Chapter 90 - The First Indication (Teaser)

Chapter 90 - The First Indication

The first layer of the Underworld Ascension Method was complete.

The meridian in his dantian was ready to be opened.

Wang Lin calmed himself and transferred ⅓ of the Yin energy outside of his dantian toward his dantian.

The Yin energy didn’t enter his dantian, but surrounded it and started to charge into the black hole.

Although with every charge there was some lost, the Yin energy became more and more fierce as it kept charging in his dantian as if it was waging war.

After a long time, the black hole started to crack, and at that moment, Wang Lin quickly transferred another ⅓ of the Yin energy from his body. In one move, he opened the meridian in his dantian.

For an instant, Wang Lin felt extreme pain. The moment the black hole broke, the mysterious power started to fill his body. Wang Lin didn’t even blink. He started to charge the next meridian.

This time, it took a lot longer than before, and after seeing that there might not be enough Yin energy, Wang Lin added the remaining ⅓...

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