Chapter 89 - Bluffing Magic Treasure

Chapter 89 - Bluffing Magic Treasure

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed cold as he said, “I’m here to cultivate, so unless it’s really needed, I don’t want to act. If you back off and never disturb me again, I will let you go and forget about this matter.”

The strange man let out a puzzled expression and said some strange words. It was clear that he didn’t understand Wang Lin and Wang Lin couldn’t understand him.

Wang Lin slightly narrowed his eyes and slowly moved to a broken wall. The strange man quickly became alert when he saw Wang Lin move.

Wang Lin waved his right hand quickly as he drew on the broken wall. The strange man was dumbfounded. As he stared at Wang Lin’s finger, he revealed a look of understanding.

Wang Lin’s finger quickly drew a picture of the ruin and then, with a slash of his finger, he drew a line that split the ruin in half.

Then, Wang Lin pointed at the strange man and pointed to the right half of the picture, then pointed at himself followed by the left side of the picture. After doing all that, Wang Lin’s finger slowly moved left and right leaving a mark on the wall as he stared at the strange man. His eyes were filled with killing intent, his intention obvious.

“If you come to my side again, I’ll waste my spiritual power to kill you!”

The strange man was surprised. He hesitated for a while as he rubbed his chest with a look of fear in his eyes. He looked at the flying sword with dread in his eyes and let out a shout of strange words.

Wang Lin frowned. After the strange person saw that Wang Lin didn’t understand him, he quickly became frantic and started waving his hand. He then suddenly hit his head and moved next to a wall and punched it. The moment he punched the wall, a symbol on his body lit up and the wall crumbled

The strange person picked up some pieces of the broken wall. He stared at them with reminiscence in his eyes. He placed the rocks on the ground, then stared at Wang Lin and shouted a few words.

Wang Lin’s face relaxed a bit. He grabbed in the air and suddenly, all of the stones next to the strange person moved to the side in a specific order. Then, his right hand formed a seal and shot out a light. Soon, the fog formed around the range of the stone.

Wang Lin started at the strange person and calmly asked, “Is this restriction that you’re talking about?”

The strange person quickly revealed an excited expression as he waved his hand and beat his chest. Suddenly, a symbol on his body lit up and he opened his arms. The ground suddenly shook and the piece of land the rock formation was on floated into the air, leaving behind a huge hole in the ground.

The small confusion formation floated in the air like a small mountain above the the strange person’s head. He nodded toward Wang Lin, then quickly left. After moving a bit away, he paused and turned to face Wang Lin. He shouted some words at Wang Lin and made a gesture before disappearing into the distance.

Wang Lin stared at the strange person’s figure. It was not that he didn’t think about killing the strange man, but the yellow talisman on him was too powerful. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to get into a life and death fight with the strange man.

As he was thinking this, his expression suddenly changed. The flying sword flew to his side as his eyes became filled with killing intent. The strange person came back!

Wang Lin stared at the figure before him and said, with a cold voice, “You’re courting death”

The strange man quickly stopped. He was holding a round object in his hand. He waved his hand and tried to explain. After seeing that Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold, he threw the round object toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly took a few steps. The strange man didn’t use a lot of strength, so the round object rolled a bit and stopped before Wang Lin.

After he threw the object, the strange man let out a smile toward Wang Lin and left.

At this point, the day was still bright, so Wang Lin cautiously looked at the direction of the figure. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze. He walked up to the round object and looked down.

This was a bead that was only 1/10th the size of a fist. It was covered in dust and even had some cracks on it. After looking at the bead for a while, he let out a surprised expression. He took a stone from the ground and lightly hit the bead. The bead rolled backward for a bit.

Slivers of weak spiritual power leaked from the bead.

“This is a treasure?” He was stunned. He grabbed the air with his right hand and the bead floated into the air. After observing it for a while, he grabbed it with his right hand without any hesitation. He scanned it with his divine sense and fed it some spiritual power.

Suddenly, white smoke came out of the bead. The smoke floated above and formed the shape of an old man. The old man had the hair of a crane, the skin of a chicken, the beak of an eagle, and the head of a harrier. The old man emitted a dangerous aura. He casually looked at Wang Lin and revealed a sarcastic smile. He said, “Do you dare to fight with this old man?”

Wang Lin was stunned and took a few steps back. After carefully looking, he noticed that the person was only at the 15th layer of Qi Condensation. He rubbed his nose. His eyes lit up and he quickly sent more spiritual power into the stone bead.

With the input of spiritual energy, the old man’s spiritual power quickly rose until it reached mid stage Foundation Establishment. The old man’s hair moved without wind and his body released a huge fighting aura. The old man floated into the air and said, “Do you dare to fight with this old man?”

Wang Lin was completely astonished. He had no idea what use this bead had and decided to pour more spiritual power into it.

The old man’s eyes shined brightly and his aura quickly increased. His hand moved, causing thunderous roars as his cultivation raised to the point where Wang Lin couldn’t even tell what cultivation level the old man was at. The old man’s cultivation had already reached a degree that would cause fear with just a glance. The old man let out a breath and released the aura of a peerless expert. He held his hand behind his back and said, “Those below the Core Formation stage don’t have the right to fight me. Scram!”

Wang Lin withdrew his spiritual power and the old man quickly disappeared and turned back into the white smoke. The smoke returned to the bead and with a crackling sound, another crack appeared on the bead.

Wang Lin stared at the stone bead and was unable to utter a word. He was completely convinced of the effect of the stone bead. The stone bead was an illusionary magical treasure and the illusion it created was almost no different from reality. The old man, regardless of the way he spoke, the aura of a master that he emitted was perfect, just like that last line, “Those below Core Formation stage don’t have the right to fight me. Scram!”

The aura and expression had reached its peak. Wang Lin believed that even if it was himself, he wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a fake. After all from, the view of most people, the old man had the aura of an old master.

And with the increase in his own cultivation, he could put more spiritual power into the bead and the power of the old man would increase. This was really the best method to scare people.

Wang Lin put away the treasure and muttered to himself, “This strange blue person is really interesting. He must have felt bad after breaking the little confusion formation, so he gave me this treasure.”

From this little exchange, he immediately realized that the strange person couldn’t use magic treasures and that within the ruin, there must be more magic treasures.

Now this ruined city became a treasure trove in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“This place has a mysterious light that heals wounds, an illusionary magic treasure, and a strange blue person. What other secrets does this place have?” Wang Lin rubbed his chin. Currently, the day was still bright, so he put down the formations again. He sat down in the middle and drank some Yin spirit liquid, then started to cultivate.

Two month flew by.

On this day, Wang Lin sat cross legged in the room. In the two months of cultivating the extreme Yin energy, he had gathered enough energy to attempt the first breakthrough.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had already finished studying the Underworld Ascension method and knew very well how the three big breakthroughs will be.

The three key points of breaking through were the dantain in his stomach, the Qi sea in his chest, and the progenitor meridian.

These three locations needed to be broken through three times each to form the cold cores. In simpler terms, for the first level, the dantain must be opened and when it’s time to reach level 2, the opening at the dantain must be crushed and opened again.

The principle of the Underworld Method was to break first, then recover to gain more strength.

Wang Lin pondered for a moment, then moved the Yin energy in his dantain in order to start his first breakthrough.

Under his control, the Yin energy spun faster and faster, causing a sharp pain in his stomach. Wang Lin was very familiar with the technique, so he knew that the stronger the pain, the closer the moment of the breakthrough.

This type of pain was not something a normal person could withstand. The feeling was as if someone pierced his stomach with a sword and churned it around. In just a few breaths, Wang Lin was covered in cold sweat.

The Yin energy quickly turned into a swirl under the spin as it grew wider. Looking from the outside, Wang Lin’s stomach turned green and frost started to gather all over his body.

Wang Lin gritted his teeth as the pain got even worse. Suddenly, the cold energy swept through his body.

At this point, with the spin of the Yin energy, a black hole appeared. The moment it appeared, all of the Yin energy sank into it like rocks in water.

Shortly after, all of the Spiritual energy also started being devoured as it left his body and entered the black hole.

A strange change happened inside the black hole. The spiritual power that always ignored the Yin energy while in Wang Lin’s body started to fight with the Yin energy. The two energies fiercely clashed against each other for control.

Gradually, the Yin energy and spiritual power started to devour and mix with each other and formed a new type of spiritual power that slowly spun inside the black hole.

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