such a grudge. I just borrowed it to kill the Yao family and yet it still remembered me when it saw me.”

Li Yunzi nodded and said, “After this battle has ended, don’t forget to come to me to see the remaining Battle Scrolls!”

With a respectful expression, Wang Lin said, “Junior knows.”

The Shengong family ancestor had not spoken until now when he suddenly said, “Xu Mu, take out Shengong Hu’s Dao!”

Wang Lin silently pondered. A moment later, without hesitation, he touched between his eyebrows and Shengong Hu’s dao flew out. The Shengong family ancestor grabbed it and looked at it before he put it away. He no longer paid any attention to Wang Lin but instead looked ahead.

The Moongazer Serpent opened the path at an extremely fast pace. Its countless tentacles spread out and wrapped any Alliance cultivator it encountered. The cultivators that were caught would scream and their bodies would wither until they became mummies. Then the Allheaven cultivators would go to these mummified cultivators to take their bags of holding and treasures.

The giant wood followed closely after the Moongazer Serpent toward the northern region!

The Moongazer Serpent and giant wood were extremely fast, far faster than cultivators’ treasures. Their speed was comparable to teleportation. They created constant sonic booms as they whistled through space.

At this moment, a giant war began in the northern region!

Originally, the Alliance cultivators, who were led by one of the four saints, Black Fiend Devil Saint, held great advantage. Destroying the western region had killed a large amount of Allheaven cultivators and also cut off their retreat. This caused the Allheaven army that charged into the northern region to have no backup.

As a result, the Alliance held the highest chance of willing in the first big battle between the two star systems.

However, Master Flamespark’s counter-attack and the 18 Lou Fu immediately reversed the situation in the northern region. The Alliance cultivators were suppressed by the 18 Lou Fu. This wasn’t even the biggest problem, the biggest problem was that the isolation of the Allheaven cultivators was broken by the giant wood!

As a result, the Allheaven cultivators were no longer isolated. They only needed to last until backup arrived, then the Allheaven side would hold the absolute advantage!

Black Fiend Devil Saint’s expression was gloomy. How could he let Master Flamespark do as he wished? However, Blood God was someone with a very high cultivation level. As the two fought, the collisions of their spells were earth-shattering and the rumbles echoed across the stars.

This created a large amount of ripples. Any cultivators affected would immediately die!

“Fellow Cultivator, don’t wait for me to make a fool of myself, just attack!” As Black Fiend Devil Saint wryly smiled, he waved his right hand. Large amounts of fishy-smelling wind appeared. As his hands moved, the fishy wind turned into a giant whale before his body. The giant whale opened its mouth and mercilessly inhaled.

The origin energy in the world was sucked into the giant whale formed by Black Fiend Devil Saint like crazy and then attacked Blood God.

At the same time, a pillar of purple light descended from above. There was no end to this pillar, and it seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

A laugh came from the pillar of light and a person walked out! This person was middle-aged and wore a yellow robe. He looked handsome, and as he came out, two dragon illusions circled around his body and roared.

“Master Flamespark, I have known your name for a long time! This old man is one of the new saints of the Alliance, Cloud Dragon Demon Saint!”

Master Flamespark’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t attack. However, the ancestors of the cultivation families from ancient times moved. All three of them charged out toward the Cloud Dragon Demon Saint.

The four saints of the Cultivation Alliance are all at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer. Blood God’s cultivation is undetermined, and he is able to battle one on his own. The other three fellow cultivators are only at the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer, so they must join forces to barely hold on! However, these people aren’t the most powerful people in this battle!” Master Flamespark’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t look at the yellow-robed Cloud Dragon Demon Saint. Instead, he stared at the void before him and calmly said, “The Alliance’s four saints never move alone. Ji Xiantian, why do you still hide yourself?”

As Master Flamespark spoke, he moved forward and appeared next to the 18 Lou Fu. Then his two fingers mercilessly pointed forward.

A burst of sharp laughter echoed across the stars. Countless cracks appeared where Master Flamespark pointed at and a hand as white as jade came out. This dazzling palm collided with Master Flamespark’s fingers!


The entire northern region shook and killing intent flashed across Master Flamespark’s eyes. He quickly retreated several steps. Another figure was also knocked back from the crack, and this figure looked like a woman. As this person retreated, they immediately screamed!

“Master Flamespark, you still have the guts to return!!!”

This voice was too sharp and harsh. It also contained unimaginable origin energy fluctuations.

As the voice echoed, the Allheaven cultivators all trembled. Some of them coughed out blood as their origin energy left their bodies, and they immediately died!

Even one of the 18 Lou Fu suddenly collapsed under this sharp scream!

Endless origin energy from the world came from the collapsed cultivators and even from the collapsed Lou Fu and entered the woman-like figure.

“Ji Xiantian, I haven’t seen you for many years. You’re still as effeminate as ever!” Master Flamespark’s eyes were calm and he waved his right hand. Endless flames immediately surrounded the area, and as they spread, all the Allheaven cultivators were pushed more than 5,000 kilometers away.

Although it was 5,000 kilometers, it was still within the range of the Lou Fu. Just like this, the great war began. Large amounts of Alliance and Allheaven cultivators began their life and death battles.

This was a chaotic battle; if one was slightly careless, their body would collapse and their origin soul would be extinguished! Originally, the Allheaven cultivators were no match for the Alliance cultivators. After all, one side was recovering from shock and the other side was prepared. However, under the effect of the Lou Fu, the situation was immediately balanced.

As a result, it was difficult to see who was going to win. However, on a small scale, the Alliance held the advantage!

Bursts of magic treasures filled the area. In the chaotic battle, both sides had casualties. In the distance, an Alliance cultivator coughed out blood and retreated. But before he even retreated 100 feet, his chest was pierced by a random flying sword. Then his origin soul flew out and was immediately affected by the ripples of a spell, causing his origin soul to collapse.

Three Allheaven cultivators’ eyes were red as they activated their cultivation to the max to control magic treasures. Just as they were using a spell, a ray of light penetrated the three of them and they died one by one.

The ray of light turned into a person, and he had a gloomy expression. Just as he was about to continue after licking his lips, there was a flash of blood light. He let out a scream and then his whole body turned into blood. It was Blood God and the Black Fiend Devil Saint passing by during their battle.

Every time someone died, the blood would be immediately sucked away by the 17 Lou Fu. Some of the origin souls were also sucked in by the 17 Lou Fu because they were too damaged.

Cultivators were dying at every moment. The two sides had tens of thousands of cultivators gathered here. This battle could be described as earth-shattering, and large amounts of blood were sucked in by the Lou Fu!

Endless flashes of magic treasure light flashed by and endless roars coupled with mournful voices filled the area. This had become a land of death!

Large amounts of blood and origin souls were absorbed by the 17 Lou Fu, making them even more demoic. As the battle became even more fierce, a thunderous rumble echoed and countless cracks appeared. Even the cold wind from the cracks wasn’t able to put out this heated war. Instead, it made this chaotic battle even more intense.

At the center of the battlefield, Master Flamespark’s flame was monstrous, and from afar, it seemed to light up half of the area. Opposite of him, Ji Xiantain gave off an endless chill that created cracking sounds. They weren’t loud, but everyone in the surrounding battlefield could clearly hear them.

Along with these endless crackling sounds, countless glaciers appeared. They were extremely imposing and shot straight up. Ji Xiantian was surrounded by countless glaciers that were like sharp thorns pointed at the sky and faced off against Master Flamespark.

“Master Flamespark, we let you escape in the battle tens of thousand of years ago. Today, without Zhong Xuanzi, I’ll kill you here and now!” Ji Xiantian’s sharp voice was like an icy blade. It was filled with endless chill and killing intent.

This Ji Xiantian looked like a very enchanting woman. However, if one looked closer, one would find that this person’s chest was flat, and although small, his adam’s apple was there! He was apparently a man!

Master Flamespark’s eyes were calm as he raised his right hand and reached out toward the void. The world’s origin energy gathered like crazy and formed a ball of white flame in his hand. He looked at Ji Xiantian and slowly said, “When I left, I said that if there was a day I come back, I’ll make the Cultivation Alliance extinct. Who cares if blood fills the sky after I die!?” 

At this moment in the western region, with the Moongazer Serpent in front and the giant wood behind it, they closed in on the northern region...

On the giant wood, Wang Lin looked ahead. There were flashes of uncertainty in Wang Lin’s eyes, especially when he looked at the Moongazer Serpent.

“Ancient god child…” There was an almost indiscernible flash of cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes.

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