Chapter 91 - Extreme Yin Spiritual Energy (Teaser)

Chapter 91 - Extreme Yin Spiritual Energy

Teng Huayuan carefully walked through the jungle with his divine sense spread out. His face suddenly lit up with joy as he found Wang Lin. Just as he was about to teleport, a gust of eerie wind blew, followed by a somber voice.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Teng Huayuan’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly backed up a few steps without a thought and looked around.

He only saw a dark fog flying in from the distance. The dark fog was surrounded by eerie winds. A withered hand extended from the dark fog and reached toward Teng Huayuan.

Teng Huayuan scanned the fog with his divine sense and became frightened. This person’s cultivation level was mid stage Nascent Soul, causing him to back up again.

The withered hand lightly waved. A giant hand appeared and tried to grab Teng Huayuan.

Teng Huayuan wrily smiled. He turned around and ran without any hesitation, because a mid stage Nascent Soul cultivator was not something he could mess with. He knew that there was a powerful cultivator here, but he didn’t expect it to be a mid stage Nascent Soul one.

Teng Huayuan disappeared in the blink of an eye. The hand let out a cold snort and disappeared as well.

Teng Huayuan appeared in the sky outside the forest. His expression suddenly changed as a giant hand silently appeared behind him and mercilessly grabbed toward him.

Teng Huayuan secretly complained. He quickly took out a beast skin. He pointed with his hand and the beast skin wrapped around...

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