Chapter 887 - Suzaku

Chapter 887 - Suzaku

In the Alliance Star System, Wang Lin had a head of white hair as he looked indifferently ahead. He slowly stepped forward. His pace wasn’t fast, but there were ripples with each step and he traveled unmeasurable distances.

While looking at the unfamiliar star system with a sense of familiarity, Wang Lin was calm. He had left this star system a very long time ago.

When he left, he had just reached the Ascendent stage. When he returned, he was already at the Nirvana Scryer stage.

“All-Seer, Ling Tianhou… I, Wang Lin, have returned!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined. In his bag, he still had the key to the cave in the Demon Spirit Land. He had made sure to keep the key safe.

Wang Lin’s cultivation level wasn’t high when he was still in the Alliance Star System. The highest power he knew of was only rank 7 cultivation countries. However, now he was a Nirvana Scryer cultivator, and even in the Allheaven Star System, he had caught the attention of the old monsters. Now that he had returned, he could set off a storm if he wanted to.

However, Wang Lin was very clear that the Alliance couldn’t be compared to Allheaven. The water in the Alliance was too deep.

“I must be cautious in the battle between the Allheaven Star System and Alliance Star System. I mustn’t carelessly join in.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he decide on a “wait and see” mentality.

After returning to the Alliance Star System, Wang Lin’s caution immediately rose several folds. He knew that the cultivators of the Alliance Star System, especially the those old fellows, were all very cunning. Not to mention those that were at his cultivation level.

If one was careless for even a moment, one could be devoured and not even know it!

This place didn’t have the cultivation family model of the Allheaven Star System. It was the law of the jungle, a cruel cultivation world.

“However, with my cultivation level after fusing with my original body, I will have no need to be timid in the Alliance Star System!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. After returning to the Alliance Star System, he immediately got in contact with his original body and determined each other’s locations.

As he walked, his divine sense spread out and surrounded the area. After a while, his expression changed. Along the way, he had been looking for an abandoned planet, and now had he found one.

Ripples appeared under his feet as Wang Lin merged with the world and disappeared.

When he appeared, he was on a desolate cultivation planet. It didn’t have much spiritual energy, but the earth was filled with vitality.  Looking around, the abandoned planet was covered in dense vegetation.

When he found out that he needed life force to save Li Muwan, he didn’t hesitate and chose to exchange his life force for the Qi Xi spell. All these hundreds of years of waiting were only for this one opportunity. He couldn’t just give it up. This time, it would be considered both a success and failure.

The success was that although Li Muwan hadn’t revived, she had regained her body, so there was hope.

Although Wang Lin had consumed a majority of his life force, he had other plans. Not even Qing Shui knew Wang Lin’s back up plan; he even gave Wang Lin the rune that helped hide his current life force.

Although Wang Lin looked like he hadn’t aged, aside from his white hair, if the rune was broken, he would immediately age until he looked like a 1,000-year-old old man.

The feeling of the heavens’ reincarnation cycle calling him became even more powerful. However, Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all toward any of this. His body flickered and landed on this earth filled with vitality. After he landed, Wang Lin took a deep breath and sat down. Ta Shan stepped out from his shadow and sat down a few feet away. Ta Shen’s eyes were cold. If there was the slightest movement that would harm Wang Lin, he would immediately attack.

After letting out a big breath, Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed a seal. A black light began to gather on his index finger. At first, the black light was weak, but soon it was breathtaking.

“Finger of Death…” Wang Lin looked at the black light on his index finger. When he saw the third step, he knew that it would take too long to fix it, so he gave up on it.

However, after hearing what Xiang Yundong said, that he needed a lot of vitality to save Li Muwan, Wang Lin immediately thought of the Finger of Death!

This spell used a very tyrannical way to devour all life and turn it into spiritual energy for the user. Once the finger lands, all life will collapse.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he lowered his right finger and pressed it on the ground. In an instant, the black light spread out in a circle with Wang Lin as the center.

The black light spread out. In an instant, it covered the surrounding 500 kilometers. The towering trees within the area gradually withered and the leaves fell. The branches immediately cracked and finally the trees shattered. Even the falling leaves dissipated as they fell.

Only large amounts of white gas flew out from the towering trees as they fell. The white gas drifted for a moment before quickly gathering toward Wang Lin.

Not only the towering trees, but even the grass withered as the black light spread. Their life force was turned into white gas that gathered toward Wang Lin.

In almost an instant, all life within 500 kilometers was extinguished and all of their life force charged out.

If one looked from above, they would immediately see this strange scene. The entire 500 kilometer area had withered and bursts of white gas had gathered around Wang Lin as if it was alive.

Wang Lin’s figure was surrounded by this dense, white gas, so his figure was no longer clear. Thunder flashed inside Wang Lin’s eyes as he deeply inhaled!

All the white gas seemed to have found a open vent when he inhaled. It immediately formed a vortex, and at the end of the vortex was Wang Lin’s mouth!

Endless white gas entered Wang Lin’s body and gathered inside his body. It then turned into life force and nourished his whole body. At the same time, it recovered all the life force Wang Lin had spent.

As he absorbed, the bloody rune began to flash and floated three inches from his body. However, there were still traces of light from it that covered Wang Lin’s body, providing protection and hiding him.

Half an hour later, the last trace of white gas entered Wang Lin’s body. The white gas had disappeared completely. The area within 500 kilometers of him was yellow, the ground was dry, and all vitality had disappeared.

What was strange was that outside of the 500 kilometers, everything was normal, and this formed a sharp contrast. It was as if these two areas were two different worlds.

“The spell that the Xiang family ancestor used must be similar to the Finger of Death, that allows them to absorb life force to use as their own. He was too careless and didn’t think I saw through it!” Wang Lin revealed a sneer.

“How could half of my life force be so easy to devour? There will be a day when I take it all back! I can devour life force too!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes before he closed them. The black light quickly expanded like crazy.

1,000 kilometers, 1,500 kilometers… In an instant, it surrounded a 2,500 kilometer area.

Grass withered and trees collapsed within the 2,500 kilometer area. Even some demonic beasts weren’t able to escape. A large python more than 100 feet long was immediately surrounded by the black light. Its body trembled, and when the black light passed, its body immediately disintegrated. Large amounts of white gas flew out and gathered toward Wang Lin.

The expansion of the black light didn’t stop, it continued. 3,000 kilometers, 4,000 kilometers… 5,000 kilometers!

All life within 5,000 kilometers collapsed. The endless life force seemed to form a storm, and the center of the storm was Wang Lin.

Large amounts of white gas entered Wang Lin’s body. The red rune before his chest continued to rise until it was 10 inches away from his chest. Wang Lin’s eyes opened as his left hand grabbed the rune and pulled it.

He immediately ripped the rune from before his chest. The moment the rune was removed, Wang Lin’s body was covered in a flash of light. He immediately became an old man and death aura surrounded him.

However, all of this immediately reversed. The surrounding life force was immediately absorbed by Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s withered body suddenly regained its luster and rapidly changed.

At this moment in the western part of the Alliance Star System, far away from the abandoned cultivation planet Wang Lin was on, was a cultivation planet. This cultivation planet was deep in the western region and close to the intersection with the southern region.

From a distance, it was a half-wasted cultivation planet and there wasn’t much spiritual energy in it.

Several rays of sword energy circled the cultivation planet. There were cultivators on those sword energies, and they had a gloomy expressions. Their eyes were cold as they circled the planet and observed their surroundings.

An oppressive aura continue to spread out.

The cultivators on those sword energies weren’t high-leveled, they were only Nascent Soul cultivators. However, the killing intent from their bodies was very strong as they circled the planet. Although their divine senses were scattered, there was a trace of worry in their eyes.

It wasn’t long before a ray of sword energy flew out form the cultivation planet. The person inside it was an old woman. Although her face was filled with wrinkles, it could be seen that she was very beautiful when she was young. If Wang Lin was here, he would find her familiar.

The old woman’s eyes were filled with worry. When she got close, a cultivator closed in and respectfully said, “Greetings Uncle-Master Bai Xue!”

The old woman nodded as she looked into the distance and slowly said, “You must be cautious. If something abnormal happens, you must immediately report it. Right now there is war, and my planet Suzaku is too close to the Allheaven cultivators. It is a moment of life and death!”

The cultivator’s body trembled and he lowered his head in acknowledgement.

The old woman let out a sigh. She was about to speak when her expression changed greatly. Her eyes shined brightly as she stared into the distance. This caught the attention of the other cultivators. When they looked over, their faces turned pale, but their monstrous killing intent quickly gathered.

Rays of sword energy came from the stars in the distance. There were several hundred cultivators heading toward planet Suzaku. The one leading them was a big-headed boy. He flew across the stars with a silly smile on his face.

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