Chapter 903 - Clearing All Karma (3)

Chapter 903 - Clearing All Karma (3)

The Scarlet Blood Ancestor was a cautious person, and he had planted controlling seals in all the disciples under him. Under his control, the two disciples’ bodies exploded into a mist of blood that charged toward Wang Lin.

Taking this opportunity, he escaped while trembling. His mind was blank; the only thought in his mind was to escape!

His scalp was numb and his heart was filled with fear. He always had a thorn in his heart, and that thorn was back when he chased after a female cultivator near the border between the Sea of Devils and the country of Hou Fen. He met a junior who saved that female cultivator and then escaped into the Sea of Devils.

Originally, he wouldn’t care about it at all, but as time passed and the name “Ceng Niu” became more famous, he trembled. He recognized Ceng Niu as the junior that saved the female cultivator and escaped into the Sea of Devils!

What made him even more shocked was the series of events that followed. This Ceng Niu shined during the war between the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the country of Suzaku. Afterward, he found out that the current Suzaku position was given to Zhou Wutai by Ceng Niu, who was Wang Lin. All of this made him very cautious, and it wasn’t until Wang Lin left planet Suzaku that he finally relaxed.

However, he would have never expected to meet Wang Lin today!

“He shouldn’t be able to remember me…” The man’s mind trembled, but he continued to hope for a miracle.

“It’s you!” A flash of cold light appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. With Wang Lin’s intelligence, he was immediately able to see through what had happened. This person had come here to kill Li Muwan’s brother, and their feud was very likely related to what happened back then.

Killing intent flashed through Wang Lin’s eyes. He waved his hand and the impact from the blood mist created by the two cultivators exploding was pushed right back toward the old man.

The old man was terrified and he wanted to teleport, but it was too late. He was caught by the blood mist and bursts of screams came from inside the blood mist. Wang Lin waved his right hand!

There was a boom as more blood mist appeared. Eventually, all of the blood dissipated into nothing.

From start to end, Li Qiqing didn’t raise his head, as if he wasn’t aware of his surroundings at all. In his eyes, there was only Li Muwan.

Time passed. After a long time, Li Qiqing took a deep breath and became sober. He carefully looked at Li Muwan inside the coffin as if he wanted to engrave his sister in his heart. Then he stood up and walked off into the distance without even looking at Wang Lin.

With the death of the Scarlet Blood Ancestor, the red lines on Li Qiqing’s face were broken.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qiqing’s figure but didn’t speak. He understood Li Qiqing’s thoughts. Li Qiqing’s indifferent actions meant that he didn’t want to have any ties with Wang Lin.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin put the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin in his bag and then flew into the sky.

“All karma has been dealt with.” Wang Lin floated in the air and looked at planet Suzaku below him. This planet was considered half-abandoned, as the spiritual energy was very weak.

“Zhou Wutai, since you’re the Suzaku, then I’ll use planet Suzaku to complete my karma with you!” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared next to an uninhabited planet in the Alliance Star System. While looking at the planet before him, he raised his right hand. His early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation appeared without reservation and his eyes lit up. Then his right hand reached out and mercilessly pulled back!

The planet trembled violently. A moment later, an ancient aura came from the planet, as if there was a giant, invisible hand pulling it.

Planet Soul Extraction!

Wang Lin didn’t exact it all but stopped after taking ⅓ of it. Although losing ⅓ of the planet soul would affect the planet, it wouldn’t be too drastic.

Along the way, Wang Lin extracted the souls of several planets. Even with his cultivation, he felt tired. Unfortunately, the big-headed boy couldn’t merge with the world, so only he could do something like this.

One day later, Wang Lin merged with the world while holding the planet souls he had extracted and returned to planet Suzaku.

The moment he appeared over Suzaku, an ancient aura came from his right hand. In his palm were seven balls of light. Each ball gave off an ancient aura. These were the planet souls he had extracted!

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin’s left hand picked up a ball and flicked it. This ball of light flew at an extremely fast speed and instantly fused with planet Suzaku.

Planet Suzaku suddenly trembled. This wasn’t the planet itself trembling but the soul of the planet!

At this moment, a large amount of spirit veins appeared deep inside planet Suzaku. It began to slowly recover its vitality from its half-abandoned state.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. He picked up the second ball of soul and flicked at the planet. Planet Suzaku’s soul trembled even more and spirit veins began to form like crazy. Those mountains that already existed were suddenly filled with spiritual energy.

All the mortals only felt a warmth coming from the earth. They felt refreshed and all their illnesses went away.

The third, fourth, and fifth souls were all thrown by Wang Lin into the planet. At this moment, the cry of a phoenix that only very few cultivators could hear came from planet Suzaku.

It was as if Suzaku had regained vitality. Inside the earth, spiritual energy re-appeared in dried up spirit veins. At this moment, the amount of spiritual energy on planet Suzaku reached a certain height!

Not only this, but all the cultivators felt the spiritual energy on the planet become active. It even caused the spiritual energy inside their bodies to active on its own.

Feeling the surrounding spiritual energy, Wang Lin threw the sixth ball of soul into planet Suzaku. At this moment, the mountains became greener, the water became more clear, and a fragrance seemed to come from the planet. Ripples of vitality echoed across planet Suzaku.

When the last ball of soul was thrown into the planet by Wang Lin, the trembling of planet Suzaku’s soul reached its peak. Even the talent of those mortals who didn’t have obvious talent to cultivate became much stronger.

In addition, countless low level cultivators were able to immediately break through a bottleneck during this massive increase in spiritual energy on the planet!

A large number of cultivators from various sects gave up everything they were doing and began to immerse themselves in cultivation. They were absorbing the spiritual energy from the planet like crazy.

Although planet Suzaku hadn’t reached the quality of a top-quality planet, it was no longer half-abandoned. Its spiritual energy had reached the peak of its prime.

Zhou Wutai stood on top of Mount Suzaku as he looked at the sky with a complex gaze. He exhaled deeply and muttered, “Thank you, Brother Wang!”

In the country of Suzaku before a sect, an old cultivator that looked exactly like Huanglong smiled and shook his head. “To use the soul of seven planets to replenish the vitality of one is not cost effective. However, this obviously shows how much this child cares about his homeland, which is good. I don’t know what he will choose in the battle between the Allheaven Star System and the Alliance Star System.”

Wang Lin looked at the earth before taking a step and disappearing. When he reappeared, he was in a valley. The valley looked exactly the same as when he left.

“The karma has been dealt with, so it is time to leave… However, before leaving, I must head to that place in the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Unfortunately, I still can’t find a way to increase the celestial origin energy in my body... Otherwise, I could study Magic Arsenal.” Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he looked into the distance. 

In the Alliance Star System, there was an isolated system where there were countless black buildings. These buildings all had different styles, and they looked like large swords that were stabbed into the void.

There was a tower at the center. This tower was tens of thousands of feet fall. There were black chains all over the tower connecting it to the surrounding buildings.

The Cultivation Alliance was split into two sects, four temples, and eight domains. This was the slaughter domain!

A ghostly figure appeared from the void. It moved like lightning and arrived above a building. This figure knelt down, revealing himself to be an old man. He bowed toward the center tower and said, “Traces of the Allheaven’s new Thunder Celestial, Xu Mu, have been found!”

“Soul Killer Duo, bring Xu Mu’s head to me! This will be a gift to the Allheaven cultivator from the slaughter domain!” An ice cold eerie voice came from the tower.

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